26 February 2009

From Dawn….TODAY

Back to my routine, wake up early and set with my physical and mental tricks!
I sit with my hot cup of tea (prefer coffee in the mornings, but habituated to tea now) with yesterday’s newspaper. I see our Rahman holding the two beauties (Cheers, his achievements are immense & deserves every inch of the OSCAR!!!); about Frieda (not quite liked her); about all the people who are involved in SDM project...…..
DIL is watching TV; the country is giving a grand Welcome to Rahman, with background score of Jai Ho.....Its all about SLUMDOG and SLUMDOG from last 2 days!! Y-E-S its bought INDIA to limelight overnight!!!

I take an Auto till Banshankri Bus-stand; from there a Volvo till ECOSPACE office.
They play good music in the bus and again it’s “JAI HO” played most of the time in all Radio channels…I personally like Ringa Ringa than Jai HO

Now coming back our darling Rahman, I was ONLY excited, when I heard he won the Oscars. For me, it’s an award for his masterpiece not only for SLUMDOG; but also for all the lovely music he has given us from Roja to Bombay to Jane tu….. I strongly fell they were all much better and electrifying than the SDM music ~ Love u Dilip...urf Rahman ji..As per the Times, he believes in God; prays a lot and take each day as it comes without having any plans for future; which in turn ensures he has no pains – W-O-W! I make a resolution mutely to have no expectations from LIFE and “Like R; take each day as it comes”……

but just few minutes of reading; unknowingly I was reminding H about something…There I GO; u know myself a common being will not stop expecting things in life…..Be it from WORK-FAMILY-FRIENDS, be it GAIN……Be it for TOMORROW! U need lot of mental stability and willpower to be content and move effortlessly in life. It’s the Expectations which lead to all the “WRINKLES” in the face and Heart! GYAANJ
“'Blessed is the man who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed' was the ninth beatitude- Alexander POPE-

These are the things running in my mind, while sitting for an hour in the Volvo bus…., hopefully ppl watching me (if they happen to) laugh at my funny facial expressions, reflecting my silent thoughts!

Have bought some Infy stuffs, gifted by my team to my new workplace. Will deco my workstation with them; so I know was associated with a lovely place once. This also proves am jobless to this extent now. Once my project starts, will I even have time to @$@#$#@$#?????
I laugh, I love, I hope, I try, I hurt, I need, I fear, I cry. And I know you do the same things too, so we're really not that different, me and you.

Anyway, let me end with this cute one below, I just read…..Lovely

Expecting the world to treat you fairly

you are a good person

is a little like expecting the bull not to attack you

because you are a vegetarian ;)


PS: Even as I close this; I hear someone playing JAI HO from the other bay @ work!!! JAI HO!!!!

23 February 2009

Go for Gyaan!

Am I under CURSE? Well, I was a Team Lead with my previous employer, which basically involved handling TEAM; more of "PEOPLE", than "PROJECTS". Now, with people I was required to say 'NO' (or) give Gyaan-etc…Today, Multiple people have started giving me Gyaan (which I PLEASE do not require, I can handle and be INDEPENDENT, shoooo away!!!!!)) This makes me feel, I have been winning the fruits of what I had to give to my people before :((( This is not a right comparison!
When am facing "obscurity"; its the thought of KARMA which haunts me... am not able to take couple of things and Diplomacy is just not helping me!

Well, I write what “I FEEL” at the moment and whats going on in my Life - uncomplicated and straight since I need to look back in life and SMILE! At times, it might look SIMPLE – FUNNY- STUPID; but this is for MEJ

Well, we had been to “GUHA” (or is it GUFA?) for Saturday dinner. For my own records, I sat in Merc for the first time in INDIA and YES; it’s a different feel!
H’s fren who is a First officer in Indigo owns this Merc; gifted by his dad for his 21st B’day, owowowww Lucky him. Now, since Flying has mentally strained him, he actually allowed his fren’s to drive his beauty. When H took his turn, I just loved it!!! I never dared to take the seat, it’s a Giant & Scary too~~

Am currently reading this book “TWILIGHT” from Stephenie Meyer. Hypothetically a lovely book but its disappointing me. It’s a Love story b/w a Human and Vampire – unconventional right but am CoN#$@^d and no FEEL of Love HERE!!!
Am back to “WORK LIFE” tomorrow, biding goodbye to my long hours of SLEEP and getting geared for W-O-R-K!

21 February 2009

My strength is made PERFECT in weakness

My mind is rootless today, maybe cos of the the incidents which took place in noon - at times life throws at you hardships; FACE IT!!!
sayin' it's one thing and feelin' it's another: Am sayng here and also feeling to an extent, silently my mind is troubled whats happening to the wife n daughters who are directly facing-feeling it. You have no options at times nor a PLAN B, you need to sail with it......

