20 February 2009

"H" IN GoLdEn pAlMs

'H' left to Golden Palms yesterday, for 3-day training Program. As excited as he was to take his backpack and leave for the 3 day long session, assorted with FUN-DRINKS-DANCE ( psst..girls & Massage;)) , My heart was tumbling and was thinking..who will take me for a walk in the evening, whom will I crib to for next three days, whom will I ask suggestions about whats happening in m life for 3 days, who will act like Donald duck ( opps, he does lovely act n sound of DD) , whom do I tell my day long story of joblessness and seek some tender words...

:((( Boo...hooo..hoo "SeLfIsH Me" !!!!
He has promised for dinner on saturday, which is keeping me keyed up...
But at the end of the day, I must plead guilt that half of my 'brain-soul' is not functioning right, since he is A-W-A-Y!!!
Miss u H......

Had a uneasy sleep, since I had a early morning call with my new boss and kept me awake most of the time, checking the time in my handphone....My travel is now postponed, Gist am here for my birthday and will not miss out on the GIFTS:))
Visting my new workplace today, Nostalgic about the first day I walked into Infy!


Arunima said...

women! how we depend on men so easily na?

happens to me too.

Gana said...

Hi shru!!,

All the best for ur new job!!!

Anand said...

Arunima is right. Most of the times, it feels grt - the dependence thing but after a while..u want the woman in ur ife to act independent and..show it too.
It works big time to show independence to men around and to ur own man. U earn a new kinda repect. Trust me on thi sone.
Anand. :-)

Anand said...

ur welcome. :-)
hey, Have a check on my utility blog too:

and temme wot u think of it.

I hv a feeling u'll like it and start using it too. (And if u do, Id love u to tell me about it.)

Andy. :-)

Sriharsha bantalpad said...

Gu!! Mmm..dependency is the other way round...correct me if i am wrong..Blahhhh

alaka said...

hey shru,

maharani,how are you?
congrates for your new job gal.n sorry for telling tata for the old. good luck.
catch you later:)

Anonymous said...

Goodluck !