15 February 2009


H and myself travelled to chennai last week; for my Visa. All the tensions and travel was worth; when I stepped out of embassy sweating and hugged H to tell him, am T-h-r-o-u-g-h!!!
Uff, what a merry-go-round; to set all the documents right and attend the interview only to know they hardly checked any of the docs...
While traveeling back from Chennai in "Lalbagh" express; we met Prof Mani sundaram who has a very attractive profile. Being a founder of REC trichy and many other university in TN, he came across as a very simple man in white dhoti. It was a refresher meeting him and would like to keep in touch with him. Well, he is 82 and can hardly make out his age; cos of his attitude which is soo young!

It was a nice break from my routine and at times tensions are nice, its like a cleanser at times! It was long; I had gone through such a phase :)

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Harsha said...

Why u have not posted about my place & yummy dosa's. Henceforth ur not invited. Not done