01 April 2009

Weekend – with a difference!

Watched “I love you man” (comedy movie) Friday night. It’s loaded with humor-fun-absurdity and bet you come out laughing, recalling the scenes or the dialogue!!!
Post movie, took a walk in universal city walk, very multihued & Vibrant place to spend a fri evening... Picked up loads of candy from the store, but haven’t touched one from then on…Mexican food SUCKS!!!

I have tried Italian, Mexican, Thai and American..Offcourse Indian…
I like INDIAN and INDIAN food only! Am asking for too much na!#!@#@
But lately, started to love my cooking, which happens once a week. My MIL needs to hear this and allow me to experiment back homeJ

Well, Saturday was action filled day. Not for me but for those 24 girls aged b/w 16 to 24 all competing for the world free style ICE SKATE competition!! What a SHOW by these young girls, who are so confident and well practiced to represent this prestigious championship competition. It’s quite perilous and needs masses of practice to give a show this Beauty-perfect!!! Right from their attire, pose, flexibility, and presentation just gave way to people raising their eye brows and applauding jumping from their seats!! Treat for the eye!!! The winner was 18 yr old from Korea, with her free style worth mentioning –AWESOME!

With my mind full of the event, went to Nirvana to treat my stomach with Indian cuisine. We now are frens with the owner of this most talked about restaurant in Beverly Hills, who also lives there! Uff, what an expensive it must be. Most of his customers are Americans, with a little touch from NRIs and Indians! Lovely food, I always go for the Dal and Veg biryani with the famed Nirvana Vodka!

It was a lazy Sunday, only to start my brunch @1:00PM! We decided on the spot to head to VENICE BEACH!!! It was a 60 min drive to Venice.
As we took the free way and neared the destination, it was a sudden transfer to a different W-O-R-L-D!!!!
You see people in Bikinis – shorts –beach wear, carrying skate boards walking on the roads….Playing drums and other bands on road side. It just gives you a image of a “LAZY TOWN” – Partying all time!!!! I was taken over by the complete colorful view the town threw at me……you just see people-palm trees-eateries-bands-dance-games and the BEACH!!! The entire “I love you man” MOVIE is picturezied here and I was trying to reconcile the scenes with the place I was walking in Venice…
I was tempted to get a temporary tattoo done, but decided not toL Regret!

As warm it was outside, the water was Chill. Am amazed to see small kids getting into the freezing water without even feeling it (how well you adapt to the place n weather you live )…Lovely sight to see people having a lazy-good-fun filled Sunday evening at the beach. I played in water sometime, watched the beach volley ball, we got along with some local girls and played with water near the rocks…..time flies fast when are playing!!!
All that was missing was – I was in this beautiful place without my HubbyL I promised myself to come here again with him!! He’s gonna have a blast.

Back home, I checked the calendar as to how many days / weeks left for me to head back home and freak out with H!!!

Silly me….


Kishore Choudhary said...

nice post shruti

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Mohan said...

I don't need to roam around to find Indian food anymore! I have the wholistic review of every possible food center in the bay area!

I will certainly use info provided by you in my next trip :) Thanks for sharing!