30 August 2009


We were at the new Restobar "Shiro's" @ UB City last evening and the best part of the dine was the luscious-Yummmmmm Chocolate Volcano. It does complete fair dealing for the name, since the minute you break the choc cake, it erupts with yum hot chocolate syrup. With a combination of vanilla ice-cream; its just melts down giving a 'Out of world' sense.....

Also, a glass of red wine; with chocolate is G-R-E-A-T!!!The after taste is something you can vouch for :)

R U a ice-cream lover? try this!!!!

( Taken from my hand phone, so its not great pic)

26 August 2009


I can't tolerate the never ending traffic....I know, am also a part of this disaster; our country is facing but still want to vent out the frustration of having halted in a Jam, while I missed my meeting in the morning...Its so sick to apologise and say its TRAFFIC!!!!

I waited for 40 mins, sick feeling to see vehicles all around you, with not an inch of space left..
Sitting inside an AC car, failed to understand the kind of pollution other's in two wheelers, lorry, pedestrians, etc...forced upon...

I attended my meeting in half mind, since I was late, I wasnt fresh, I apologised looking silly, and what not!!! I got up in b/w to catch up with a HOTcup of coffee, when I was half pleased.

My routine never includes traffic jam, since I start very early to work and get back early continue to work from home. Its easy for me to Drive in peace too...
This week, Am following my boss's schedule and hence faced with REALITY!!!!
BAD......BAD....but whom should I blame? except myself for buying a two wheeler and a car and adding to the already existing in abundant?

ok, am done with venting!!!!
Now with good things.....
dinner with boss and rest of management team at Leela....am I not bored? YES!!!!!
But this time am looking forward more to be with boss, then the place and dinner...This is the oppurtunity to get to know her, before she leaves to LA...I get to meet her like once in 6 months!! we are even shopping loads of Bangles :) isnt it sweet, we are having bangle day...all girls wear bangles, at your creative best!

That's my day.......
H, can u plsss plsss pick me up after dinner :((

Yummy apricot with Ice cream at Corner house.....last weekend was a treat to my tummy....try this, u will Love it!!!

21 August 2009

Can’t believe it’s a YEAR!!

Yes –Yes-Yes, today(20AUG) we celebrated our first year Marriage anniversary!!! Yipeeee, so hasty, but factual, yet such a fantastic emotive journey with my soul mate!

We started our celebration 3 days back, with our jaunt to “Orange County Coorg”.

Filled with Coffee plantation all around you, spreading acres and acres away with thousands of Rain insects making its melodious noise welcoming you, was such a break away from the city life we have. I wanted more and more of the FEEL of the place, which was just LUSH GREEN and GREEN. I was trying to fill my eyes and ears with the GREEN and untainted fresh air, every sec troubling my hubby as to how much am loving the place. Added to the gorgeousness (the word doesn’t justify yet); we were treated like Kind & Queen in the much praised about resort. This place boast of being totally eco-friendly and by the end of 3 days, I swear this is a must visit to all you people there, to experience something matchless - HOME away from Home!

Apart from the after said picturesque; we totally enjoyed the FOREST TREK; which is again a rare chance since not everywhere we get to trek in a forest!
Myself and H were just transformed into a different world and education, as we walked deep into the forest, sight so feral; the silence giving way to explore more…

I jumped at the sight of a Sandal wood tree which is 10 yr old. We got to know it takes 100 yrs for a Sandalwood tree to completely grow.
Also, two different kinds of creepers, which swirls around the tree. One which helps in growth of the tree and the other which kills the tree. The sight was so wonderful.
We checked the rosewood tree, which was still 40yr old (It takes 100 yrs too to grow); we saw poisonous mushrooms; ant hill (mind u, its different in forest)……H was saddened since he was not able to spot wild elephants, which was a possibility there! Poor baby!
Our fatigue was washed away, when we reached the banks of Cauvery River; which was a stop point for our trek. Bliss!!

Rest of the spirit tender points was the Kodava dance and in turn we danced, trying to match the complicated steps…boating in Rain was so romantic….cappuccino in the coffee lounge….pool side villa and its stories…..walk inside the Plantation…
Calls for MORE VACATION!!!!

The world is so beautiful, we just need to go and ExPlOrE!!
Today was just home and a light Lunch with family, No office and just a lazy evening…. Nice way to conclude, I can still feel the Green & fresh air around me, its hugged so firm will not get away from the nostalgic for a long time…

Rain Insect, which was the only melody in the midst of Silence

Sandalwood plant at the age of 10!

Finally...Happy anniversary sweetheart!

13 August 2009

I pLAN - i fAIL!

yes-yes-yes.....I PLan and I Fail and I end up working on it, messing things and concluding with just being cantankerous with myself and with everything around me....

