25 April 2009

whoaaa...yippeee.....bum bum bholleeeee......oooooowoowwoooaaaaaaa

Am I crazy? No:)
Am in the Lounge - LAX - sipping hot mocha - with my notebook, all excited for my flight in next 2.5 hrsss.....am dressed in a casual looose tee and jeans so I can freely sleep ( atleast try to)..
soooo whoaaa...yippeee.....bum bum bholleeeee......oooooowoowwoooaaaaaaa
hmmm, is it this tough for everyone to leave family for sometime and live independently?? I always wanted this, but whenever I travel; I just wait and my thoughts are "when am I returning back"!!!
once am back, I have loads of marriages to attend and a small trip with H to Ooty - How does that sound??? cooollll ahh....

Something which I wanted to write today was about "Retirement". My dad got retired today. I wished him and he was going on and on ...how was his last day at work and the gifts he got and how many of his co-workers were with him...blah...blahh...wow, congragulation pa, u deserve the BEST in life and wish you a happy, fun filled retired life...
now, coming back to m thoughts, I felt he was pretending to be happy...somewhere there was an insecurity in him. I felt very sick from inside, I was not with him. I was almost in tears, when I hanged the phone, sitting idle physically; but mentally thoughts running from my childhood till date, on how we lived together. He has been my BEST FRIEND, my supporter, my mentor, I mean"EVERYTHING" and was always there when I was emotional, tired, angry, frustrated, need of money, sick just to cheer me up with his simple thoughts and never to die smile! even the smallest of accomplishment from me, make him soo happy and the first time I was travelling abroad, his happiness had no limits!!! At times, I badly want to do something, only to see that happiness in him...there is no stopping for him, when it comes to me, which might not be a big deal for rest of the world.
Today, I felt he is going through some unknown pain and I was not able to say a single word to cheer him up...Its a different case when you are retiring "RICH", unlike this case which I feel makes a lot of difference!
Whatever be it, am always going to be there WITH him and FOR him, taking care of him and his wife...
feeling better I typed..back to my self..
this is more of what I was going through today....

> Thanks Gana, Ani, Renu, Solilo, Hobo and P for the tips...am healthy now! I have been drinking only hot water from last 3 days...Bangalore air will Rejuvenate me :)

and H, pls stop worrying soo much dear, am fine:\...you are carzyyyy...coming back to trouble you...hehehehahahahaaa( cunning one)..

22 April 2009

unplanned hazards

In an over exciting mood to pack up things and head back home, am down with temperature and throat pain. Even to take a sip of my fav tea is troubling me. Now, this is not done since I want to enjoy every min of my last days here and in this state no strength to get up and talk to ppl nor work....I might have to cancel my drink date with P & T this evening, which I was soo much looking forward to ..I have a list of things to do like Laundry, packing of new clothes, shoes, collect package sent by frens from the club house, chocolates etc...etc....this is the nth time am cursing my fate and asking myself - why MEEEE????

Hopefully this American medicine helps, looks so scary for me...am taking a chance by taking aspirin since I can't visit a doc here....why????
a) Even with med insurance, its very expensive.
b) I need to take a prior appointment, which I havent and its far from the place I live. I don't have a car.
c) I have an option to go into emergency appointment, but its double the expense. When I checked with urgent care she said its $130 and I was W-H-H-A-A-T-T-T?????? Rs 6600 for consulting a doctor for Fever???? No ways~~~~ a crocin will do!
I don't want to go home SICK :(

why is it, when I plan things so well, it does'nt work. It did'nt work with my previous employer and team, when I planned it well and had dreams about it....it came crashing down right under my nose leaving me hurt....okies, my fever is twisting my brains to think unrelated things now....zoooppppp am switching my mind off now....

20 April 2009

Random thoughts On a Monday morning

Am counting days, hours, minutes….Its time for me to pack and head back home. Its such a exquisite feeling, to be back to my Bengalooru, home and people, my room, my bed, bathroom, wardrobe, my kitchen, our car, my shoe rack, TV channels, garden, known faces from ages, my walk in GB, home food….wow!!!!!!
My flight is on Friday via Dubai. Thought shall end my shopping in Dubai airport, but realized its only 1.5 hrs time in transit; which would mean I will have to rush up without much time for shopping….

