18 December 2011


Its been heavily crazy with my lil son keeping me busy all 24 hours from past 3 months ( almost)..With my sister's son also present, its been driving us MAD and the feel is simply superb...
Its been a beautiful experience of handling the boys..

Initial two months for me and sissy were filled with queries and FEAR, which gave us no space to enjoy the new arrivals...It was a MESS in short. The crying and feeding part were the toughtest for me to handle and I almost said AM DONE....I didnt realise when did I start to enjoy the same FEAR and slowly understood the demands of the lil one...It was the bonding session and loved the cuddling in trun those tootless smiles flowing now and then!!!

so am back......

Hmm...i Love dressing my lil one, we call him "GIGEE"...Though its not his official name and the Naming ceremony is in Feb...The search for names is ON, but am not too keen except that it has to be SHORT. Coming back to dressing, I have been crazily picking up clothes inspite of knowing that its a complete waste since they are growing and within a month its small in size for them...

I have started taking Gigee for small walk in the Balcony and he loves it...Its his fav pass time, along with listening to my stories after his feed....He has slowly started to look at me when I speak to him and smile, as if he understands what am teling ( ahhh!!!!)

19 October 2011

Baby boy!!!!!!!!

It's baby boy on sep 22 nd! At mom's plAce going through sleepless days. Nights but thrilled to have my son next to me. Both of us r getting used to our new routine. Pls suggest names from "s" . AMA doesn't allow me to touch my notebook so will be posting short posts from my new iPhone. The hubby for the gift it's really helpful.

21 September 2011

Stay Calm....

Dear me, STAY CALM
Its about my mind, cleansing it and preparing it to stay calm.

> Am restless and stressed physically, unable to move freely, those less frequent contraction pains and confusion of should I GO TO DOC OR NO, etc..... and totally accept it and am completely ok with the reasoning here.

> The frequent questioning from all around as to whats happening...I mean its the family, neighbors and frens who CARE but its giving me negative vibes of WHAT ANSWER shuld I be giving me here? I just can't assume pains and go !
On contrary, varities of food flows in for me and I relish them without regret.

> AT Home, 24/7 !

> Post delivery "ADVISES", which is important but am not able to give it a calm ear for its reasons the way its put across, sometimes getting too repetitive.

well, post this venting out session should feel better. I need to relax!

19 September 2011

39th WeEk...still counting

Seems like my lil'one is cozying up inside, just not wanting to come out. I have been spending most of the time to carefully watch its movements or any signs of Labor. Added to this, its hubby's constant questioning on whats happening and the "waiting" which adds to my confusion and checking the date again the calender and wondering when's the d-day!!!
well, this might be the case of most of women in their last week of pregnancy....

WEEKEND was good, added to the wait and checking the symptoms I managed to continue my frequent walks outside home and catch up with hubby ensuring he listens to all my crib in life, eat all that I feel like and best was the unplanned Lunch with N&G at Pai. I did my li'l shopping on linen's at Fab India and have packed my Bags for the Hospital. Have kept things in place and my wadrobe looks clean...Can't think of anything, except for the last piece of work which is the hand made photo album for my lil'one is pending. I shall paint it and keep it ready.

Am not sure how long will I not be allowed or be able to open my laptop and write again!

14 September 2011

Things that made me SAD n HAPPY this WEeK...

Dumb thing I have done this week
Following the Kannada actor Darshan’s episode in TV & Newspaper..I have no idea how horrible can these ppl get so jobless and shameless and drag thei married life ( which is drowning) to Public, make a fool of themselves and LATER after all the drama get tired, take a U-Turn to what they stated, make mends in front of public, police and all ……This is half a page story covered in news papers from past week and entire hour episode in all local channels…

Now, I had no option but to catch on something like this thinking that this Actor- husband who is all freaked out in fame and name and end up wretched with his wife will be bought into light and given his well deserved punishment but all in VAIN…So tat calls for me to say that I have enough time to be wasted so beautifully.

Other things which am not happy about….

I pestered Hubby to get me a PAINT BOX, while I planned to pick up few small pots from road side and JUST PAINT them…I had decided not to check any designs but to Paint my mind and vent out the boredom in me. Now Paint is here from past week and has not moved post that. I have reasons but I would not like to do that in my space – Giving reasons, ahhhh Maybe weekend will try to pick up a small pot …

Am yet to give my new saree blouse for stitching, this time have thought of an old style for the sleeves….. I want to do this before my PAINS start, but still wonder why am holding this when the lady is just across the road. I need this for the first function at home; for my Lil’ one…

LAST…..Am upset I handled few things badly few days ago. It’s the FEAR of “NOT SURE” what, that makes me hold what I want to really say and end up saying few things which has a mix of DIPLOMACY and there I come down BANG to square ZERO to my thoughts. I was working this out in my mind for quite long, but lost another chance to speak up what I want. BANG BANG…..Not good at all and have lost few hrs of my sleep in the night. I plan to write the pointers and work on them again. I will try since I NEED MY SPACE!

Things am Happy about……

The movements of lil’one continue to excite me and make me happy…Maybe one of the only things after I quit my Job and many things I have let go off from past year; which makes me feel nice and right about Life. I don’t read too many things, but reality is I talk and touch her/him and wonder AND SMILE.

NEXT is ‘A prisoner of birth’ BY JEFFREY ARCHER….amazing read and plan to finish this week. My love for books is more than those movies which I used to be crazy for. Not a single movie has excited me in TV from past month…(or) maybe its my patience lost!

Hubby tries his best to accommodate his work place and time so he can spend more time with me. I really appreciate this and have no idea what I would do without him. He is simple amazing and so understanding since he is going out of his way to keep me normal. He keeps his cool and balances my unwanted thoughts and JUST CAN’T DO WITHOUT HIM! Love u Gu

Let me post this pic of our's, which is my fav now...

08 September 2011

Stop ThE CrAp!

Nothing much to say...just a venting out of "Cut the Crap" ...
Am I feeling better??? not sure, but this is all I can write since I can't talk ........

07 September 2011

9 months...

Well, just going through “CraZY Mood Swings”, waiting for the DDay and its kinda weird waiting and imagining what’s going through inside…anyways, so to feel better, here comes this post!!!!

