08 October 2009


…. Last evening, when I came home I saw 4 tender coconuts welcoming me:)….I love TC…It’s plucked from the tree in our apt and hence its special!

Next Pic is about the comics I loved and loved and drooled over Once upon a time and here again it’s with me…after ages…Tinkle & Archie’s!!!!

Thanks to my sis, who picked these 2 books for me all the way from SHIMLA!
Not that we don’t get them in B’lore, but when she was looking for an apt gift for me, this is something she couldn’t resist to pick. This really made it special, since am having a sooper lovely time reading them from last night!!!!

Nostalgia about Archie’s and Tinkle: Back from school and rest of things; myself and shwetu used to take a walk to the Library. We were allowed to just pick up ONE comic with our membership, and HELL broke during our dinner time. Both of us have the practice to read comics, while eating. With one book in hand, we both had to wrestle for years. Then dad had a timetable for us. She got to read it for dinner and myself for breakfast next morning.
Reading News-Paper was a BIG NO NO for both of us, since Dad subscribed for THE HINDU. Its a different story, when Times started hitting our interest ( Bangalore times).

Miss her and our fights, while am writing. It’s just contrary now, how our lives have changed! We are the best of frens, who gift books and rest of all things we like to each other and laugh at it…It’s for the alike things we used to fight like enemies decades back…I robustly feel, everyone should have a sibling, to really go through this beautiful relationship.

Till date, I need to have a book next to me, while am eating. "I read, while I eat"……else, I don’t relish it…

Myself and Dad met for coffee this morning in Brahmin’s. First of all; Miss him miss him…100 times…
We took good 30 min’s, to sip that coffee conversing from earth to sky. Isn’t it soo cute? Am heavily partial towards him in all matters in life. He mentioned to me, he plans to continue to work atleast for 2 more yrs. I was not really sure, if I have to encourage him to go ahead since he is retired now (or) ask him to follow what he wants to do, like he always did to me???? I worried about his health and travel plans, in case he plans to work.

Finger’s crossed - For his decision, his inetrview, selection and his interests…..

Apart from my story and story books; Its WOMEN-WOMEN-WOMEN….uffff… need some Rum chocolates, to pep up my mind!


Sriharsha bantalpad said...

DRD & Daughter - Uff!

Mohan said...

Hey Shruti, those coconuts don't look tender anymore! I bet it would have crossed the age of being a 'Tender Coconut' :D

Best wishes to your sister n her hubby. Also to your Dad in whatever he opts for :)

Shruti SriHarsha said...

Mohan...Its FRESH tender coconut. The shell needs to be taken out.I SHALL TAKE THE pics...watch:)

Mohan said...

Tender coconut means 'No or very thin albuminous white and fleshy edible part of the seed' (paper ganji in kannada) once you break open the hard shell. Otherwise it is a Mature coconut, which we commonly use for worship and cooking.

ok.. I will wait for the pics :)

Anonymous said...

Daddy cool.

Smitha said...

Tender coconuts! I miss them so much here :)

Those comics brought back memeories for me too:)

As for your Dad, let him do what he likes :) Am sure it is good for him to keep busy - My dad is the same - he loves doing stuff all the time - and now after retirement, he has made himself even busier :)

shwetha said...

Hey Shru, u made me remember our childhood days.. miss u kano...

Shru, u have started reading newspaper but am still like what I was before - reading twinkle and archies and no no to newspaper :)