05 April 2009

Mixed Thoughtssss & DATING my hubby

well, no calls-No Skype-No chat...am all to myself -"THINKING"
I listen to XM radio here, which kinda feels too good since its all about Bollywood! Anjali suid ( RJ) in her American twang somehow deal with to talk and talk about the B-Gossips & plays lovely Hindi songs! Way to go babes, I just love to alter my car-seat and listen while my fren drives :)

Y’day- While we were driving on the free way, which was never ending I was engrossed in thoughts like "What makes Indians settle here & what makes them a know-it-all?" Reason for such thoughs, since we went to this restaurant in Artesia where there were huge group of desi-Americans and I was watching them…..
well, the first thing that comes to everyone's mind is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$....wow! what a sign, which makes everyone get goose bumps or do anything to earn them and accumulate~~~ hmmm...does everyone think the same ? Is money soo important?? Is it also the luxury here, clean people with no much corruption, no chalta hai attitude, etc...etc...etc...??? parents love to tel,l their kids are citizens here, cos they are born here...their accent makes them proud, when they come back to India for vacation...This is what I see in my daily life and what I have in mind...."Just my thoughts" - We desi's no more raise eye brows for such acts!!!
Do all these ppl, accumulating $$ and enjoying the life style here ( hopefully not a taget to racism) DO ACTUALLY KNOW HOW MUCH INDIA has changes in few years...Its a clear "NO". These people in reality have no idea they are missing lots, while trying to say they are "THE NRI's"...Yes- Its not a replica of US of A but its not what they axiom when they left!!!

I have lived in India all my life and have seen how beautifully its changed. whenever I travel to states, I get a be here for good amount of time to counter check, whats the life here too..I have come across people, whose pretentaniously show off's of their US being is soo deceptive..
“Its fine to choose where you want to LIVE and how you want to”..BUT not at the cost of set someone (or) a country down without having to experience whats it like now-take a peek, you will be dumbfounded...we are much better off and lush!

Okies coming back to what am I doing today~~~~~
I got up early on sunday only to do WHAT? maybe I will start packing for my Arizona trip. Am visiting H's frens for 2 days since I have long weekend next..
Have a Lunch date with my boss and co-workers today, phewww...maybe will wear a skirt to feel different and better ( hopefully its sunny and warm)
I cooked last night and possibly thats my breakfast now....
well, Its April 05th today!!!!
Its 6 yrs am dating my husband and am married to him for 7months now! yippeeeeeeee calls for a celebration! the best gift I got from him was a email which I sent on our first year anniversary(2004) which made me jump and sit back and wonder - did I really? Did he preserve my mail? wowwww, what a Surprise:))) Thanks a ton Hubby dear, life is so beautiful with you and thanks a lot for making a difference!!! Thanks for being for bestessttttt fren all these yrs and many years to go:) LOve you!!!!

I sent him flowers ( pink roses), he loved it


Mohan said...

Happy Dating Anniversary!

Good old memories are always mesmerizing.

Anonymous said...

Women are good in remembering dates - They say.
Best-Wishes for Best Life.
Enjoy !

Gana said...

Hey shru ...Have a lovely stay ..I m happy for u shru..

Harsha said...

What u mean alter car seat. Literal meaning is u alter the car seat itself.