I watch loads of those never ending soaps in TV and that keep me a little occupied while I enjoy the Humor from Star world soaps, it’s the crazy clothing and nautanki from Star Plus which gives that added flavor for my day. Next are those lovely cooking shows from TLC, Good times which is a TREAT for a foodie in me and try them, which is the result of me having my own cooking book now!

Its surprising that inspite of hubby loading the shelf with DVDs, I have not shown the interest to even watch one of them and I fail to understand this sudden “DISINTEREST’ since I always wanted to watch them back to back when I have this time. So My interest levels have changed – Conclusion!

John Grisham’s SUMMONS keep me occupied during my ‘low on energy’ times and when I strongly feel sleeping is just a waste of time. I need REST, but at end of day, its all what we THINK. What if am completing my 9th month, I assume am one of the most active preg lady in third trimester who has not least bit cut down on my household chores, even at times when we don’t have a MAID which has added to that Extra helping hand to MIL and still ok physically.
Am even done with changing sheets for this fortnight…yippeeeeee !!!!! My ‘to – be – born’ is not cribbing and I patted it for being such a cutie pie and helping me all way…
Well back to what am I upto…..

Searching for the MAID is one hectic job and never knew it can get this nerve whacking…After one long week of search ( Wish there was a HR agency near home for this kinda job) we have finalized one lady, who still seem to be in doubt ….Now the decision maker on few priority things is MIL so I can’t even say PLeaseeeeeee join us and I will hike your salary with Bonus and blah blah……

(Am I sounding like a Indian Homemaker now??? Hubby will be happy)…

A month long of no office work and salary, Kinda very deplorable….More pain - the salary part, which puts me off since I wanted to pick up another RAW silk for Ganesha Habba and had to stop myself from spending …FIL was generous enough to see my fading mood and to gift me with the most expensive saree of my lifetime ( Happy meeeee!!!!) and a stare at hubby saying I need my dose of shopping else am not myself  So added to the Silk saree, I got my Nike Jacket from Hubby last evening ( Double happy!!!)

(Am I sounding like a obsessed shopaholic, pardon me since its all fair in the 9th month pregnancy- what say?)

Stocks are down and Gold rate is too high, the riches are walking towards TIHAR Jail is all I understand from News channels these days and totally FAIL to understand the post ANNA’s episode now. So all complicated things kept aside, I still manage to read quite a few details from TIMES everyday, so I do not emerge BLANK, when am kinda ready to lead the normal routine months from now…

Well….concluding this post now…soo many things to update but will keep for my next post....just counting daysmissing hubby….Its bright and sunny outside….taking a deep breath, letting go off my frustration on some unwanted things and taking in some positive energy….smiling….Life is what we make out of it na 

26 August 2011

Update on 26th Aug

> Strongly feel like Having yummy dessert, now that I just finished good Lunch at home. Am imagining a bowl of rich cream, chocolate sauce and some mix of ice cream flavors with jelly and so on........Maybe this should be covered this weekend.

> Hubby is not keeping well from past 2 days and its kinda increased today, so he is at home. It pains to see him so SICK, am just unable to even sit near him and hold his hands...

> Working and office and related sounds so alien to me, now that am on a long break. Its kinda weird am going through this "AT HOME" types, trying to see what interests me.

> Am "ANGRY" with few things around and its not mood swings. But can't voice it out and its running within my veins which needs to be calmed down. Its sad that you have to keep quite, smile and show off the DIPLOMACY, just feel like shouting things out...OUTBURSTS needs some real preparation....

> There is a small function at amma's place this Sunday and it will be an evening with difference and devotion,with cousins and concluding with some yummy dishes for dinner. Hope my 'To be born' enjoys it, since its for its sake!

> ShoPPING is something which excites me Morning-Noon and Night, Anytime and Anywhere! This is the only topic which I keep talking to hubby about and he is slowing getting mad at me these days...I mean, whats the HARM if you enjoy speaking and not even end up spending like that?????? Like, I did not buy iPhone inspite of he insisting me.....

> Vegetable Garden is on my mind for quite sometime......

20 August 2011

Happy Anniversary Hubby dear

Three years of marriage and one of my friends over phone while wishing me for the anniversary said “you both still behave as if you are dating in college”…..I agree- since I still show off in public display that am so crazy about my hubby….It’s one of the bestest things to have happened in Life and every moment is cherished.

I strongly wish to keep track of every single day of the journey with hubby and keep recalling and even share them with my ‘to be born’ at a later stage. Isn’t it fun!!!!

Now, back to this day and our plans..We did discuss on lot of shopping stuff and but have decided to keep things on hold. Doesn’t sound very much like us since we love to spend on each other and Hubby’s surprises are always a killer….but this yr doesn’t seem to be the typical. But dining out together – YES- Just me and Hubby (Its quite shocking since we never do that without our gang of frens) is something which deserves a special mention today. The place to dine is still under planning but am sure I will love it.

Lifez moving with my books around me, those cooking shows in all channels, some funny soaps in Star world to star plus, reading and adhoc assignments, walking and usual phone calls, questioning myself why my parents fast so much to feasting on sweets every day, managing BP fluctuations to those leg cramps and enjoying movements and talking with my to be born…..

And..Happy anniversary Hubby!!!

13 August 2011

Long weekend...

Its long weekend for the working class couples and most of my frens are heading out of Bangalore as per the FB update...

Now, if I had a chance to get away like this; I would be planning to Dubai with hubby (or) Maybe some Island for 5 days. Would have spent last few days shopping for the trip and packing ( wooowww!!!!) and would be browsing net to check on all the places would like to Visit...would be talking on and on with hubby in the Flight while relishing new cuisines and drink...would be trying out my new outfits and shopping non-stop...to experience a new place is a BEAUTY in itself and a new place never fails to refresh me. I have a list of places mentally typed which covers most places in the WORLD which needs to be covered yet....Including almost Entire INDIA...

WELL-WELL-WELL, being a PISCEAN I spend my time day dreaming and imagining things which takes me places and gives me the new HIGH...Am happy to be dreaming and having so much to look forward to in life, even if its not a reality FOR NOW.

