06 October 2009

Wake up SID!

Wake up SID---ekkssssss…sooper cute…sooper sooper cute…cute while smiling, arrogant, screaming, crying; how much I love him onscreen!!!!
Ranbir--he is an Absolute S**& dude! Amazing show Mr.Kapoor
Anupam Kher--Hugs-hugs…He is a total charmer on screen, loved him
Story---very creative, very stylish, kid like, girls will definitely love the Movie
Konkana---hmm, was watching her clothes, eye liner and Kohl all the while….nice
Loved the Most---…..Parent-only son relationship (I have a reason)
Surprise package--- Kashmera Shah...full points for being a lovely neighbour
Enjoyed watching---……matured-kid like love story which was very Frank, non-dramatic and the emotions….Its a lovely combination of the woman who lives with a much younger man and falls in love!

Pls watch the movie…Ayan , the debu director has done a good job and Sweetie Karan Johar is richer by few more crore’s now!!!

Back to my Life…..

My soft phone doesn’t work and inspite of calling the help desk and all other depts. From a month now, it still doesn’t work….My mobile bills are higher and higher everyday….
Am sending a stinker to the people who are responsible for NOT-clearing the mess and who can’t solve it. I have a conf call for 3 hrs (Online training) which is mandatory. It’s during my non-office hrs. Am forced to take it from my hand phone…Imagine the bill…dialing the US number!!!!
Ideas are free to flow...…

Was with V yesterday. My best fren from yrs now…It’s such a pleasant alter, when am with her. Movie was the best thing that happened, but added to it was our shopping….
I restricted myself a lot, but still picked a tee and a kurti….Don’t ask about V, her two hands were full of shopping bags…
Told H in the evening, I need to do DIWALI shopping…I see a Blank face.

At workplace, they have kept three huge boxes in every floor, for the “flood relief fund”.
For clothes, medicines & Provisions. I shall be packing stuff for the boxes this evening and doing my bit 1) to help the people in need 2) to clear my clothing and those medicines which I was planning to return to Medical shop.
This is a 2way help! (I can show my attire is empty too ;))

Myself and V are planning to visit an Orphanage some weekend after Diwali. She has a agenda and there only to accompany her and check how’s it like on a weekend to be there!
I shall give up on my dessert and cuisine craving for one day and see if I can do something over there….not to write a lot on this, better experience and natter….

Talking of dessert, tried these lovely strawberry and vanilla pie in Java city on Sunday..Yum..yum..yum...


AnjuGandhi said...

you have got me hooked to wake up
now i have to see it

Mohan said...

Damn.. so many good reviews about this movie. Not just this even Rashee! Though I am not a movie freak, shall reserve sometime for these 2 movies :)

Awesome thought Shruti.. Just an advise from me - dont' share the medicine, you never know how it will be used by those affected. Wrong medication might result in unnecessary troubles. I have something lined up on the lines of helping out all those orphanages... my thoughts will be out on that soon :) Cheers on all the good work and keep it up.

Shruti SriHarsha said...

Thaks MOhan, would love to read more on your work for the needy...

On the medicines part, I have done small packets with names and the for what it needs to be used on it ( In english and kannada). will that not help? This will be basic medicines for fever, bodypain, cold, stomach ace and cough.

You still suggest me not to give it?

Mohan said...

Should be fine as long as it is limited to 500mg or less of paracitamol (acetaminophen) / aspirin. But don't ever send the tablets having Nimesulide or any other drug which might cause side effects. Unfortunately, most of the common medicines sold in India are withdrawn or banned in the market! My only wish is that we shouldn't be causing unknown problems to those people who are already suffering from a lot.

Medical teams will anyways visit most of the flood affected areas to bring in awareness on sanitization and cleanliness. They will also distribute the appropriate medication if required.

Mohan said...

please read *market* as 'international market of advanced countries' in the above comment.

Shruti SriHarsha said...

got it Mohan and Noted!!!!

Anonymous said...

No idea works when woman online.

Shruti SriHarsha said...

bTW, why can't you enable the comment column in your blog?

Anonymous said...

Check, I have written a post about comments few days back.

sm said...

vannila i also like it.

Antarman said...

I have heard so much about Wakeup siod and it has my favourite Konkona also so I am going to watch it for sure.

what your office people are doin is ver7y good, i think we should have a chanel where we can put everything..like books and toys even.
what are you going to buy for Diwali?

sumalatha said...

Hey Shru,
I liked you veryyyyy muchhhhh in Mirror photo, Its really something different photo which can be sent to phot competition :)