To celebrate this feeling, bought red wine from the store during weekend and will just have a glass watching a movie tonight and gift it to the housekeeping before I leave ( she keeps my studio so clean and trim)….hmm, not a bad idea
Universal rides have drained me completely; feel the bones clutter and plunge anytime. Few rides were really good, made me go again to get to suffer the drop!!! Amazing, to skip a heart beat at hiatus-scary feel! Will come back again….. ;) H, off course with you!

Its Election time. This is something I would not like to neglect. Glance news from net; happy to know that our to-be leaders are impressed with Obama’s style of e-campaign and our BJP is leaving no gap in ensuring they adopt e-campaign for their team! Hopefully a better-planned-Organized-responsible leader for us this time. Have made a resolution, will follow up political news from now on, so I can be well educated – up to date. Am not sure, if I can vote if I reside in a different area now…need to do this check once am back (awful at such things)

Happy week to all and myself! Jump around, dance, listen to music and chill with a pinch of WoRk…Life is beautiful!!!!

Loved this quote from Isak:Difficult times have helped me to understand better than before, how infinitely rich and beautiful life is in every way, and that so many things that one goes worrying about are of no importance whatsoever...

15 April 2009

ArIzOna and GrAnD CANyon and my Bengalooru

I had a sooper doooper-googleee woogleee – snow filled time – Experience worth it!!!! They say – If you are in USA; before you die you must watch GrAnD canyon and I did it J Yipppeeee Well, lemme write in detail so its more of ‘Moments’ and ‘Memories’ to read after a long time from now.
woke up early on Friday, Thanks to H for those reminder calls to catch the Flight to Phoenix. My first ecstasy was going unaccompanied from here and meeting the couple whom I have met only
once in Bangalore and now dwell with them for 3 days…Picked a cuppa while waiting for the boarding, reading the Shobha dee’s book. Quite liking it and amazed with her writing skills which are very creative and spun so beautifully! The flight was a very small and narrow, but it does’nt matter when you are inside only for an hour. Reached Phoenix on time and their home was the best feeling for me, since I was entering a “HOME”!! Spoke to the couple for sometime and had my fav masala dosa for breakfast, I was mesmerized!!!! I badly sought to hide my pleasure, but failed not sure what they thought of me! It was very nice of D to take the pains of preparing the stuff, which takes a lot of your time and patience!

Most of the evening, we spent in the city, shopped in the malls, ate ice creams, coffee and concluded the day by watching Fast and the Furious. Surprisingly loved the movie and also the THAI food! Slept like a LoG... Now, comes the most exciting part of my trip till date (in US) – Grand Canyon! What a experience, what a Beauty, what a creation by God, Its absolute WONDER! Normally during this time of year, there is no SNOW, but with an exception this time. In the morning, when we checked the report it said SNOW! I was secretly amused with this since I have never experienced it all my life. We first stopped at SEDONA, to view the lovely bell mountain. The drive usually gives you a feel of your destiny are those mountains its just picture perfect view! I was completely silenced with the beauty as we approached near, with the weather adding a touch to complete its significance!

It was noon by the time we were content with Sedona, so we had to push ourselves from there to GC. The journey from Sedona to GC was the unsurpassed, I have ever experienced. Suddenly the world started to turn into WHITE – cloud nine like feel for me. It was the first real vision of snow capped mountains and oak tree, which am still unable to come out of. I was soo hyper amazed at this view, I almost troubled them to stop every inch to take photos and also fill my eyes completely with the beauty. We stopped at all VIEW spots and filled ourselves with the tender weather, slight snow touching us chilling us and making us Go Mad! Reached GC, it was -3C, unable to get a view of the complete GC. I somehow pictursed looking from the top, but was slightly disappointed since the weather took away the clear view. But we decided to enjoy the SNOW FALL, which had slowly started to take over. In few minutes, It was complete snow fall!!!! Yippeeeee I jumped at the sight and danced to welcome it ! Its my first experience of snow fall and did not waste a sec to feel it and play around, just could not to go away from it. Though my nerves and bones were quaking, I wanted to take it all this one day. The couples gave a good company to enjoy the same. I turned around once, to check am I really here?