There are two things that one must get used to or one will find life unendurable: the damages of time and injustices of men. ~Nicolas Chamfort

20 February 2009

"H" IN GoLdEn pAlMs

'H' left to Golden Palms yesterday, for 3-day training Program. As excited as he was to take his backpack and leave for the 3 day long session, assorted with FUN-DRINKS-DANCE ( psst..girls & Massage;)) , My heart was tumbling and was thinking..who will take me for a walk in the evening, whom will I crib to for next three days, whom will I ask suggestions about whats happening in m life for 3 days, who will act like Donald duck ( opps, he does lovely act n sound of DD) , whom do I tell my day long story of joblessness and seek some tender words...

:((( Boo...hooo..hoo "SeLfIsH Me" !!!!
He has promised for dinner on saturday, which is keeping me keyed up...
But at the end of the day, I must plead guilt that half of my 'brain-soul' is not functioning right, since he is A-W-A-Y!!!
Miss u H......

Had a uneasy sleep, since I had a early morning call with my new boss and kept me awake most of the time, checking the time in my handphone....My travel is now postponed, Gist am here for my birthday and will not miss out on the GIFTS:))
Visting my new workplace today, Nostalgic about the first day I walked into Infy!

19 February 2009


well, am in a Tight Spot!!
Am supposed to start my work with new employer on a Tuesday; for which am getting mixed reviews from my Family.
Now, what is it "I WANT"???? Am BAFFLED ( :(), though I do not want to consider TUESDAY as Inauspicious, I have a kind of irritation running over ; every second reminding me, Am I doing the right thing..what if something goes wrong?


18 February 2009

Assignment from DIL!

"SLEEP" is the mantra now! On an average am sleeping for 11 hrs a day...o..w.w..wwwoww.w.ww@#$..special thing about sleep is, the more
and deep you sleep, the more you feel like continuing it, hahaha..
Coming back to the reality, my DIL ( Dad In Law) today said, am getting too lazy and need to start tickling my brain cells before it gets rusted or get used to my idlying!

Today, I have an assignment from him to work on a Transition plan b/w a Client and a Vendor; based on my experience with my previous employer; reason being my new role demands me to do lot of planning on transition services and execute them efectively.
It only 'sounds' interesting, but its not very easy to work on a ppt and requires lot of domain to impress him.....My excuse was, I do not have a notebook with me...well we have our old fashioned PAPER! anyday, rely on it!!!

Will keep posted, whether I was really able to come up with a PLAN!
Need to go to the bank@9. Now, with my experience with Canara bank from last 12 days I can actually come with a plan for them. They make you run around, everytime reminded of a new doc you need to submit! Hopefully, this is the last time am visiting them for this month!

Thanks to my Uncle, who got me an introducer for current account so fast! ( this is for my own record;))

3 more days at home.....

17 February 2009

Nice one!

these things r running in my mind now.....

Going Bonkers.....
why is it, I always plan and plan (even WRITE it) and plan to save M-O-N-E-Y every month and end up "NOT DOING" it every time? am dissapointed wit my system of planning, since I have no heavy balance in my acc; which means no Materialistic dream atleast for the kick of it!!!

Now, I have this very urgent crave to swap my nose ring, to a simple single diamond stone...whenever I see myself, i feel I can look much better without the gold covering whch am currently wearing.,.....'Gold is 15,200 as on today' is what my DIL told me during our tea conversation....:))) am much better off with my current NR now!!
I havent been to shopper's stop for ages now ( 3 months) an this is a huge achievement!
But-But, my bank balance shows no reserves...am going rear, planning again!!!!

Am Infuriate with something; which I always face. I need a SOLUTiON....
one of my relative asked my salary package / mnthly salary today..now, this is a situation I just cannot face since am not comfortable discussion my salary with anyone. This does not mean, am earning great ( come on, no one says am earning really well!!); but why do they askkkk?? Grrrrrr...

'V' ( again my bestest fren) told me; she never divulge her salary to anyone. The other day, when her aunt askd her; she replied "I earn enough to take care of myself"@#@#$#@$#$#$#.....hahaa am imagining telling this to one of my aunt and checking her reaction, I somehow can't give any bold answer...I even told some shop keeper the other day, who was very eager to know what H and myself earn....
any better answer to reply a question so unwanted???

Now, 10 days at home and ensure do not miss on the below at any cost~~
1) Eat and eat, weight doesnt matter now!
2) watch atleast one movie ( watched 'Luck by Chance' today)
3) Read book; ordered 4 more online!
4) Dry clothes ( New skill set, I have learnt)
5) Call atleast one old fren
6) eat Betel nut with leaf; after lunch and dinner ( new skill set again)
7) day dream

16 February 2009

Frenz Marriage!

