22 March 2013

Friday evening.....

Its late friday evening and my son is sleeping with his dad....am waiting for FIL to get back from airport; so found some time to dig into my blog. Its not easy for me to update in this space and am missing this the most.

Lot of stuff missing from past 2 yrs; which I shall regret for sure. My son is 1.6 yrs for today and he looks like a big boy to me. He calls us by names, loves to step outta home, loves the dog in the road, knows how to trouble me while eating, loves water, actions are his ways of communication with us and runs around the house like he has known this forever!

We attended a smal function today and as usual Sammu went into a shell. He is an introvert in front of new people and places. Am sure this behaviour will change when he grows up. He sticks to me and am getting used to this :). Well, I chose one of my Fav Green and Maroon salwar; with heavy dupatta for the day, with hair tied up as usual.... Sammu wore checks linen shirt and benetton jeans shorts; which i loved.
Amazing lunch spread and filled my tummy with all varities of sweets and ended up skipping my dinner tonight ( rare case)!!

 We did our usual evening walk and Sammy hardly wants to walk wit us. He just wanna run, least bothered about the vehicles ( like he understands!!!). I end up explaining him and ufffff; hell he is just a year and half and what am I expecting?

Its my In-laws anniversary t'row and my Fav Bisibelebath will be prepared. I shall prepare MosaruBaji with cucumber and Onions mixed, Saaru to go with it.

Sunday would be Brunch with friends....


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