We filled out tummy with Rum and some hot food, with a view of snow from the hotel! By the time we were done and it was 5, slowly the snowing stopped and we could see some sun rays. We did’nt miss this chance to go check the GC again! there it was the beauty shining in RED cos of the reflection, expanded endless, giving you slight shiver at the view which was mesmeric and never ending! WOW! What a natural wonder on EaRtH. We were speechless at the sight in front of us. The camera cannot capture, what exactly you can see from your naked eyes! Go see them yourself, it’s a MUST!

We wanted to know the history of this exquisiteness, so ended the trip by watching the IMAX and headed back home. It was quite a scary journey, since it was dead dark and snowing. Thanks to V, who managed to drive slowly and caustiously while we dozed inside the cozy merc Yes, I missed my hubby tons and would have loved to be there with him. Back from ArIzOnA and back to my routine!

I live in Bangalore - lived there all these yrs and love it as any other human does for his/her hometown/city! Now a days I feel I live in this place, where all the natural beauty is been taken away ( demolished) and only man made things re being adjusted into the city, which is turning it up totally and giving a totally different look, which am not liking it. To look at this natural wonder 2 days back was worth it all and felt bad for whats happening back home..I miss my old Bangalore, it was soo full of greenary and its all about traffic and roads and flyovers now....Not sure whats awaiting few more yrs down the lane! God bless next generation!

sOmE PiCtures - Taken from my camera:)


09 April 2009

Its not EaSy

YES, Its not EaSy! Its 4 weeks am away from my HuBbY, away from family and its started to seal me up with aggravation of frantically getting back to my Hub’s, soil and my routine……The simplest thing like my cell phone; for every cent I need to check balance is making me go wacky and wish to use the way I can back home….It also does’nt allow me to refill the card since I have a Indian address in the credit card…comeonnnnnn, its supposed to be Internationally accepted…grrr
I don’t have a car, and I can’t drive here…Am so challenged since am always calling cabs, or looking for someone who can drive me…

I can no more eat corn flakes nor the food at the cafeteria. 4 weeks is the limit. I plan to cook everyday and then am so tired by the time am through with my work for the day and those never ending meetings. At times, my meetings are back to back and go on for 5 to 6 hrs!!!!

Am I getting goaded with petty stuff??? Am venting out and no better way than my Blog where I can WRITE, what I want to and clear my head. ClEaReD!!

Had Lunch with an NRI fren at work and my co-worker from India. We went to Bollywood cafĂ© and I was shockingly silent. Those two went on about Applications; go live, projects and I was just concentrating on my food, pretending to listen the conversation. Yes, I was not sure what was going on in mind, but for sure I wasn’t completely present there..Loved the Dal and Veg Biryani.

My boss is on Vacation next week and have a list of things as action points for next week. So the moment am back from ARIZONA trip, I will be drowning wOrK~
Looking forward for the ARI trip, hopefully to load myself with enough happiness and FuN, ELSE my $200 go wasteL How cunning of me!@#@!$##@

07 April 2009

My SHE frens!

Two of my close frens are pregnant and am sooo very very happy for them!!!!
I almost got emotional when I heard the news!!!! (One confirmed 2 months back and the other fren a month back)

My first fren ‘S’, lives in Chennai and used to be my bestestttt fren during college times. She is married to the love of her life and is enjoying her times at home, relaxing and awaiting for the new entrant…..I almost lost in touch with her, but somehow “I” have managed to keep track of things and whereabouts just to have her friendship moving….Its been a week, I have given my chat ID, she is yet to confirm it but I know she loves me and it will sail smooth, even if we call once in a year!!! If I look back, in the three yrs of graduation, there was not a single day we didn’t talk on phone!!!! Was it really me????

My other fren “P”, who is again my bestesttt fren from my pre-university days lives in states. She is one reason, we are very close frens today since she made it a point to meet or ensure we meet and catch up all these yrs NO matter WHAT!
Love the coffee she prepares and just go on and on with our never ending talks, be it boys, love, crushes, college, education, marriage, movies and our Fav GOSSIPS!!!
From last one month, we are in chat most of the time, so I even get daily updates from her.

