26 October 2009


V were @ “Ping” for Sunday Luncheon along with 8 other frenz….
PING is a very pleasant place to enjoy your lazy weekend. This small Chinese cuisine restaurant is at Kormangala…
I relished hot n sour Soup, Dim sum’s, crisp garlic bread dipped in sauce, the button mushrooms with sauce, tofu and fried rice…

Good Ambience & Service….Amazing desert if you want to try something different-Rich and YUM!
The first thing that stuck me, when I entered this place is the pathway with small chairs and tables outside; in the Lawn. The Ambience is so refreshing and personally I love places which are so clean and GREEN!

Apart from eating good food …I “SHOPPED”….A Levis Jeans and a tee…
Wondering why Can’t my hubby stop me from spending so much? What is wrong with him, when he very clearly understands; my brains go anesthetized when it comes to shopping…
Dear H Gu….I request you to make faces, Give me Gyaan about saving money, yell at me and pull me outta the store when I make that sad like face and ask you “Can I buy this” and head to the trial room with heaps of clothes?
The minute you nod your head saying OK, I just don’t think back!!!! Don’t you dare allow me to spend next time and pamper me with all those lovely stuff….
I will not have enough space anymore in my wardrobe and can’t hide my new chattels….In my car, you shall find two new pairs of footwear and my new clutch is hidden inside my handbag and kept far away from me…..Is this an indication of abnormality; say a shop-a-phobia or a normal “woman” of this epoch, who thinks this is just a NEED…??? If you are a WOMAN and reading this..pls tell me..Am just GUILTY and this feel is sensed only after I SHOP!

Well, I must talk about this SANGEETH party; I attended with H on Saturday night.
No, I did not get the mehendi done (am so bored of it now)…
It was so much fun, all through the wee hours of early morning with unlimited drink and Dance… I enjoyed seeing H dance like crazy for 3 hrs, enjoyed my white rum and watched the new faces, clothes, jewelry and make some new frens. What a way to let all the stress drain down…

My much endowed hubby can make his mode everyplace. Be it in a party like this which was so sophisticated & Urbane with a different class of people whom we normally don’t meet everyday or be it any customary set with whom we are daily existing …Be it ANYWHERE-ANYONE, he can be there and enjoy and ensure to mark his presence….Its a natural charisma he carries, his energy rank always so high…
I was admiring him; while I shared the dance floor with him, also when I sat silently in a corner watching him share those crazy steps with the boys or be it his classy manners with the Ladies…He is so much my picture perfect boy….

17 October 2009

HaPpY DiWaLi

Watched the Movie "NEW YORK" last noon....
In the movie; the moment John starts explaining Neil his walk into terrorism; post the terror attack in US; , I was so uncomfy like a ting of pain in my stomach, tears rolled from my eyes watch him suffer in detention centre, the way americans treat The "brown skin", the way you are looked at and judged with just the "name"....when he wanted to take vengence with FBI and the emotions displayed by Neil everytime he understands the reality in John's life; killing him mentally keeping his frens in dark...everything about the movie looks so realistic for me, so beautifully woven; pain continued until John and Kat are shot by the FBI...There ends another innocent Lives...

After I suggested wake up sid, my fren watched it and said its not as GREAT as you mentioned...Ufff..HMMmmm..maybe I get more involved in movie than a normal person does....Be it a light movie like wake up sid (or) something more serious and realistc like New York, I display my emotions and imagine characters, go into a different world with all the drama and dialogues and Love them all....I will not recommend movies, its just what my FEEL is, when I sit for those 3 hrs....Maybe am obsessed with Bollywood & GoodMovies :)

Am planning for Dil Bole Hadippa this noon and hopefully Rani and Shahid's charm will sweep me away....

******Happy Diwali******* to all of you There!!!

I woke up at 5AM, only to have good early morning tea, do a light pooja to goddess Lakshmi and light the "Nanda deepa" at home...Love it early and it makes a lot of difference for me...

Have decorated Lakshmi with my latest collection of designer Bindi and she looks pretty...

Good Lunch is awaiting me today, and will be bursting Crackers in the evening, along with lightening loads of Diyas....Sounds fun!!!
I personally feel, the beauty of Diwali is when you wake up with the soundof crackers and welcome the evening with lightening Diyas all around the house, join with Family and burst crackers......

ENJOY-ENJOY-ENJOY..Have safe party Diwali!!!

16 October 2009

Pictures - Shweta's wedding!

Was seeing the wedding pictures for the nth time today and decided to post few, my favs......

My Sis and BIL Kanyadhana

ME.....n mommy ..My fav pic of all

with Hubby

12 October 2009

Auto Strike in the City

Auto Strike today (GOOD in one way); so had to take the car to work.
Auto strike, reason being they have been asked to paint the number plate in different color, change to digital meters and rest of reasons…Not sure, since I never bothered to read the news and understand not being interested…Its just going to be back to normal from tomorrow, result be it nonetheless.