FOR NOW, its just back to imagining hows my baby doing, content with those kicks inside, worry when it's not, try to feel it and talk, dreaming of how its gonna be when its born andso many other things depending....
Have stepped into my 9TH MONTH officially! Its GREAT to have reached here and just Prayers ON for a healthy baby. This is a Phase which I had never dreamt or Imagined before, but its so BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Most of my talks with hubby just revolves around her (since hubby wants a daughter) and there's just nothing else which seems like a priority now...

Also, the scary quotient is more that the count down has begun....

Happy Long Weekend to all....

11 August 2011

Old FreN

Last Saturday met with an old fren…A complete day of nostalgia, with both of us revising on the past grandeur when we were all working together, taking tea breaks to doing Lunch together, the silly incidents with our colleagues, those onsite and shopping and going over the old photographs was simply pleasant. It was much needed dose for me since need the content of who I was!

Well, after the Nostalgia ride it was Lunch at NANDINI and more catching up of things about our present lives and then we headed to the SPA! A nice pedicure while it poured outside just added to the rejuvenation.

On the contrary was angry with hubby since he spent less time with us on Sunday. I miss holding his hand and talking…just talking without aim or reason, demanding things; which is missing now….It sounds silly but can’t help that I just can’t do without him….

While am posting this, am into another mess which is troubling me....so let me sign off and THINK of the possible ways to come out of this...

05 August 2011

story of south Indian - Orthodox - Brahmin Family :)

It’s a succession of festivals at mom’s place and what a alter life am getting to experience living here…

Day starts with listening to mom and dad prepare for pooja and recite, with some devotional songs playing at the backdrop and seeing those Diya’s lit and flowers arranged all over ‘Devara mane’ and amma running around to prepare for Navidya ( Offering to God). I don’t follow too many things except that I know what day is it and what festival is being performed along with a rule that I will get my breakfast only after I take bath and take theertha ( That’s holy water in English, though not completely true!). So I listen to them sing and Pray; while holding my cup of tea and newspaper in my room, enjoying the soft cold breeze , all thanks to Bangalore early morning weather. This is the time I try catch up on all the news for the day and plan for next 15 hrs ahead of me, which looks so uniform….

My Meditation plan doesn’t fit at that time since my tummy starts knocking and time for me to freshen up and demand for Breakfast. Their pooja continues until half my day, while I browse the net and try to fill my head with some information and knowledge before I go blank about the where abouts near me. It’s a constant effort am putting not to use this break like a Literal break, but to keep myself engaged with everything around so I do not miss the other side of the coin. My offline projects for this company has slowed down but maybe that’s how it is when you want to work from home. In between dad advises me to be little God fearing and listen to some music which is good for the kid, for which I nod my head and there it stops. I don’t want to hurt him but I want to do things which I enjoy.Its so easy to tell them what I want and dislike....

He also finds some DVDs in my drawer which reads Ragini MMS, Shaitan and Murder 2 and gets his shock of life. There is a long advise on how I should avoid such movies at this time,health of the to be born, without giving me a chance to explain its just stored there and haven’t watched nor have the intention.
Ufff, that’s when I just question their lifestyle and boommmm...blahhhhh……we are all silent…doing our own work for next few hrs….I try helping mom for cooking and thats when they have their first meal for the day…I serve with lot of advises from my side on their age and health and blah blah ….. Watching them eat after a long gap!
I silently pray for their health...

A walk with mom in the evening, catching up on all the gossips while watching those lovely bungalows nearby is such a treat...I go on and on about my dreams and passion in Life and surprisingly she listens, No advises and No judgements and am Happy.
Back home, Dad has his own story to share with all of us getting into arguments with different opinions from each of us...It just goes on....\
BTW, I need the remote before he takes charge!

Alter life isnt it…..but love them….

02 August 2011

Third Trimester

I had listed few things in my mind as an action tracker during my idle moments/days; at those instances when I was so busy at work, then back home to the daily chores on preparing dinner or rest of help and left with those few minutes to catch up on one daily soap in TV, a very few minutes to chat with hubby and never knew when I used to drown into deep sleep until the Alarm rang. No Complaints and absolutely love the life where u have no time for being IDLE!

Now when am at a stage of being IDLE for time being, I have gone blank. I try to recall that list of things I always wanted to do, but seem devoid of interest. This is not good feel since I had kept few things aside for this stage say like reading those books, catching up with old frens, trying out new food joints and cuisines, experiment some handmade bags, Join Painting class, Meditate and Yoga, cooking and so on….I wonder where did the interest or the want vanish, not to blame but few of them are restricted due to my last trimester am at.

The third trimester has its own beauty, since you feel and bond more with the 'to be born' which comes as a pleasant surprise package.
so most of the time its about my baby kicks, taking care of my sleep patterns, those medicines, those advices and all the package that comes to you when you are preggy. I enjoy talking to my 'to be born' and watch the excitement my hubby goes through when he sees those kicks; which keeps me alive mentally for the entire day.

25 July 2011


Ah Bliss! Sitting in the theater and zoomed away to a out-of-routine time for those 2+ hours, watching my beloved stars pilfer away from realism in the true bollywood style, loved ZNMD.
It was simple, fun and light - Just exactly what I was looking for.....I just had to relax, with continuously popping the corn and enjoying every scene, dialogue, the clothes, the location, the travel..ahhhh such a treat…..

Now, if you wondering if this needs so much description ( it was just about watching a movie!), oh YES! This is something which I have been longing for quite some time now and should plan more often to visit theaters irrespective of the company!

So am pretty content with my weekend, not to miss the mention of the “SURPRISE” I got from hubby. He has always been the one who plans and often surprising me and that’s one of the highlight of our decade long relationship. I still wonder how he manages to keep me kicked about things...This time it was HIDESIGN ……..
I badly want to post the pic, but unable to get the bluetooth connected between my phone and lappy...

23 July 2011


AHHHHH!!! Its so very tempting..Wish I could just pick my handbag and end up shopping until I drop...
Every morning when I open the Times, I only see the colorful names with the tag sale next to it and takes me to a land away from reality, imaging filling my wadrobe with all these stuff......
This is something which am looking so forward in few month now, to get back to shopping!!!! Am gonna redo the entire stuff..wow...a new role to play, a new identity and will be entering my 30 in few months...all the reasons to shop and Celebrate....what say?????