Last night, Called P who has recently moved to Pune on work...P is my bestest fren, loved working with him for almost 2 yrs, he is a man of words and does; what he preaches...

Happy Newz is; he has registered for marriage, wow....he is a winner...
Deciding to get married to a Hindu girl was a challenge, given that he had to wait for 2 yrs convincing "PARENTS"....am soo happy for him and his girl; wish him lot of happiness and success.
Flashback: 2 yrs back, myself and P were walking towards foodcourt; for our routine coffee whe we saw this innocent-tall- long tress -thin girl walking with her she-fren! with our usual funny conv; we concluded in a bet; asking to impress her.........Today, I get to know they r getting married!!! " Expect the Unexpected"

I was nostalgic post the call, remembering all the hardship V ( Myself and H) had to go through to convince our folks ; even with the same religion-Caste!!! No regrets, its worth!
am sure even P agrees with me now, could sense the excitment in his tone:)

15 February 2009


H and myself travelled to chennai last week; for my Visa. All the tensions and travel was worth; when I stepped out of embassy sweating and hugged H to tell him, am T-h-r-o-u-g-h!!!
Uff, what a merry-go-round; to set all the documents right and attend the interview only to know they hardly checked any of the docs...
While traveeling back from Chennai in "Lalbagh" express; we met Prof Mani sundaram who has a very attractive profile. Being a founder of REC trichy and many other university in TN, he came across as a very simple man in white dhoti. It was a refresher meeting him and would like to keep in touch with him. Well, he is 82 and can hardly make out his age; cos of his attitude which is soo young!

It was a nice break from my routine and at times tensions are nice, its like a cleanser at times! It was long; I had gone through such a phase :)

10 February 2009

Busy me!!!

Can't believe...

I have been busy; more than i could have ever thought for last 2 days! In reality; am out of my job but craving to find time to lazy around:)

As last written; have managed to put methi and chillies in the garden. Now, from last two days; I go and check 2 times a day to see if there is any change ;)

H and myself will be leaving to Chennai tomorrow and back on Thursday night. Hope to spend some quality time and not miss work :(

Have started deleting all mails from Naukri.com.....Recession!!!!!

07 February 2009

Say No to Shopping...Go Green

Am JoBlEsS....I need to check on my spending from today...
well, was having this long conversation with MIL, while she was chopping veggies ( surprises..she manages to cut them in equal shapes-sizes, while talking to me!!) We happened to talk on my fav topic "SHOPPING".
I have promised to wear and re-wear whats existing in my wadrobe and keep a check on my spending. Am going to change my mind set not to spend on unnecessary clothes, footwear, accessories ( oppsss, love them)....But its an oath " No More shopping"...

'H' & Jenu, pls take care in case I get desperate to shop ;)

Am watching this show " GREENATHON" in NDTV !!! Preity Zinta is preaching about Recycling - awareness on environment - make a CHANGE!!!!!

I told my MIL, am going to put some Methi, Dhanya t'row morning and see them grow...am also planning for chillies, Lemon and tomato. Its a nice feeing to cook; with what you have grown....whats say????

> Say No to shopping
> Go Green...Grow vegetables:)))

Bangarada Panjara~~

I was somehow reminded of the movie "Bangarada panjara" last night. I was recalling the dialogues, acting from Dr.Raj Kumar; which had bought tears in my eyes....I need to watch it again , since I have been thinking of that.....

" Set priorities in life and do what u want and is right...Life is to flow 'what you desire'; and not to look back and regret"...Shru:)

05 February 2009

Breakfast conversation....

Having BreaKfast @ foodcourt@ 9:30AM with Vivek, Pradeep, Muruli, Bharati, Gana, Anitha, Vits..
Seems like Masala dosa tops the list amoung favs!
What we conversed…...

> Sincere act - 'Believe it or not'
Last weekend, Vivek was returning back from watching a movie in an auto; when his phone slipped from his pocket. Least did he realise this and hit the bed as soon as he returned home. At 2:30AM, he was disturbed by the his cook; seemingly fighting with soemone at the door at that hour. Half sleepy; he checks with his cooks and gets a glimpse of this auto fellow who dropped him home. Confused and scared; asks him reason behind this only to see his phone on the fellow's hand. Its was more shocking for Vivek to see this guy coming home at that hour; just to return the mobile phone…wow!!!!
Vivek is overwhelmed by this sincere act and touched, since the hand-phone was his dad's gift to him; when he first came to Bangalore 5 yrs back. Three of them enjoy good mid-night tea and a sincere "THANKS" to Mr. Satyanarayana who fall in the endangered category!
Such good acts still exsit!