With these two ladies, I have moments to treasure since I have spent the exquisite days of my college days with them. Our mindset-outlook was so different from what it is TODAY and diverse, in comparative to our girlie-talks! If I flipside, I just want to take some time off, sit back and smileJ wasn’t it wonderful….

Watching movies, reading magzines, talking on fashion, how hot an actor is….cosmetics, Boys, love….bitching…. Do we do all these now? Hmmm….ummmm…it’s a lot different LiFe NOW..
We are all busy in our existence; in different directions and geography…

but today I did sit back and THOUGHT of few lovely moments I have spent with them and smiled…Am writing so it reminds me back some day I need to have a time off for such things and ReLaX!!!

Huggiess & Love to both of them, who will soon be “MOTHER’s” To their respective tiny darling ~~~ I just can’t believe we have grown up, times high-speed yaar;)

05 April 2009

Mixed Thoughtssss & DATING my hubby

well, no calls-No Skype-No chat...am all to myself -"THINKING"
I listen to XM radio here, which kinda feels too good since its all about Bollywood! Anjali suid ( RJ) in her American twang somehow deal with to talk and talk about the B-Gossips & plays lovely Hindi songs! Way to go babes, I just love to alter my car-seat and listen while my fren drives :)

Y’day- While we were driving on the free way, which was never ending I was engrossed in thoughts like "What makes Indians settle here & what makes them a know-it-all?" Reason for such thoughs, since we went to this restaurant in Artesia where there were huge group of desi-Americans and I was watching them…..
well, the first thing that comes to everyone's mind is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$....wow! what a sign, which makes everyone get goose bumps or do anything to earn them and accumulate~~~ hmmm...does everyone think the same ? Is money soo important?? Is it also the luxury here, clean people with no much corruption, no chalta hai attitude, etc...etc...etc...??? parents love to tel,l their kids are citizens here, cos they are born here...their accent makes them proud, when they come back to India for vacation...This is what I see in my daily life and what I have in mind...."Just my thoughts" - We desi's no more raise eye brows for such acts!!!
Do all these ppl, accumulating $$ and enjoying the life style here ( hopefully not a taget to racism) DO ACTUALLY KNOW HOW MUCH INDIA has changes in few years...Its a clear "NO". These people in reality have no idea they are missing lots, while trying to say they are "THE NRI's"...Yes- Its not a replica of US of A but its not what they axiom when they left!!!

I have lived in India all my life and have seen how beautifully its changed. whenever I travel to states, I get a be here for good amount of time to counter check, whats the life here too..I have come across people, whose pretentaniously show off's of their US being is soo deceptive..
“Its fine to choose where you want to LIVE and how you want to”..BUT not at the cost of set someone (or) a country down without having to experience whats it like now-take a peek, you will be dumbfounded...we are much better off and lush!

Okies coming back to what am I doing today~~~~~
I got up early on sunday only to do WHAT? maybe I will start packing for my Arizona trip. Am visiting H's frens for 2 days since I have long weekend next..
Have a Lunch date with my boss and co-workers today, phewww...maybe will wear a skirt to feel different and better ( hopefully its sunny and warm)
I cooked last night and possibly thats my breakfast now....
well, Its April 05th today!!!!
Its 6 yrs am dating my husband and am married to him for 7months now! yippeeeeeeee calls for a celebration! the best gift I got from him was a email which I sent on our first year anniversary(2004) which made me jump and sit back and wonder - did I really? Did he preserve my mail? wowwww, what a Surprise:))) Thanks a ton Hubby dear, life is so beautiful with you and thanks a lot for making a difference!!! Thanks for being for bestessttttt fren all these yrs and many years to go:) LOve you!!!!

I sent him flowers ( pink roses), he loved it

04 April 2009

Bright n Sunny - Saturday

Its Saturday and our trip to Disneyland got cancelled.....Now, enough of feeling bad, so decided to enjoy myself in the apt ( do I have an option?)...
Got up and switched on the TV..I need noise so thats the first thing I do when I wake up. I opened the shutteers of the balcony to be exposed to a bright-sunny lovely day..wow!!!!I prepared a hot cuppa and in front of my laptop...writing and chatting with H!! Am missing home for the 100th time...Looking forward for good food-good fun-long day....