I haven’t been taking the car out, since I banged it twice during my sister’s marriage and could not see hubby bleed mentally so much. So want to take a break from my sooper driving skills and take the sweet Volvo/Auto unless I crave back to drive!!!! I drove quite a bit today, feeling the same goodness as ever. No tiredness nor cribbing for traffic, while I drove from Sarjapur to RR nagar to Girinagar and back Home….It was raining all the way and music non-stop playing, just a perfect Drive!

Perfect timing while I was writing this post, dad just spoke in TV9, about his own views about the Auto Strike. He was one of the callers, addressing the common man issues with Auto. As per him it’s the same standard of living in other parts of India like Mumbai, Ahmadabad, then why should the minimum fare for auto be so high in this city? Likewise the behavior of the auto fellows, who are so rude at times ( few are definitely good; but not all) and the non-digital meters and its fake fares …atleast he voiced his opinion, resolution not to be expected in such times….

Isn’t there scores of issues, which is just going wrong these days? I feel auto issue is just one of them, which will be passed…too much philosophy of erroneous things, corruption, correction, talks, decisions are all just a passé!!!
Last night was in coffee day with NG couple. Post dinner; a coffee always makes my senses excellent and a perfect way to end the weekend. BUT……
We were discussing about how the world is going to end soon….Oppsss…..
Some calendar (Think Mayan calender) doesn’t show any date post dec 2012 and hence there will be no living post that. Does anyone of you there believe this?
Its not only that……..I came across 2 different people, who spoke on the similar subject this morning…eekksss….who knows what happens tomorrow? How can such things be predicted?

Not sure about the calendar; I only feel bad (very horrific), people dying in such calamity recently. I did do my bit for the flood relief, not sure if it’s really helped one tiny bit…not convinced….What they show in TV, just send shivers…what if I was at the other end is all I think……..and change the channel….watch some shows and back to normal....

Somthing better now.....
Picked up a footwear from Marie Claire y'day for Diwali....so am happy
Cheers to this sales lady in the Bata / Marie claire showroom!!!
Amazing sales woman, uneducated but knows how to build relation with Cutomers and walk them out smiling...she has a ChaRm AND warmth and can handle any people; while multitasking!

AND........This is my 100th Post!!!! Cheers to me too!!!
Its just fab, to share what going through me mind-soul to express this way and feel so good....love reading old posts which I feel is the beauty of my blog world!!!
I might nt be great at writing or impressing others; but am Content....what say????

09 October 2009

BAD Day :(

Today is simply not a good day for me so far...Its just 9AM and have every reason to stay LOW...

08 October 2009


…. Last evening, when I came home I saw 4 tender coconuts welcoming me:)….I love TC…It’s plucked from the tree in our apt and hence its special!

Next Pic is about the comics I loved and loved and drooled over Once upon a time and here again it’s with me…after ages…Tinkle & Archie’s!!!!

Thanks to my sis, who picked these 2 books for me all the way from SHIMLA!
Not that we don’t get them in B’lore, but when she was looking for an apt gift for me, this is something she couldn’t resist to pick. This really made it special, since am having a sooper lovely time reading them from last night!!!!

Nostalgia about Archie’s and Tinkle: Back from school and rest of things; myself and shwetu used to take a walk to the Library. We were allowed to just pick up ONE comic with our membership, and HELL broke during our dinner time. Both of us have the practice to read comics, while eating. With one book in hand, we both had to wrestle for years. Then dad had a timetable for us. She got to read it for dinner and myself for breakfast next morning.
Reading News-Paper was a BIG NO NO for both of us, since Dad subscribed for THE HINDU. Its a different story, when Times started hitting our interest ( Bangalore times).

Miss her and our fights, while am writing. It’s just contrary now, how our lives have changed! We are the best of frens, who gift books and rest of all things we like to each other and laugh at it…It’s for the alike things we used to fight like enemies decades back…I robustly feel, everyone should have a sibling, to really go through this beautiful relationship.

Till date, I need to have a book next to me, while am eating. "I read, while I eat"……else, I don’t relish it…

Myself and Dad met for coffee this morning in Brahmin’s. First of all; Miss him miss him…100 times…
We took good 30 min’s, to sip that coffee conversing from earth to sky. Isn’t it soo cute? Am heavily partial towards him in all matters in life. He mentioned to me, he plans to continue to work atleast for 2 more yrs. I was not really sure, if I have to encourage him to go ahead since he is retired now (or) ask him to follow what he wants to do, like he always did to me???? I worried about his health and travel plans, in case he plans to work.

Finger’s crossed - For his decision, his inetrview, selection and his interests…..

Apart from my story and story books; Its WOMEN-WOMEN-WOMEN….uffff… need some Rum chocolates, to pep up my mind!

06 October 2009

Wake up SID!