> Eating Inversly proportional to weight?
Gana is enjoying her usual carrot halwa and never puts on weight. We all concluded; people who eat more are always "SLIM" and not vice versa

> Bangalore - best place to Live
My fav topic always - Bengalooru. All of us are of the opinion it has to be Karnataka - Bangalore!!!!
Its this place, weather, parks, pubs, people, oppurtunities, education, experience that makes all the difference….
Traffic, issues, politics, corruptions, pollution----hmm..its everywhere!
Jai Karnataka

> Best places to have breakfast...
Brahmin's cafĂ©, Vidyarthi bhavan, Ganesh darshini, MTR, slv, Adigas, dwarka…..
Anitha, Gana..you girls need to try these out!

> Sarcasm
Love playing this. We all converse with each other with Sarcasm…try it out; will get the best out of you…

> Nostalgic - Team building!
We all once passed a sheet of paper to everyone in team, with all our names on it. The game is; you need to write what you feel about the person without disclosing your name. In the end one person will read it out to all. This was supposedly be a team buliding game, where we all can get to know each other. It tured out to be "OTHERWISE"; when it was read out, since everyone seem to be taking the comments personally & started questioning..haha. It is F-U-N, when we look back- It happened in yr 2006...

04 February 2009

TiNkA TinKa...zARA zARA...


we three girls sang this together on floor...soo much fun

Tinka tinka, zara zara
hai roshani se, jaise bhara
Tinka tinka, zara zara
hai roshani se, jaise bhara
har dil mai armaan hote tou hain
Har dil mai armaan hote tou hain
bas koi samjhe zara
Tinka tinka, zara zara
hai roshani se, jaise bhara
Tinka tinka, zara zara
hai roshani se, jaise bhara
har dil mai armaan hote tou hain
Har dil mai armaan hote tou hain
bas koi samjhe zara
Dil pe ek naya, sa nasha cha gaya
kho raha tha jo, khab laut aagaya
Dil pe ek naya, sa nasha cha gaya
kho raha tha jo, khab laut aagaya
yeh jo ehsaas hai
jo karaar haikya issi na hi naam pyar hai
yeh jo ehsaas hai jo karaar hai
kya issi na hi naam pyar hai
pooche dil thumke zara
Tinka tinka, zara zara
hai roshani se, jaise bhara
har dil mai armaan hote tou hain
Har dil mai armaan hote tou hain
bas koi samjhe zara
tinka tinkatinka tinka

Gone - flitted away..

Gone - flitted away,
Taken the stars from the night and the sunFrom the day!
Gone, and a cloud in my heart.

perfectly states; what am going through…
Waking up early, only to realise I have just enough time to get ready and catch infy bus; Promising myself, will make it on time t'row…..
Sitting in the bus; watching the lovely sun rise, which looks simply amazing while passing via yediyur lake…wow! Never missed it till date… ..
The first tea in the morning in the small adda; with my team…my fav being gossiping on everything we can think under sky..
The early morning news and parallely checking mails and actions points for the day…team meetings and tough talks in between..these are the people, I have been with almost 3 yrs and pains to part…Its my TEAM!
Never ending talk with my peer group; company gossips, short deadlines, planning for appriasla…progressions..arguments…presentations...conf calls…looks like fun to me today, have known it and expertise on them…
Lunching with my old pals; with Team, pass the menu when someone is certified, laugh until our plates get dried….
cuddle your buddy and take up her work since she is not well; while the other walks with her to doc; ensuring she is medicated…
Fight for reasons….shake hands at end of day ( haha yes, it happens and I call it Bonding)...
Walking in hot sun to smoking zone; to accompany my smoker frens…discussing on all the seroious stuff happening on floor …also concluding smoking is injurious to health, but there again the next day.....
Wrapping up for end of day; calls, mails, reports, abuse ( professionally)…run to catch the bus…managers always calls for a meeting; when am planning to leave ;)
Inspite of the differences; we had Fun time and cheering up during carnival till our throats ached for water, danced till our feet could no more suppot..we always joined back as a 'team' & boo'd when other team were opposite to us......

It was tough - It was Fun - It was learning.…It was an "EXPERIENCE", which am going to hold close to my heart and cherish the "moments" FOREVER!

it’s the routine, which is a challenge to part away from!!! Today; am insecured to walk away from the safe hands; unsure of the unknown world outside. Am sure will take time, but life moves on…..

What shall I do with all the days and hours
That must be counted ere I see thy face?
How shall I charm the interval that lowers
Between this time and that sweet time of grace?