Its saturday and my movie plans with sis and BIL is postponed to tomorrow. Am still waiting for the DDay to watch ZNMD...
My early morning official call got postponed to monday and me waking up early and short breakfast time was such a waste, could have lazied around for sometime...but instead of the call time, this blog for the day....

19 July 2011

CrAzY Day

Oh yes, with no plan, No Aim, No ideas flowing, No path, Nothing to look forward to, Nothing interesting around, The continuous sound of the drill due to construction around, dull surroundings leaves me no choice but to frown and yell silently.

Its too much noise and few other things which I don;t want to say and hurt people....Am still the same diplomatic lady..eekkss...
Crazy about cooking and trying new stuff to eat, but somehow seem to lose it after a phase and then back to wondering - WHAT AM I UPTO?
Called a old fren and its so refreshing to know things are the same...

Well, don't mistake me for cribbing its just a momentary venting out of NOT-SO-ME types and back to feeling nice for whatever am in situation for. In few more weeks, I will be so busy and proud; that I will not even look around for anything....

Hubby is off to Chennai for next two days and since I don't get to see him everyday am happy that he is getting a break for 2 days..I have asked him to try good local restaurants for food, which is my current interest and meet his old frens post work....

Its just Tuesday....

15 July 2011

Out of Blue - stuffs

Goodness this weather….It poured for last 30 minutes, while I was immersed in drafting this contract for one of the business at work, thinking will prepare tea once am through….I just sat back to enjoy the pour, when I see its bright and sunny…well, this is Bangalore but didn’t fail to shock me!

Delly belly and ZNMD is a must theatre watch for me and am still looking for friends / family to accompany me. None around me even seem to be interested in this (Hubby doesn’t even know there is a movie like this released) and will continue to have hopes. Mom stared at me in shock when I said am going alone this Sunday, for a sec thought as if am a college girl caught with a bunch of boys planning a movie!!!! Now, I do not have the patience or bandwidth to explain that its so very normal to just go and watch a movie in a multiplex alone…. so will keep it aside until I find THE PERSON!

I realised in last few days….

a) Am supposed to rest and sleep long hrs and only now I feel sleep is such a waste of time. I just get my right 7 hrs sleep and am done.
b) Am not supposed to eat mangoes and abruptly I started relishing it so very much!
c) I need to listen to music, but can’t listen to more than 2 songs at a time…
d) I can’t grow nail and the WANT to get a nail art done was so fascinating for last few days.
e) I can’t stand Idle time and I don’t work full time – Contradicting.

Maybe thats how it is!

06 July 2011

Mom's place and Rain

Its my third day at mom’s place….Quite nice, except that I miss gu ….I think of him early mornings when I used to be there until he is off to work and back again from work. Though we do not get to sit and have long chats or share a joke, we are there and those small must-do routine things are missed.

I like it here, except that I have little arguments with appa and amma, which is fine and no regret. I have done up my room and plans of doing it better next week. I love the weather here, a altered feel due to lot of open space and less noise.

I hardly have plans, need to work out on one soon before I start getting bored and think the Unwanted. My work keeps me busy for few hours and those usual office calls. The reason am here is to learn something new, while am on leave! I help mom in cooking and trying out new things, except that can’t really experiment much since appa doesn’t like too much of new stuff on his plate. Now, that leaves me in same situation as am at IN-Laws place since there too its not after a limit I can do new things. Gu will raise his eye brows if he sees something new, even if it means adding chilli powder than the usual green chillies

I need to visit workplace for meetings but its too far for me to travel at this stage and that’s my biggest worry. I could not let go off my work completely and everyday have a new struggle to fight at home and work front. Sometimes, WISH I could just be completely myself and do what I want to do in life. With physical constraints I do understand, but there are surrounding constraints which I want to avoid!

Its been Raining all day today and its amazing!!!! With hot cup of tea and work to do, am just enjoying every bit of it.

26 June 2011


I wait all six days for this special day....It starts from friday, where I start planning to wake up late on sunday and then have leisure breakfast and have a goood Nap. Then would want to have heavy Lunch and step out for entire noon and evening to be back only to hit the bed.....

But-BUT, this NEVER happens at my end. Its just unbearable to wait and then feel "IS THIS ALL?"
well, thats my description of a sunday which is so below my expectation and boring is the term currently running in my mind.

Next week am off to mom's place for a break. Havent planned much, but definetely my routine will include a long walk in the morning, trying different recipes, joining a class and watching loads of movies. Shopping is out of List, though there is a mall at walking distance but doesnt make sense now!!!!


31 May 2011


Am just back from a sooper-dooper much needed Goa trip and just the feel of it makes me smile now.

We planned and planned and with lot of hesitation and thinking around and convincing, I made up my mind that I MUST GO! Hubby had no say and along with 3 other families was all set to hit Hyatt which is an astounding Star property with facilities like never ending Pool spread all over the place, Private Beach, restaurants, gym, spa and manifold things available at your disposal to have great fun.

With my condition, I was mentally prepared to stick to relaxing “Only” and nothing more than that. I had my John Grisham book and Lime juice for company while rest of them spent their entire day in Pool post Heavy breakfast and then back to pool and Beach post amazing spread of Lunch. I watched them play and speak all nonsense under the sky, such a LET GO OFF feeling , away from routine, away from crowd, away from the lot ; but just a perfect HOLIDAY!

This was an miraculous time out for me, due to the constant worry I have taken for last year and happy I could make it. To believe I was actually tranquil, surrounded by green and water only, I used to take those deep breaths and condition myself to the milieu around me, so much –a Bliss , feeling so unheard of and so striking …
Those evening chit-chat with rest of them with hot Chai, was a nice way to get to know them and have always loved to make friends and know what and How life is all about on the other side. Few aspects were quite inspiring for me, which I shall cherish and adopt in situations and few to just smile and let go off….