Wake up SID---ekkssssss…sooper cute…sooper sooper cute…cute while smiling, arrogant, screaming, crying; how much I love him onscreen!!!!
Ranbir--he is an Absolute S**& dude! Amazing show Mr.Kapoor
Anupam Kher--Hugs-hugs…He is a total charmer on screen, loved him
Story---very creative, very stylish, kid like, girls will definitely love the Movie
Konkana---hmm, was watching her clothes, eye liner and Kohl all the while….nice
Loved the Most---…..Parent-only son relationship (I have a reason)
Surprise package--- Kashmera Shah...full points for being a lovely neighbour
Enjoyed watching---……matured-kid like love story which was very Frank, non-dramatic and the emotions….Its a lovely combination of the woman who lives with a much younger man and falls in love!

Pls watch the movie…Ayan , the debu director has done a good job and Sweetie Karan Johar is richer by few more crore’s now!!!

Back to my Life…..

My soft phone doesn’t work and inspite of calling the help desk and all other depts. From a month now, it still doesn’t work….My mobile bills are higher and higher everyday….
Am sending a stinker to the people who are responsible for NOT-clearing the mess and who can’t solve it. I have a conf call for 3 hrs (Online training) which is mandatory. It’s during my non-office hrs. Am forced to take it from my hand phone…Imagine the bill…dialing the US number!!!!
Ideas are free to flow...…

Was with V yesterday. My best fren from yrs now…It’s such a pleasant alter, when am with her. Movie was the best thing that happened, but added to it was our shopping….
I restricted myself a lot, but still picked a tee and a kurti….Don’t ask about V, her two hands were full of shopping bags…
Told H in the evening, I need to do DIWALI shopping…I see a Blank face.

At workplace, they have kept three huge boxes in every floor, for the “flood relief fund”.
For clothes, medicines & Provisions. I shall be packing stuff for the boxes this evening and doing my bit 1) to help the people in need 2) to clear my clothing and those medicines which I was planning to return to Medical shop.
This is a 2way help! (I can show my attire is empty too ;))

Myself and V are planning to visit an Orphanage some weekend after Diwali. She has a agenda and there only to accompany her and check how’s it like on a weekend to be there!
I shall give up on my dessert and cuisine craving for one day and see if I can do something over there….not to write a lot on this, better experience and natter….

Talking of dessert, tried these lovely strawberry and vanilla pie in Java city on Sunday..Yum..yum..yum...

04 October 2009


7: AM- left home, a suitcase and 2 sweaters to mom’s house to catch with 2 other couples
8: AM – Reached mom’s home, hot coffee, chatting
8:30AM – The couples arrive and more chatting and more coffee
9:15AM- Tata, we leave for Mysore!

News channel is full of news on the Floods and its raining endlessly in Karnataka. After all the Gyaan from Parents and In-laws not to travel-blah-blah, we insisted to get away from home for the Gandhi Jayanthi and for the long holiday.

Why Mysore??? It’s a place, which is very easy to get away from Bangalore to know-how everything divergent from our habitual. It’s the drive (2+ hrs) from which is so welcoming and fresh, to start your weekend.
So ethnic, so calm, no traffic Jam, the smell, the history, the Firangs, the travelers, the palace, the sandalwood, the chamundi hill and many other fantastic things just pulls me to this city… The Wodeyar rulers were great patrons of art and culture and the city reflects it just wholly.

This is a way to unwind from my routine and revivify myself.

Back to my trip…Myself and H have visited all the main attractions in mysore before and we went there only to relax. With the 2 couples eagerly waiting to explore the places, we left them to themselves to go ahead and visit the places of their choice and we were in our hotel relaxing and taking a walk in streets like localities.
We did have darshan of Chamundeshwari ( not to miss that) in the evening and rest of trip to talk endlessly, play games, walk and relax…

Food phobia: As I have always said and repeated, I LOVE FOOD.
We didn’t miss the dosa’s in Milari which is very popular among the localities and tourists in Mysore. You get only 2 kinds of dosas in the small place. Its either plain dosa or filled with Masala. And I bet anyone, you just cannot stop at one!
Dinner was at windflower, amazing place for drink and dine. Since it was Oct2nd, we were not served any liquor, so we replaced it with good soup and enjoyed the hot smooth roti’s, naan, dal makhani, panner hyderabadi, jeera rice and dessert.
We never try other cuisines in Mysore, since the best food you get to attack is the south Indian.

It was the first time; we went with my Sis and her Family. It was also a means for me to Bond with the new entrant BIL and his family. It was decent-fun.
Driving back after the more relaxed trip, was more fun. Myself and H were involved in endless talk about everything under sky and this is something I will never get to spend this quality time with him back home.

I forgot to mention that I “SHOPPED”. A scarf and a tee in Mysore. It’s amazing, how I can’t resist; inspite of jogging my memory all time to give a stop to shopping. I keep reciting-I hate shopping, yet I end up picking stuff and it re-energizes me all the time!
Anyplace-anytime-I love shopping…..I still need to pick a footwear and am scared to tell this at home.

Back home, in front of my notebook, watching TV….Back to my Routine…

Captured on our way to MySoRe:
AniMAL Cruelity