29 May 2010


Wish I could scribble the :"Downhill" v going through.....I instead took the pen and wrote the entire episode in my old Diary, closed it never to be scared of this again..One more time and its last on monday and its OVER.....No self-pity, No more tears, this is Life......
Its saturday evening and am alone with my notebook and hubby out with his friends for dinner....Is this called "Marriage-post-1year" ( WINK)...oh, am not cribbing, just thought of something like this for a moment and smiled, so cute...am enjoying my solitude, my silence thoughts, my way of getting back to things and routine :)
"Mahashweta" by Sudha Murthy is a light story, which is keeping me engaged while I eat. Its about the importance men give to "BEAUTY" - FAIR SKIN Vs the reality of life...I do not recommend, but nice timepass for me...Am also reading "The Juror" by John Grisham, something really good and highly recommend..

Ripe-yummy looking-fat-raspoori mango waiting on the table, for me to relish....so tata for now and mango delight time!!!!

27 May 2010

Not Sleepy- so this post

Am not sleepy (or) don't feel like hitting the bed on time tonight and have nothing in mind to scribble here.....Its been "ONly-Attend-functions" back to back from last few days and drained me wearing those "Kancheevaram" sarees. I love them, contrary need lot of time and good weather as demand; to tie it up neatly. This is also a means to remove those stacked up marriage sarees of mine, which comes out only on such occasions.
Since I have all the time in the world, to pull those sarees out and get ready was more of nostalgia this time and wonder 2 yrs back, I was so heavily excited to pick them up for my BIG DAY.
The shopping so neatly mapped, the no-silence days of planning and shouting to be listened to and just the excitment of getting married and shopping was all so so so fine-looking. I am those lucky ones, who was all smirk for months and waiting for the day, enjoyed every moment with aniticipation; me 'out-of-world' to be standing next to my hubby and say "I DO".....Nothing could have done better than the kancheevaram attire, so perfect for the occasion!!!! So heres to say I love my sarees, though they r such a pain to tie and go out in sun:(

This is a MUST-DO in this part of the country and not many girls/women like to tie this up during any occasion. But I never felt this way, maybe little old-fashioned, maybe tied up thoughts but still stick to this attire for your day!
ANyone who shares my feeling?

My parents are travelling; both different direction and unfortunately my plan gets deviated cos of this. I was supposed to be staying with them for a week ; then changed to travel with mom and the changed to - stay here in BANGALORE! so my plan all back to Square one, I need to watch a good movie to make it up....Kites-NO NO....This is what everyone, every paper is shouting....
Good moviee plsssss

19 May 2010

Dahi-puri NO-NO

Depressing weather is what we call, when it’s Cyclone in our neighbouring states, but somehow I love the non-existence of Sun during my day and more great-feel factor, if I have to wear a sweater....Its one of those days today and lazed around watching movies be it repeat and making that hot masala chai...I did imagine a trip planned to some hill station at some idle time; but none will take place for few more months as per hubby (Cost cutting buddy)...We almost zeroed Europe trip and soon realised what a DrEaM baby!!!!

Back to reality and weather, I called hubby to be back early so I can go for one round of hot-spicy Pav bhaji or Masala puri...( Yes, sounds great and perfect).... Thanks to him, he was home on time and I was all warm clothed to relish my hot-spicy-blah-blah stuff...I kept telling him, how much I was waiting to just go out while It drizzled and stuff in those road-side delicacies ( am shouting..am a FOOD-LOVER)...We changed destination, since there was this new place in heart of Gandhi-Bazar....I suddenly saw the chap artistically pouring thick curd, preparing DAHI-puri and I soon changed my mind from hot Masala puri to Dahi puri stuff.....I took that first big piece in hurry and there My MOOD just went “OFF”, the dahi one was so cold, more on sweet side and HELL this is not-done types....All the vent up “WANT” from morning of that descriptive spicy stuff just made me so irritated and finished up the ordered stuff with a frown face...I didn’t feel like going for anything else, came back home just feeling Cold....Hubby could not make out my mood swings, but I was really disappointed in seconds...

I have realised my MOOD changes so well, the kind of food am eating and how good/bad it makes me feel...I just lose my energy, the moment I have something in mind but which alters to what am eating and the feel is just so Unwanted...It’s one of those days- U know 

Am spending my first half of day alone ( IN BOLD “ALONE”) tomorrow and planning it skilfully; since I want to enjoy the SILENCE....I will not be taking any calls nor inviting anyone and will take up silence as my company ( This is a Kind of therapy am trying) to just be myself..Sounds nice again...I have planned to order Pizza and Garlic bread for my Lunch....so looking forward to...Its MY haly-day!

If you in Bangalore, enjoy the WEATHER!!!!


Lot of CRAZY-MANIAC things happening at my end and personally feel bad am not updating my Life in this this space....
Am still waiting for the sunshine at my end, while the journey continues; the series of incident making me learn so many lessons, each passing day a less cribbing and more of accepting the Life’s sudden threats and module, sure making me a strong person in life....Am facing things, which were so least expected that am moulding to “ACCEPT” it rather than “ESCAPE”...I will do a DETAILED post on the incidents, purely for my own fulfilment ( off course need Hubby’s permission in this case).

Apart from Life’s lessons, another major change from last few months is am AT HOME. Me being ME, is quite challenging to cope myself under the same roof the whole day and experimenting all sorts of stuff under sky to keep myself REAALY BUSY!!!! Am yet to accept, not that its bad to be at home and managing things at this end, but for a person who has always worked is quite tough. Now, am I cribbing???? Lemme stop.......and proceed

I have been reading loads of books back to back and am more in love with them than I can remember anytime...It’s no more my time pass, rather my teachers and my Love again...Am in touch with 2 of my long lost fren’s and its a great to have them back and wait for those calls again...
Am learning my MIL’s way of cooking and I always loved to experiment in this department...Am gonna be one hellll cook later yrs and God save my Hubby( am serious)..Its gonna be so many varities, different cuisines and sure he’s not gonna like it that way...But I will DO what I LOVE; Like the way I married him ( LOL).

My Imaginative powers have increased, thanks to the time I get and which makes me think crazy stuff and put things in action, each day different one from another.. At times, its not a good feel, but atleast am THINKING and Trying to experiment with limited resources..For Example:-

a) There is work on Rain water harvesting in our apt..I talk to the workers on their lifestyle and how much they are educated about the work they are ON. I read on the subject and try telling them...Makes sense??? Anyways am learning 
b) I tried to learn MAKE UP tricks and tried this crazy flashyyy eye-liner with thick Kohl and mascara for a reception party..eeekkssss..But I tried something different 
But I paid a bomb for the coloured eye-liner....
c) Mock interview...I have some close resources, who take mock interviews with me and vice-versa and ITS-SO-MUCH-FUN! Its a great stress buster...I had great time attending 2 real interviews in last month and enhanced my poise so much!
d) I try new ways to impress my hubby...when he is back from office, he is targeted to my new institute ways of talks, jokes and romance (WINK)...Am trying to be good, after all these years yaar..

Hey, Its my parent's marriage anniversary tomorrow, 33 yrs of togetherness!!!!! I have a feeling they don't remember since they are preparing for my cousin's engagement t'row...I have no gift planned for them and feel its too late for anything while I write this...
Am missing my first cousin's engagement tomorrow in Hassan, for which I was so much looking forward to...everyone's gonna have fun there...boohoooooo

Need to read all the blogs, which I haven’t from almost 3 weeks... I hardly get any good ones to write these days, since i have a alter-life..I miss all the action like last year.
No Escaping from Life’s lessons....:)