I missed shopping and roaming around in proper Goa, but no Regrets. This was a nice way to Unwind, Relax and REPEAT – LET GO…I shall miss these holidays with Hubby and Friends for sometime now but for sure will just to close my eyes and get nostalgic whenever I miss going out J

Special thanks to my best buddy –Hubby for making this so so -so remarkable, with every day still making me go Crazy for him…HUGS!


Back to work and back to Routine. This might be my last working month for the year and don’t want to keep thinking about this. I shall want to have a big post on this by end of June.

Had heavy breakfast this morning with appa; at our Favorite joint – MTR. This used to be our Sunday routine before my marriage and we just thought shall re-do this today. Amma busy with cousin’s wedding preparations in Shimoga, we had the time to indulge in amazing Hot Idly and very famous Sambar and Masala Dosa very early in the morning…wow….Back to work now and hopefully no sleep…

19 May 2011

Beautiful Rain this noon!!!

Thats what I did, while it rained so beautifully....

Chop vegetables and take pics from my living room!! Isnt it a beauty when it rains!!!

15 May 2011

Lazzyyy Sunday Noon...

Its been one of those lazy Sunday’s ...Its noon and have been doing JUST NOTHING at all...Started the day with good hot cup of tea and news paper, planning mentally to work for sometime in the morning and then maybe watch a nice bollywood masala movie in the noon...I had a fast but lovely breakfast with hubby . He had to make up for his sleep; due to the airport travel in mid-night, so my room is locked while he snoozes off...

Am left with TV and Remote, must have changed the entire 80 channels like four rounds and yet unable to decide what to watch. I tried to sleep but it so unlike me to just let go off Sunday morning by sleeping..As planned, did not even work, nor had the interest to select that DVD which would add some masala to my boring day...

My week is gonna be very hectic to finish off those commited work before I pack my bags to Goaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..Thats the time am looking forward to sooo much! This has been my much awaited vacation after a really long time with hubby. I have kept my fingers crossed not expecting much until we board the train...My appointment with doc on Monday will clear 50% of my travel plans while rest depends on my health swings and how good I feel to assure hubby that am fine to Travel...But I know for sure that this will do me enough good , since Its been ages I have got away from my routine.

So its gonna be a light lunch in sometime and work combined with movie in the noon, so the week is well planned with no hassles left before I take that offff..I wanna shut off from everything connected to my routine...happy week ahead...

10 May 2011

Crib1, passion and rest of good things!

Ok, I have been wanting to WRITE and keep this space as modernized as it used to be and am so damn befuddled with the way my routine moves, completely unplanned at times! I don’t blame anything, given my situation!!!!

Well, loads of action at work front and need to juggle between people and projects! While, I just don’t like me being so not-very organised and having pending workload, ending up being questioned and then realise ahhh, its not done yet its equally frustrating to people issues, which continues .

Now I understand it’s a norm, given that am into ppl mgmt from yrs now but not Immaturity where the crib is so bloody illogical and just doesn’t make sense!!! To those ppl, herez my crib – GROW UP!

I have spent some lovely unproductive time from past few days trying to out some logic at the way things work in a corporate but just end up having some good work pending. So strong-willed not to waste time anymore and just stay tuned to my Laptop!
That solves one issue.

Now, the other category of people I don’t like is “MOODY “ sort. Now, how on earth should we handle people who are moody? They laugh only when things are so bright and act crazy freaking stupid, just cos you have an issue with something or someone? Can understand kids showing it off to their mom, but grown up’s with mood swings?
I gave my peace of mind to someone in this category who just used to walk in as if the sky is on her head , not evening answering anything officially, while act crazy close when things are so fine.

I keep reminding myself that bad days are there for everyone, and I make every effort not to show it on anyone, exception for hubby at times

My new passion is COOKING!! I used to cook, but same as Mom and MIL at times. Recently I have been watching atleast 2 cooking shows on TV, reading blogs on cooking and reading recipe books and think when should I try what!!! Am feeling great about this and shall definitely keep trying new stuff when I have time and people at home to experiment (How cool!)

Before I conclude, Sis’s house warming ceremony was ultra-cool and what a refresher to attend a function!!! I loved it and so happy for her and BIL, to have managed it in spite of all the stumbling block and issues. Cheers to the couple and what a change from my little girl to someone who own’s a house and managing it so well!!!

More on work, hobbies and cribbings!!!

04 May 2011


Am not gonna be working full time from today and has sundry feelings about the way my life is changing. Though I try to be prepared for such revolutionize, my heart twinge to undergo the sea of difference!!! But its all for “GOOD” and will let go of pain for something beautiful soon!!

Woke up with terrible head ace today wondering in spite of good sleep. Prepared tea for self and FIL, stood near the window finding reasons for the blankness in me. The slight drizzle which started just then just turned my feeling upside down, making me feel better watching those leaves turn greener and wet..Ahh, Blass! just at the time I needed a boost so badly. I stood there until it was silent and wet all around and went out for a short walk, taking that deep gulp of air and then back to my routine! This is like a sure stress releaser for me in life!

14 April 2011

Hubby's 5 yr Anniversary!!!

It was the usual dinner time on a habitually weekday, typical conversation b/w the four of us; unfolding the day’s events when we get a surprise visitor from Hubby’s employer, carrying this adorable flower bouquet wishing him for his successfully journey of 5 yrs with the Employer!

That’s a WOW Factor for me, amazing best practice to bring that smile on the employee and make him feel so special on his day! The next day was a change in his ID card tag color with a silver memento, carved his journey at this place and a small vacation to us! That’s DOUBLE WOW!!!

While I wished him, my upmost feel good factor is the vacation here. I need to plan my leaves and decide on the place keeping few constraints in mind! But am all happy for Hubby and for the to-go-vacation!

Hubby, wishing you a great career and loads of happiness and peace in life!!!


CHEERS to Gugee
CHEERS to his Employer
CHEERS to our vacation!!!

05 April 2011

APRIL 05th

It’s a very special day for me and hubby, APRIL 05TH …

It’s a nostalgic date, when few years back with lot of contemplation and the age playing the main role, we decided to join hands in this relationship. Post that, there’s no looking back and one of the best things to happen in my life. We have gone through many Up’s and Down’s like other couple, only making us realise how beautiful this relationship is all about and the affiliation just gets stronger. We are total freaky opposites, which take it to new elevation.

