12 October 2009

Auto Strike in the City

Auto Strike today (GOOD in one way); so had to take the car to work.
Auto strike, reason being they have been asked to paint the number plate in different color, change to digital meters and rest of reasons…Not sure, since I never bothered to read the news and understand not being interested…Its just going to be back to normal from tomorrow, result be it nonetheless.

I haven’t been taking the car out, since I banged it twice during my sister’s marriage and could not see hubby bleed mentally so much. So want to take a break from my sooper driving skills and take the sweet Volvo/Auto unless I crave back to drive!!!! I drove quite a bit today, feeling the same goodness as ever. No tiredness nor cribbing for traffic, while I drove from Sarjapur to RR nagar to Girinagar and back Home….It was raining all the way and music non-stop playing, just a perfect Drive!

Perfect timing while I was writing this post, dad just spoke in TV9, about his own views about the Auto Strike. He was one of the callers, addressing the common man issues with Auto. As per him it’s the same standard of living in other parts of India like Mumbai, Ahmadabad, then why should the minimum fare for auto be so high in this city? Likewise the behavior of the auto fellows, who are so rude at times ( few are definitely good; but not all) and the non-digital meters and its fake fares …atleast he voiced his opinion, resolution not to be expected in such times….

Isn’t there scores of issues, which is just going wrong these days? I feel auto issue is just one of them, which will be passed…too much philosophy of erroneous things, corruption, correction, talks, decisions are all just a passé!!!
Last night was in coffee day with NG couple. Post dinner; a coffee always makes my senses excellent and a perfect way to end the weekend. BUT……
We were discussing about how the world is going to end soon….Oppsss…..
Some calendar (Think Mayan calender) doesn’t show any date post dec 2012 and hence there will be no living post that. Does anyone of you there believe this?
Its not only that……..I came across 2 different people, who spoke on the similar subject this morning…eekksss….who knows what happens tomorrow? How can such things be predicted?

Not sure about the calendar; I only feel bad (very horrific), people dying in such calamity recently. I did do my bit for the flood relief, not sure if it’s really helped one tiny bit…not convinced….What they show in TV, just send shivers…what if I was at the other end is all I think……..and change the channel….watch some shows and back to normal....

Somthing better now.....
Picked up a footwear from Marie Claire y'day for Diwali....so am happy
Cheers to this sales lady in the Bata / Marie claire showroom!!!
Amazing sales woman, uneducated but knows how to build relation with Cutomers and walk them out smiling...she has a ChaRm AND warmth and can handle any people; while multitasking!

AND........This is my 100th Post!!!! Cheers to me too!!!
Its just fab, to share what going through me mind-soul to express this way and feel so good....love reading old posts which I feel is the beauty of my blog world!!!
I might nt be great at writing or impressing others; but am Content....what say????


Mohan said...

* I hate when the autowalas keeps going at their own snail speed in the high speed lane. Though I didn't drive to office today, my cab driver was rejoicing his driving all the way. There was much less honking by him for sure!

* Still haven't found the formula why women make such bad drivers! You are not alone in this world... take it easy :)

* There is a hollywood movie in the making on the theme of '2012' at a cost of $150m, will be hitting the silver screen pretty soon. So, watch out that movie if you want to get a feel of what is going to happen by then :)

* Art of being a sales person! 1 question - why are some people so brand conscious? Do we really need to shell out amazingly high amount for a comparable product in the market just for the brand?

Since this is your 100th post... Congratulations and it is the time to party!

Passionate Goof said...

Yay! Congrats on the 100th.
You keep driving girl. practice makes perfect. :)
I have been hearing a lot about the world coming to an end, if I could just confirm it, I would run to the himalays, and try to redeem my bad karma. Or maybe I would just shop loads more. ;)

sukku said...

Congrats on the 100th. When I was in Hyderabad I guess I knew how it was the strikes as I know my neighbour used to complain. I had the good fortune of having my company provide me a car (scorpio) and a driver.

If you ask me I guess the auto rates are cheap compared to other countries...

Don't worry even I hate to drive in Hyd as its free for all. And when my driver drives I just sit at the back and have my ipod on...otherwise I will suffer a heart attack...or would be scolding him...and he won't understand a word....in english

Shruti SriHarsha said...
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Shruti SriHarsha said...

Morning Mohan!!!!
> Women make bad driver?( Grrr) need to talk to your wife about this comment then!!! Am pretty good driver, but at times bumping into things is not that bad yaar....
> Yes, I have seen the posters of that hollywood movie. For sure am not going to miss that, since this thing of world coming to an end is bothering me....see if its confirmed, then I better have a list of things to do...I need to shop badly then!!!!
> am very brand conscious and somehow it gives a sense of good feel..i spend for brand mohan...why do u feel otherwise.

Hi GM, I think if the news is confirmed , you should shop and shop and later go to Himalayas :)

Sukku, Thanks and how you feeling now? U r lucky, you have a car and driver, while going to work..But heard from dad that hyderabad traffice is not as bad as Bangalore...Here, its too bad..

Renu said...

Auto wallas are worst in Chennai and noe ever goes by meter...yesterday one auto was asking 150/ and settled for 60/''can you imagin how much he was over charging?

I dont think that women are bad drivers..its just an incidence wjere you banged, but if you stop driving how will you get better at it?

and Congrats on your 100th post ! keep writing!

sumalatha said...

Hey Shru,


I Miss u :))

Manjunath said...

Coooooooool you have just crossed one milestone and Congrats :) and wheres the party?

it took me two long years to complete 1000th post :)

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Ms. Neha Gandhi said...

such a happiness exuding post ...especially the last few things made me smile

its sweet that u acknowledged the lady in the store...many people just ignore these small things...

shwetha said...

Congrats Shru for the 100th post :)

Manjunath said...

As far as dooms day is concerned there is another theory and i just recently blogged it ;)


and between 2012 is just like another failed prediction similar to year 2000 anomaly..... nothing happens you can watch your kids grow ;)