02 April 2009

Planning for Long weekend~

Its LONG WEEKEND next week and here am a lonely soul unable to decide what am I supposed to be doing in this unknown city-country:( The same situation back home, I would be packing bags along with H, off to some unknown destination yet feeling excited and Jumping around places telling people I have planned my holiday!!!!
When you are travelling on work, just forget about such nostalgia and get going somewhere....
well, at this point of time I have 4 Options!

Option1: Book tickets to ARIZONA and spend my weekend over a friend's place. This couple are not my direct frens, but know thrugh H.
Is this fine? Will I be comfortable? Will I enjoy? Its a cost...hmmm

Option2: Go to Torrence, my classmate lives there.
Now, without a public transport here not sure how will I ever reach there! But Fun is guaranteed

Option3: Work during the weekend and shop around Burbank.....alone

Option 4: Stay in the apt-cook-read-sleep!

Would have loved to go to east coast and spend the weekend in my close fren's place, but as I said its the money which is a challenge...come on, its too expensive for a 3 days trip! Am i thinking too much@!#@!#$

Can I pls head back home for weekend ....

01 April 2009

Weekend – with a difference!

Watched “I love you man” (comedy movie) Friday night. It’s loaded with humor-fun-absurdity and bet you come out laughing, recalling the scenes or the dialogue!!!
Post movie, took a walk in universal city walk, very multihued & Vibrant place to spend a fri evening... Picked up loads of candy from the store, but haven’t touched one from then on…Mexican food SUCKS!!!

I have tried Italian, Mexican, Thai and American..Offcourse Indian…
I like INDIAN and INDIAN food only! Am asking for too much na!#!@#@
But lately, started to love my cooking, which happens once a week. My MIL needs to hear this and allow me to experiment back homeJ

Well, Saturday was action filled day. Not for me but for those 24 girls aged b/w 16 to 24 all competing for the world free style ICE SKATE competition!! What a SHOW by these young girls, who are so confident and well practiced to represent this prestigious championship competition. It’s quite perilous and needs masses of practice to give a show this Beauty-perfect!!! Right from their attire, pose, flexibility, and presentation just gave way to people raising their eye brows and applauding jumping from their seats!! Treat for the eye!!! The winner was 18 yr old from Korea, with her free style worth mentioning –AWESOME!

With my mind full of the event, went to Nirvana to treat my stomach with Indian cuisine. We now are frens with the owner of this most talked about restaurant in Beverly Hills, who also lives there! Uff, what an expensive it must be. Most of his customers are Americans, with a little touch from NRIs and Indians! Lovely food, I always go for the Dal and Veg biryani with the famed Nirvana Vodka!

It was a lazy Sunday, only to start my brunch @1:00PM! We decided on the spot to head to VENICE BEACH!!! It was a 60 min drive to Venice.
As we took the free way and neared the destination, it was a sudden transfer to a different W-O-R-L-D!!!!
You see people in Bikinis – shorts –beach wear, carrying skate boards walking on the roads….Playing drums and other bands on road side. It just gives you a image of a “LAZY TOWN” – Partying all time!!!! I was taken over by the complete colorful view the town threw at me……you just see people-palm trees-eateries-bands-dance-games and the BEACH!!! The entire “I love you man” MOVIE is picturezied here and I was trying to reconcile the scenes with the place I was walking in Venice…
I was tempted to get a temporary tattoo done, but decided not toL Regret!

As warm it was outside, the water was Chill. Am amazed to see small kids getting into the freezing water without even feeling it (how well you adapt to the place n weather you live )…Lovely sight to see people having a lazy-good-fun filled Sunday evening at the beach. I played in water sometime, watched the beach volley ball, we got along with some local girls and played with water near the rocks…..time flies fast when are playing!!!
All that was missing was – I was in this beautiful place without my HubbyL I promised myself to come here again with him!! He’s gonna have a blast.

Back home, I checked the calendar as to how many days / weeks left for me to head back home and freak out with H!!!

Silly me….