08 September 2010

Daddyz the Best

I walked into office; all excited this morning…It was my Dad’s show in one of the Kannada channel which is the reason for my joy. This 61 yr old is simply amazing in his flow of thoughts, His views to his looks to his composure to style. This was no big Style show or related to movies, it was a 10 min clipping on his beliefs in this place and God and his experience. What am proud of here is his way of handling it and facing the camera so naturally, inspite of being a very common man…Yeah, Since the topic is my DAD, am adding a little excitement and writing….Hugs!

It was a Lunch date with Vini yesterday and had a tranquil time..Menu was simple and Hot Yummy Rice, Dal, Aloo methi and some salads. I completely switched off my work mood and jammed up on our chit-chat and shopping…. I never realized how much a stress-buster it is to look at all the new stuff she had to show and the soon to be trip planned to Goa (Just the girlie gang). We HAVE designed the clothing to be packed to the kind of drink to be tried…Its so much Fun planning and only hope it works for me. THis is much waited, since all my so called “Important” trips and occasion THIS YEAR have been missed/MESSED up JUST-LIKE-THAT!!!

03 September 2010

Its the HEADACE!

Headache has captured me from last 2 days, leaving me unaided. I have been feeling so weighty and disinterested in everything am doing. Am taking Dart and heavy application of Amruthanjan which will only help for my night’s sleep. Hubby feels its to do with my eye sight and I feel it’s the STRESS which I have created around me…..I will wait till weekend and another Doc visit for the month….
Its not the HEADACE which is troubling me in reality, it’s the continuous folds of turmoil am subjected to otherwise. ……

Dad and mom had a TV shoot this morning and they sound so excited like the 20 yr olds….They have somehow been quite busy and I hardly feel they are leading a retired life. My dad’s ZEAL to always keep doing something, more on the devotional side has kept them on toes….They will be on one of the Kannada channel for 15 mins next tuesday, speaking about their life and their Fav pass time – “Praying” and their way of offerings to God. Its been one big day for them!!!!

Its festival time and hardly planned anything for this Ganesha….Wish to celebrate in amma’s house, since sissy will be there and already looks like one gathering..I can get away from my routine (so badly) wanting to recently. Am gonna pick up this Eco-friendly Ganesha, based on Mohan’s blog…I have one near my place so its more easier for me. Have circulated the same at work, hopefully we all say NO TO TOXIC and welcome anything EC-FRIENDLY….