19 December 2013

December 2013!!!!!

Last few days of 2013, weather has been really chill in Bangalore.....I love my sweaters and its all out in open!
Samrudh has been sick for last few days, its some kind of viral doing rounds in the air. Its been dragging and sleepless nights and troublesome mornings continue to haunt us...Cant expect him to express whats he going thro and the cold, cough, fever, allergy has been making my son dull and restless :(

He seem to be better today, forcefully dragged him to school, walked back guilty thinking again for the 100th time, AM-I-DOING-RIGHT?

Its vacation time and there is no way I want all the health issue to spoil our plans....Am hopeful that Sammu will be fine and be set to enjoy his holidays. H is on vacation too and the very though is so exciting.
Sammu has his Christmas carnival at school trow and this is our First one of such. Am very excited to take him for the 2 hr celebrations and the dress code is red and white. Post that will be weekend and hopefully its a lazy Saturday and we are off to Mysore for a short vacation. Need to have a plan as to what Sammu will enjoy and need to take him out for some fun!!!!

More in my next post......

26 November 2013


Samrudh started Montessori and its almost 2 months now......I have been very excited to start school for him for one reason - he will get to play with kids and learn from them and have fun. I had started to get restless and impatient trying to keep him engaged and this came as a breather to me and hopefully to him ( Assume!).
Preparations were in full speed, shopping for his school bag , clothes and water-bottle...I kept visitng GB, to make sure he is all set :)

Now that we almost complete 2 months ( with Dasara and Diwali hols in b/w); my expectations from a 2 yr old to happily go to school is just not reasonable. It pains to see him cry even before we start his routine in the mornings. Feeding him Milk and contemplating when to feed his Breakfast and hurrying him up is another story by itself.
 Like today, he cried all the way to school and held me tight; pleading me not to send him away. I was almost in tears ( first time); feeling deep guilt and made me rethink on my way back home that if am doing the right thing...Am I selfish? Yes, I need some time for myself, given that I have been with him 24/7 from the time he is born...Thoughts kept troubling me for three hours and mindlessly I cooked and cleaned, until it was time to get him back home..He seem to be fine, silent and maybe tired.... maybe he had fun running around and playing with toys, but will not know nor can he express. This feeling will continue to haunt me until I see him off happily:)

03 August 2013

When my son sleeps.....

Its been real crazy for last few weeks....My son is 21 months old and its great to see him grow. I love our games like building blocks, car drive, bat and ball, throw ball, running around, reading books, our morning and evening walk, watching rhymes together, shopping and loads of stuff which just takes away our time.....

He is also very demanding as a 21 month old, and needs all the attention. I do try managing household work while keeping him engaged or talking to him, but he just pulls me away making me confused at that point as to how do I manage rest of the work? This is a feeling which is making me crazy and lose patience....I tend to get very restless cos of unable to manage lot of things and which is leading to confused feelings and me not able to ne "ME".
When he sleeps, i Wonder what went wrong and when was I not able to keep him happy ???? what made me shout at him or ignore him?
Its a Crazy situation am going through and keep looking for answers lying next to him..
In the end; I plan how should be my day again  ( trow) and laugh it off saying am dealing with a lil monster and not a 20 yr old :)

27 March 2013

My Sunday Bunch....

My entire saturday was spent, just thinking of the plan we had fOR sunday.
Me being "ME"; loves to plan out on weekends and spend all day out. With sammu being so young and with Bangalore weather taking a turn, its so bloody impossible to be out for long....
Well, back to our plan.....

Sunday was spent at Marriot, with lovely lunch spread....
The ambiance, food and the crowd was simply awesome and so inviting. The best part was with N&G; whom i feel so peaceful to be around and myself.
Thanks to them for being there.....

Sammu had his own share of fun, was around the water fountain and just didnt wanna take his legs off the water.

22 March 2013

Friday evening.....

Its late friday evening and my son is sleeping with his dad....am waiting for FIL to get back from airport; so found some time to dig into my blog. Its not easy for me to update in this space and am missing this the most.

Lot of stuff missing from past 2 yrs; which I shall regret for sure. My son is 1.6 yrs for today and he looks like a big boy to me. He calls us by names, loves to step outta home, loves the dog in the road, knows how to trouble me while eating, loves water, actions are his ways of communication with us and runs around the house like he has known this forever!

We attended a smal function today and as usual Sammu went into a shell. He is an introvert in front of new people and places. Am sure this behaviour will change when he grows up. He sticks to me and am getting used to this :). Well, I chose one of my Fav Green and Maroon salwar; with heavy dupatta for the day, with hair tied up as usual.... Sammu wore checks linen shirt and benetton jeans shorts; which i loved.
Amazing lunch spread and filled my tummy with all varities of sweets and ended up skipping my dinner tonight ( rare case)!!

 We did our usual evening walk and Sammy hardly wants to walk wit us. He just wanna run, least bothered about the vehicles ( like he understands!!!). I end up explaining him and ufffff; hell he is just a year and half and what am I expecting?

Its my In-laws anniversary t'row and my Fav Bisibelebath will be prepared. I shall prepare MosaruBaji with cucumber and Onions mixed, Saaru to go with it.

Sunday would be Brunch with friends....