We did celebrate for few years, but not been able to from past 2-3 cos of our schedule. No matter what comes, we still wish each other and remember the day I parked my scooty in one corner to meet hubby for ice-cream, only to discuss at length on the Pro’s and Con’s of this relationship. TODAY, am happy that we did THINK before even committing since falling in LOVE is different from combating it out and bonding into a marriage which is successful!

We thought of Families, Culture, financial stability, our interests and Needs to all possible one’s to make this happen. It was a big deal then, in our early 20’s to be talking on things which would take years to mature! We planned a lot and changed few things which kept us crazy about each other; even at times when I had to see other Grooms due to helplessness. At one point of time, we had lost all HOPES inspite of taking it to a level of practically discussing with parents but somehow didn’t seem to work due to social reasons (or) call it silly reasons.

Am happy today that we will soon be planning our 3rd year anniversary this AUG, wondering a MIRACLE that saved us one fine day , which made events turn and take this relation forward as we said ‘I DO’!

CHEERS to the day I saw my Hubby first!
CHEERS to the day – He spent on those chocolates
CHEERS to the day – He made me CRY and Laugh like Crazy
CHEERS to the day – he made me sit on his car the first time
CHEERS to the day – we shopped together with our li’ll pocket money
CHEERS to the day – He made me jealous
CHEERS to the day – He looked sooo cute!
CHEERS to the day – We shared the cappuccino
CHEERS to the day – I attended my first Interview with him
CHEERS to the day – I hit him, since it was another guy who was visiting me for marriage
CHEERS to the day – I messaged and MIRACLE happened
CHEERS to the day – We got Engaged
CHEERS to the day – We cried together!
CHEERS to the day – We said I DO!
CHEERS for our togetherness

29 March 2011

Thoughts - HeRe n tHeRe....That's me

I rushed out to see if it's really raining....ahh so dissapointed to see the sun so active.... Wondering, why did I feel like that, came in to see the fan ON with full speed; deceiving my ears that it was pouring outside..phewwww I still believe it can drizzle or Rain at odd time in Bangalore, which is no more the case. Its a myth.

Calender shows March is ending and means nothing to me . I have nothing planned for April same as Jan-Feb and Mar! Am not even going home to watch the much hyped, much awaited, my money at stake in betting with MIL - 'Indo-Pak' match tomorrow. I shall use my Internet along with my crazy month end activity at work.

I have this new nose ring, which I bought at seconds thought and just kept it inside even scared of trying it and hubby saying - Eeekkssss, whats wrong with you? I promise to try it on Ugadi and hopefully its liked!

Appa dropped a set of books and demands me to read them. He wants to keep me away from my Jeffery's and John's..Not done! He made an effort to get a english copy of Gita since I rejected the Kannada one :) so cute!

I need to work for 6 days, with my last working day of the week being totally hectic with reviews; to say Its my WEEKEND. Just a Quote and a stress on my current state!

I have to drink more water and just Fail to. Today, I bought lot of sweets and keep popping tiny pieces and drink water. I continue this procedure and almost achieving the target. what an idea sirjeeeeee.....


25 March 2011

My TiMe pAsS

Picked this myself and some time pass for my sleepy head... Self Tag!!!

Asked someone to marry you? Guilty Oh Yes! After 6 yrs of dating this person, had to ask him to marry me..Isnt that fair enough?

Ever kissed someone of the same sex? Guilty my mom, my sis, my frens!

Danced on a table in a bar? Innocent Because of the bar bit I guess. Wish I could!

Ever told a lie? Guilty If anyone answers Innocent to this one, I swear that will be the heights of XXXXXX

Had feelings for someone whom you can’t have back? Guilty long back..maybe..can’t even remember!

Kissed a picture? Guilty Totally. Being a girl, it’s totally justified too

Slept in until 5 PM? Guilty So. Many. times. What do you expect from someone who tries to work from night to late in the morning and get back home to catch that episode of FRIENDS and movies….I have done it many times, few years back! Life is just a routine now.

Fallen asleep at work/school? Guilty oh yes! On that sofa in the campus..eekkss

Held a snake? Innocent Touched one in Singapore..I think it was in one of the zoo. We had to pay to hold it, so backed off!!!

Been suspended from school? Innocent No-no. I was this no nonsense-no risk taking girl..

Worked at a fast food restaurant? Innocent No. I have always lived in India. But like the concept, when I used to read some comics and watch movies.

Stolen from a store? Guilty yes when I was in college. Went out to the Market with appa and just took away one lemon..Just for Fun!!! Daddy was cool and we came out laughing!!!

Been fired from a job? Innocent Thank you very much

Done something you regret? Guilty Totally. Many times…keep happening with me..

Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? Guilty I am sure that would have happened sometime…many times!

Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Guilty Only once in Life..when I was on the way to Grand Canyon

Kissed in the rain? Guilty Very guilty ..when it was raining outside J

Sat on a roof top? Guilty Yes. Last yr on Jan 01st in jeinkal!

Kissed someone you shouldn’t? Innocent oh no!!!

Sang in the shower? Guilty All the time. I used to have my own tunes and Lyrics and dad had fun time competing with me post shower time!

Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? Guilty of Yes! Twice. Once with the girlie gang from college and other during a trip from office. This was long long ago!

Shaved your head? Guilty Yes, if you consider my visit to Tirupathi when I was a year old

Had a boxing membership? Innocent hooohhahahahaaaaaahheheeeee…

Made a girlfriend cry? Guilty. There were quite a lot of arguments and crying sessions in college and recently few…oh my God!

Been in a band? Guilty Yes!!!! In school..Very much and loved it!I even learnt to play flute and the Band then.

Shot a gun? Innocent waiting for a chance..

Donated Blood? Innocent Wish to. But with my thin looks, who would allow me to?

Eaten alligator meat? Innocent No-no. that’s a shocker to even think..

Eaten cheesecake? Guilty yes! But I don’t love cake, pastries, chocolates..Very rarely indulge in it.

Still love someone you shouldn’tt? Guilty Yes! Few friends and cousins like this Exist.

