02 April 2009

Planning for Long weekend~

Its LONG WEEKEND next week and here am a lonely soul unable to decide what am I supposed to be doing in this unknown city-country:( The same situation back home, I would be packing bags along with H, off to some unknown destination yet feeling excited and Jumping around places telling people I have planned my holiday!!!!
When you are travelling on work, just forget about such nostalgia and get going somewhere....
well, at this point of time I have 4 Options!

Option1: Book tickets to ARIZONA and spend my weekend over a friend's place. This couple are not my direct frens, but know thrugh H.
Is this fine? Will I be comfortable? Will I enjoy? Its a cost...hmmm

Option2: Go to Torrence, my classmate lives there.
Now, without a public transport here not sure how will I ever reach there! But Fun is guaranteed

Option3: Work during the weekend and shop around Burbank.....alone

Option 4: Stay in the apt-cook-read-sleep!

Would have loved to go to east coast and spend the weekend in my close fren's place, but as I said its the money which is a challenge...come on, its too expensive for a 3 days trip! Am i thinking too much@!#@!#$

Can I pls head back home for weekend ....


Anonymous said...

Option 2 - The Best.
Enjoy ! Enjoy ! Enjoy !

Shruti SriHarsha said...

Thanks Hobo:) so sweet of you!
Am still keeping my option open!
Latest update is I get to visit Las vegas and around the place, If I go to Phoenix...whats say

Gana said...

Shru go head enjoy ur weekend..yenadru madu ...hegadru madu ...finally maja madu..
Love u shru

Anonymous said...

Phoenix Bird tattoo @ Phoenix ?

Shruti SriHarsha said...

Gana and Hobo...am still thinking..the ticket fares are rising and look at me#@#!