26 November 2013


Samrudh started Montessori and its almost 2 months now......I have been very excited to start school for him for one reason - he will get to play with kids and learn from them and have fun. I had started to get restless and impatient trying to keep him engaged and this came as a breather to me and hopefully to him ( Assume!).
Preparations were in full speed, shopping for his school bag , clothes and water-bottle...I kept visitng GB, to make sure he is all set :)

Now that we almost complete 2 months ( with Dasara and Diwali hols in b/w); my expectations from a 2 yr old to happily go to school is just not reasonable. It pains to see him cry even before we start his routine in the mornings. Feeding him Milk and contemplating when to feed his Breakfast and hurrying him up is another story by itself.
 Like today, he cried all the way to school and held me tight; pleading me not to send him away. I was almost in tears ( first time); feeling deep guilt and made me rethink on my way back home that if am doing the right thing...Am I selfish? Yes, I need some time for myself, given that I have been with him 24/7 from the time he is born...Thoughts kept troubling me for three hours and mindlessly I cooked and cleaned, until it was time to get him back home..He seem to be fine, silent and maybe tired.... maybe he had fun running around and playing with toys, but will not know nor can he express. This feeling will continue to haunt me until I see him off happily:)