Have/had a tattoo? Innocent Waaaah! I want a tattoo now! I think it is SO cool to have one. I have discussed this with Hubby..I need oneeeeeeeeeee….

Liked someone, but will never tell who? Innocent I guess I have always made it pretty obvious when I like/dislike someone.

Been too honest? Guilty ahhh!

Ruined a surprise? Innocent Never! It hardly happens that am a part of any surprises, but the recent one for hubby rocked!!!

Ate in a restaurant and got really bloated that you couldn’t walk afterward? Guilty Oh yes. I Love food and do this most of the time!!!

Erased someone in your friends list? Guilty Hmm, yes.

Dressed in a woman’s clothes (if you’re a guy) or man’s clothes (if you’re a girl)? Guilty Is it a big deal for girls at all? My tee’s, Jeans and shorts….love them all!!! Just that its all wrapped for now, unable to fit into them!!!boooooooo

Joined a pageant? Innocent Nope. Never .Love to watch them!

Been told that you’re handsome or beautiful by someone who totally meant what they said? Guilty Hehe, many times. And they better have meant it ;)

Had communication with your ex? Innocent Never had a serious relation,it was only Gu all the while!

Got totally drunk on the night before exam? Innocent ah Joke! Never tried drinking in school or college! So that makes me ….

Got totally angry that you cried so hard? Guilty Yeah, that’s what I do when I am angry. Bawl. Always happens with me…I cry so so so easily!

18 March 2011

Indian Boys!

Me: hi
Me: oota?
yaguara: madding now.... mom mixing, nindu chapathi ayitha ?
Me: yes
Me: and ice -cream too
yaguara: oh super
Me: mom mixes for you
Me: ?
yaguara: yes
Me: heheheee
Me: story of all Indian boys!!!
yaguara: btw going to national market, will pick the dvds ...
yaguara: i know boman's mom mixes for him as well
Me: ya....especially i its Pachadi or chutney or somethng like that
Me: (will silently laugh); while he enjoys the ghee filled pachadi rice
yaguara: for me everything and made of rice
Me: oh woaaawwwwwwww
Me: God! Indian Boys!
yaguara: hmm..Agree

16 March 2011

Wednesday...RaNdOm tHoUgHtS

Ø Got a lovely gift from Hubby for women’s day! It’s a Chicken Embroidery Kameez and dupatta ( now, am not sure why they call chicken) with Orange and green combination..ahhh I love it and is kept for the Ugadi festival.

Ø Spent last Sunday with parents and sissy and had fun-fun-fun! From lovely food to gossiping to fun making it was just a perfect Sunday.

Ø Had that awaiting ‘one on one’ talk with boss and no matter what the out come is, I did talk. I learnt few lessons and spent time on analyzing how did this all go through.

Ø Hubby just called to say he had picked up a book and a DVD for me and it will remain a surprise until I reach home…..( cool!)

Ø I tried aloo-methi and loved it. FIL and appa made fun of my half-cooked food. I prefer all vegetables to be half cooked which is not liked by everyone.

Ø Am trying to be more organized at workplace, and using my daily journal quite effectively. Am quite happy with the way things are moving without messing it up too much.

Ø Friend at work got me fresh Arabica coffee powder from chikkamagaluru. It’s only me who drink coffee at home, but I will still enjoy making one hot cup for myself in the morning – atleast for t’row.

Ø I hate apples and hubby wants me to eat atleast one per day. It’s a torture to convince him that we can’t get along well. That’s apple and me!

Ø V is upset with lot of things and fear what’s in store with us. Its been a long friendship term and hate to see it move this way.

Ø Thinking of painting my nail red!!! For a change~

Ø Stepped out of office twice during the day; just to check if its raining. I love doing this and wait for rain, which is a feel good factor and I need it.

Ø I have wanted to watch my marriage video and shall soon unwind watching it.

Ø I finally removed my favorite red handbag, which I picked up in Goa and using it occasionally. I have kept my beloved choices inside wardrobe for long…viz bad

Ø Am wearing white and Green today and like the feel of colors!

08 March 2011

WeEk tHaT wEnT By...

Am writing this post; since I wanted to write something…
So it will be the feelings captured at this moment.

Week started with the birthday note and loads of gift and feeling special of completing another year…Therez lot of things am looking forward this year and hopefully will end (Start!)With a good note! There was nothing much planned for the day, more of a routine at work and back home early to catch on power nap and a short visit to temple. So this means the “celebration” is pending and hopefully we should go away from Bangalore for sometime!!!!

My sleepiness still continues due to medication and its HELL literally when I force open my eyes at work to look at those mail, Excels and PPT’s. I almost lost temper with few people who cam to talk/ask me while I felt this helpless. Breathing exercise doesn’t seem like a routine, since am too lazy to work on it in the morning. No idea…..

Its getting quite hot during the day and the other day we went out for Lunch from work and we could not take the sweltering heat beating us. I read the weather is going to be irregular this time. Anything related to weather just reminds me of my childhood in this same place, which was so -so -so beautiful and those sudden drizzle or rain shower in the midst of not-so-hot summer, such delight! I get so nostalgic and try to enjoy those days I loved with least worries. Maybe am a person who likes to hit back and explore for good epoch rather than enjoying this moment!
All I need is a BREAK and wish my hubby is listening!!!!

16 February 2011

Love my SLEEP

Health went upside down from past 2weeks and have been traumatized the way am unable to mentally have clout over my physical challenges on being ‘just Fine’.. There’s not gone a minute where I haven’t prayed for my normal feel good and expecting nothing more than it. Am craving for my normal food habits to my old self of running around for things at work and those early morning washing of clothes and asking hubby to take me out, even if I find that 10 mins of spare time. I miss the time I spend on deciding my clothes for the day and to chit-chat with friends during my journey and all those a part of my Lovely routine.

Now, is it that am bedridden, for such thoughts to take momentum??????

Oh No, its some issue which will take some time for me to get back to my old self and me being quite lower on the healthier side, needs loads of nutrients intake and mental stability to gain what I used to be 6 months back. This is almost like a project for me, except that am not feeling too active to make up my mind for such intakes. I have started breathing exercise to make myself feel good but none is helping as of now. Maybe things will take its time to heal, but patience is something I need in abundance along with the effect of tablets and the usual feel that comes attached to your body when you are unwell.

