26 February 2009

From Dawn….TODAY

Back to my routine, wake up early and set with my physical and mental tricks!
I sit with my hot cup of tea (prefer coffee in the mornings, but habituated to tea now) with yesterday’s newspaper. I see our Rahman holding the two beauties (Cheers, his achievements are immense & deserves every inch of the OSCAR!!!); about Frieda (not quite liked her); about all the people who are involved in SDM project...…..
DIL is watching TV; the country is giving a grand Welcome to Rahman, with background score of Jai Ho.....Its all about SLUMDOG and SLUMDOG from last 2 days!! Y-E-S its bought INDIA to limelight overnight!!!

I take an Auto till Banshankri Bus-stand; from there a Volvo till ECOSPACE office.
They play good music in the bus and again it’s “JAI HO” played most of the time in all Radio channels…I personally like Ringa Ringa than Jai HO

Now coming back our darling Rahman, I was ONLY excited, when I heard he won the Oscars. For me, it’s an award for his masterpiece not only for SLUMDOG; but also for all the lovely music he has given us from Roja to Bombay to Jane tu….. I strongly fell they were all much better and electrifying than the SDM music ~ Love u Dilip...urf Rahman ji..As per the Times, he believes in God; prays a lot and take each day as it comes without having any plans for future; which in turn ensures he has no pains – W-O-W! I make a resolution mutely to have no expectations from LIFE and “Like R; take each day as it comes”……

but just few minutes of reading; unknowingly I was reminding H about something…There I GO; u know myself a common being will not stop expecting things in life…..Be it from WORK-FAMILY-FRIENDS, be it GAIN……Be it for TOMORROW! U need lot of mental stability and willpower to be content and move effortlessly in life. It’s the Expectations which lead to all the “WRINKLES” in the face and Heart! GYAANJ
“'Blessed is the man who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed' was the ninth beatitude- Alexander POPE-

These are the things running in my mind, while sitting for an hour in the Volvo bus…., hopefully ppl watching me (if they happen to) laugh at my funny facial expressions, reflecting my silent thoughts!

Have bought some Infy stuffs, gifted by my team to my new workplace. Will deco my workstation with them; so I know was associated with a lovely place once. This also proves am jobless to this extent now. Once my project starts, will I even have time to @$@#$#@$#?????
I laugh, I love, I hope, I try, I hurt, I need, I fear, I cry. And I know you do the same things too, so we're really not that different, me and you.

Anyway, let me end with this cute one below, I just read…..Lovely

Expecting the world to treat you fairly

you are a good person

is a little like expecting the bull not to attack you

because you are a vegetarian ;)


PS: Even as I close this; I hear someone playing JAI HO from the other bay @ work!!! JAI HO!!!!

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Anand said...

U said all the right words my dear... 3 cheers for Rehman..3 cheers for India.. yeahhh

Btw, remember little Mary that had a little Lamb?? Well, She's a big girl now. Come over to my blog and check out wot she's up to lately. I'm sure u'd like to know. :-)