16 February 2009

Frenz Marriage!

Last night, Called P who has recently moved to Pune on work...P is my bestest fren, loved working with him for almost 2 yrs, he is a man of words and does; what he preaches...

Happy Newz is; he has registered for marriage, wow....he is a winner...
Deciding to get married to a Hindu girl was a challenge, given that he had to wait for 2 yrs convincing "PARENTS"....am soo happy for him and his girl; wish him lot of happiness and success.
Flashback: 2 yrs back, myself and P were walking towards foodcourt; for our routine coffee whe we saw this innocent-tall- long tress -thin girl walking with her she-fren! with our usual funny conv; we concluded in a bet; asking to impress her.........Today, I get to know they r getting married!!! " Expect the Unexpected"

I was nostalgic post the call, remembering all the hardship V ( Myself and H) had to go through to convince our folks ; even with the same religion-Caste!!! No regrets, its worth!
am sure even P agrees with me now, could sense the excitment in his tone:)

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