> A month back, I planned to have a week long holiday for my anniversary and waited all this while for approval...Now that my leaves are approved, we haven’t booked situate anywhere...Now all kind of read-through is happening as to where do we Go....I could have done this planning a while ago and could have been smiling with tickets in my hand today....bUT, I will be "ME"...

> I messed up my filing of tax returns this time...With all the agents, you meet every inch during July; I still did not bother to get it done on time. Yes, there was some doc missing.... Yes, I changed my employer ...But am still in a row to sort it out. After paying all kinds of Tax to my fav government, am yet to face some charges for late payment now….

> Its a month away for my sister's marriage. My area of arrangement and preparations has not even started. I don't even see that happening for next 15 days now (am busy) and the last 15 days, am swayed would be all messed up. I have huge shopping plans, arrange things, surprise her, help my parents, parlour stuff, my make over ( hopefully), plan for every event for 3 days… ..I don't know if I even know where to go and get what to do... H-EEE--LLLPPPPPP

****** Health Tips:
I watched a lovely kannada programme this morning. The person says every fifteen days, take a bucket full of water and mix with COW DUNG and sprinkle it around the house; especially the washrooms. This will for sure keep away all the pets causing us the virus...blah..\blah.. I know this is a very good tip ( some might find it funny though!) but very EFFECTIVE.. I can't try this at my house....anyone can, then GREAT and am sure it will be FuN too!!!!!

***** FunnY gU
Myself and H were on our way for a hot cuppa, when he received a call..He was driving and wanted to avoid the conversation after sometime, so he lied saying "COP COP"..when he was about to hang the phone there was a bunch a cops standing and caught us...( Heheheheee Surprise). Am not writing the rest of the story here, but we managed to leave; without paying a single rupee and I always believe H being in 'sales' is such a perfect Job he has landed into...

***** Yippeee....My vacation starts soon.....

10 August 2009

PrECiSiOn TiMiNg

H decided to surprise me….We went to UB City last evening, he pretending to shop there for our anniversary…..We stepped into Omega showroom, when My heartbeat skipped for a sec…there was awaiting my “Omega sea master” all set for me to choose from already selected set from H…..He had done his groundwork, only to make me feel special & enjoy the Moment!!!…Materialistic ME, who was always crazy of this exquisiteness-Brand-elegance could not say NO and was definitely a mammoth bolt from the blue, since I never expected it to be mine so early in life!!!!
On the way back home, I was still holding my Omega; epitomize a pleasure of a little girl who has just got her first Barbie or a teddy bear!!! Such things still make me Jump and Shout with Excitement, the feeling serene for a long- long time!!!

H chose this way of attack to make our first anniversary special, while am planning for a small trip out of Bangalore just for us to be together next week….
Am just feeling out of world- hanging in Cloud Nine….what more can I ask for…Unable to fix on; is it the way he surprises me all the time and never fails to gimme the feel that he is still excited about all this & ME, manages to enjoy my child like acts and loves me more than ever…The shine in his eyes, seizing me thanking him wholeheartedly for being there for eternity, and letting me BE MYSELF!!!
Love u Hubby Gu! Being in love, being married is so wonderful with YOU!

The party continues….

04 August 2009

Any Egg CurrY Experts???

Anyone who can help me with recipe for cooking "EGG CuRrY"???? Please share it fast.
'Mrs.P' is newly married and in states with her hubby dear; trying solid to read loads of recipe books and preparing mouth watering ( hmmm..) cuisines daily for her sweet Hubs...
woww, this lady who was always running around managing her huge team, working stretched hours, is at home tying hard to learn and manage cooking ( sooo cuuteeeeeeee!!!!)

well, back to the topic, she wants to cook Egg Curry for dinner tomorrow for Hubby dear, which he lovessssss.....pls share if you know the recipe with any tips too!

I can only help, if anyone wants to cook south Indian vegetarian (Brahmin)food..Contact me;)
I told the same to my boss, months back while in LA about the aftersaid and she looked at me, as if am from some other PLANET!!!! u see, the word VEGETARIAN doesnt look so-cool outside the Indian boundry! eeksss....

Egg Cuurryyy Pllssss......

03 August 2009

Destination ShiFT :)

Moved to www.shrutzz.com......
Its a budge from From www.shrutisriharsha.blogspot.com to my own domain.
Did some shopping on saturday and it always manages to vim my mood- the feel; no matter how big a messy situtaion am in (or) how lazy I feel (or) anything thats not fine...Shopping never fails me!!!! am sure its for all the Gals outaa there ;)
Am bored of Orkut and FB; am not going to be active for few more days, till I feel its worth again to go back.
Lotss of news in coming days...Lots of updates....lots to BLOg!