With great difficulty and pleading boss, I took off last week and went to amma’s place. All I did was Sleep and eat and gulp those tablets. By the time I was done, I realized I have hardly spoken to them nor did I do anything which should have been a part of my visit which I so rarely get to do. I only could cry when I had to leave, cursing my lazy head for depending so much on “How-sick-I am” factor rather than making myself better in their presence. Not known when will I get to spend another week with them…

AND, For the same reason missed my cousin’s engagement 2 weeks back and I still whine about the sarees which went unused for the occasion and all the fun with Cousins and keep re-counting my Bad luck on this (as usual)….Now I shall assume this is usual feel for anyone in my place and forgive me for all the crib in this space.

I want to think of nice things that are happening around me, so it adds to as nutrients to my Brain cells and active me physically.
Am thinking of World Cup, warm up game where India won by surprise, amma’s cooking, appa’s early morning messages, tommy watch (?????), talking to hubby before I hit the bed, all the food in the street which is so tempting ( ahhh…) …Ah WAIT..Its only the sleep which makes me feel so good now, so as of now am devoid of all materialistic pleasure and only NEED in life is SLEEP….

05 February 2011

It's again..Hopes

Welcomed this year, with HOPES…

Keeping fingers crossed on the awful nostalgia of 2010

Kept smiling, kept saying It will be fine this time…

Started with a bang, birthday celebration and blast…

Shopping and screaming with joy, hoping…..

Missing another important convene, which is pricking my heart…

All there and merry making, but for me…

Same thing, repeating but so helpless…

Wanna avoid those calls and those WHY’s…

Its rest of things, which is a priority…

In midst of this, there goes my plans and what I love

Hope again, that its worth the time here...and patience

and today with little less hope and anger…

Its again me….

15 January 2011

FriDaY CelEbratIONS!

We had a small celebration at work last evening. Right from the time of get-together , things were planned and our first actual "office space" was decked up like a bride. This feel is only when you have seen this place right from the time of negotiationg the price with owner to slowly start planning and placing things in place, with a count on cost!
IT - Process -people came to a level, we could kick off our First GO LIVE last evening! It was a moment to celebrate with yummmmmzzzzyyyy pastry ordered specially for this day and excitment measuring up to infinity heights for the team!

It was made more special since we jammed up for a round of wine with my best buddy & hubby after all the celebration..This is what I call FERRRPECT friDAY!!!...

Happy SANKRANTI and am off to decide my rangoli design now....

and then back to work and usual saturday review!

Cheers ....

11 January 2011

Dream 1 ......

Am writing this in he midst of an important con -call for one of the biggest deal we are getting into till date for our firm...Just a CAPTURE this moment kinds and hence this update.....Its our first International deal, with South Africa and the core team is so kicked about being consultants to this company in SA.
Done with the call....
Hubby picked up DVD's from the local Bazaar during last weekend and my agenda is to work hard during the day and enjoy a movie in the evening, though this requires me to lose an hour n half of sleep. I have to choose and feel so much "to do" during the week and just end up doing only the ROUTINE stuff...I really wonder how ppl manage to sleep less and do loads of other things apart from their 9-10 hrs of work!
Reading Jeffery's "Prodigal Daughter" is AMAZING!!!!! I had a break reading for last week and back to finishing it almost. Have couple more in my mini-Library ( 20 Books) for my next one!
One of the major agenda this year is kicked off from last sunday. Appa, amma, sis, BIL, Hubby n myself went out on our first round of house hunting! YES!!!!!! Its scary, its exciting, but after years of planning and no-result discussions, we have finally decided to go ahead. There are lot of constraints, but this time I promise no looking back. I have hubby's agreement and support and hence myself and appa will be in a JV to pick up a house.
Its been a "DREAM" from the time am a best buddy to dad, which I have started to work on now!
I will welcome all suggestion, Tips, Do's and Don'ts related to buying a house and also posting my experience quite often. Am a FRESHER in this case.

06 January 2011

New Year & Hubby's Birthday!!!

HELLO 2011!
It’s been a Good start for the year, relaxing at home over the weekend after a simple revelry at cousinz place on 31st night. I spent my first weekend of the year planning for Hubby’s surprise birthday, thought it involved my Parents, sister and In-laws only. The Fun was to plan his gifts, without his knowledge and how much I had to warn my MIL not to disclose out of her excitment. I had to keep scheming her thrill and the best part was we even practiced how loud we gonna sing the Bday song .

Hubby’s Birthday:
Come Jan 03rd, I had a business Lunch meeting and was quite disappointed that even at 3PM it was not concluded and I had planned to leave early to pick the lovely Pineapple pastries home before hubby enters. I informed my Boss during Dessert and rushed back to pick up the Gifts planned one by one and then to the Cake shop. My exhilaration level was at it crest and this is what I would like to voice “THRILLING MOMENT FOR JAN” !!!! I also picked some cards on way and headed back home to fix up things. The Auto driver was almost tired taking me to different deatinations and each time me adding the bags ( Whoaawww).

I had enough time to arrange Flowers and gifts. Parents, Sis and BIL barged in on time as planned. We lit loads of Candles in the entrance and in our room and arranged cards. Gifts were spread across the house and the theme was like a Fortune finder for Hubby to find it!

We waited with stir up; but It took him ages to come in ‘That particular day’, but sooner than we ran out of the Excitement. The Timing was perfect and we all stood right in front of him and sang out practiced song without giving it a pause!!! I could see his lovely face turn red, blushing with shock-surprise, cud-not-believe types, since it just so exceptional for him to see his parents all kicked up for him on this D-Day!!! We pulled him near the cake, and repeated our birthday song with few lyrical changes and the usual cake eating with photos!!! We concluded all the ga-ga with a quite dinner in nearby restaurant and Good night’s sleep!!!

That’s how I have started this year….All Hopes, FULL OptiMiSm, passion to achieve, New goals, more shopping, More awareness, Learn more, Dreams, celebrations,.....
More Prayers for Good health and peace for all