29 May 2010


Wish I could scribble the :"Downhill" v going through.....I instead took the pen and wrote the entire episode in my old Diary, closed it never to be scared of this again..One more time and its last on monday and its OVER.....No self-pity, No more tears, this is Life......
Its saturday evening and am alone with my notebook and hubby out with his friends for dinner....Is this called "Marriage-post-1year" ( WINK)...oh, am not cribbing, just thought of something like this for a moment and smiled, so cute...am enjoying my solitude, my silence thoughts, my way of getting back to things and routine :)
"Mahashweta" by Sudha Murthy is a light story, which is keeping me engaged while I eat. Its about the importance men give to "BEAUTY" - FAIR SKIN Vs the reality of life...I do not recommend, but nice timepass for me...Am also reading "The Juror" by John Grisham, something really good and highly recommend..

Ripe-yummy looking-fat-raspoori mango waiting on the table, for me to relish....so tata for now and mango delight time!!!!


Renu said...

I have read both these books, Mahashweta I reviewed also..I dont enjoy the language.

In my childhood I could never have my lunch or dinner without mangoes.

Manjunath said...

ha! when u said raspuri mangoes on thing flashed me hmmmmmmm..........!!! let me write it in the form of post!:)

Swaram said...

Mango is all I cud c here :P :P lol ;)
Mahaswetha is the best of her books I think .. on par with Gently Falls. The others r just time-pass :)

pRasad said...
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