27 April 2010


It was a Girls day out, myself accompanied by my 10yr old & 17yr old niece to treat our self a day at ‘Paatshala’ with our Fav Shahid kapoor and Lunch at Chungs( could not miss the Chinese food), shaping a great combo of movie-food and girlie talks!

Now, I was wondering having promised them to take out, what do I talk or how do I manage them, with me having no know-how with dealing this AGE-this GEN. They were always a step ahead, talking from earth to sky, educated much more than the text books and knowledge on anything from school to college to IPL, politics, actress, fashion, food, books....WHAT NOT? While I relished my mushroom soup, i was surprised at the maturity merge that comes with the age the girls carried.

It was FUN, to learn more about the school from the 10yr old; making me wonder how much the ATTITUDE of the kids have changed, same with the relationship between a teacher-student is so much contrary to what existed in 80’s ( My school time). The CONFIDENCE of what needs to be done is quite well imbibed at such young age, which makes a clear path for carrying out the education. I learnt that its not only about academics anymore and parents are so much open for their kids to explore what they need, which is a good sign. There are more activities and facilities in comparison, which might make it stressful, yet a much needed one. Its mainly the "CHANGE" in times and terms, which made me sit and wonder.

Then came some college stories from the 16 yr old, yet again very different from couple of yrs back, where I was constantly trying out comparison in my mind, while enjoying my Veg chowmein. The fun is different, having access to more things and information which can be used rightly or wrongly depending on an teen-indivisual. Its a very confusing age and same with forming picture as to what these young people are upto. Few things I liked; SAY the group of freinds who participate in multiple much forum's organised by college to doing their part for Saving tress to awareness on environment and a strong desire to protect it (WOW) and few more made me sit up and wonder if this is the right age. Its the Internet which is the culprit or is it the exposure to things whichout having a second thought? Yet, so much at such an age.....Phew

I went back to my school and college days, laughing more out of what ‘I’ did, while they spoke their stories. It was a Day-dream luncheon for me, which made it more tasty and took me to a different time. yet; There are so many sweet little things I enjoyed, due to lack of facilities, information, the system, parent's attitude, rules, etc..etc...which made it more sweeter comparatively and more fun which will be so cherished.

Oh, we didn’t miss on some of our fav topics like Fashion, dresses, shopping, gossiping here and there and those light moments, which had to match to both age groups...LOL

Movie was quite and a serious affair, since it was on education system and some reality bites in 2 hrs time. I would have preferred a DVD watch, but got some time to sit in dark and roll into my own thoughts on the subject. Overall a nice rating for my start of week....

21 April 2010

Its Semi finals for RCB!

Final it’s a big day for my RCB team, playing against Mumbai! Am tensed, desperately on tenterhooks 'we win' and heartbreaking for all those who bought tickets for the semi’s and had to go through the tough patch of getting their tickets returned. I so badly wanted to watch semi’s in the stadium and somehow never early to book the tickets and later made hubby check everywhere only to realise its cancelled in Bengaluru. I shall miss the IPL season soon....I have never been a cricket fan, but situations like mine; make you just pick up something you have never been into and get so fond of...who knows what's NEXT..

I just remembered in the last world cup, and then working with my previous employer had a team full of BOYS! Now, how can I expect the work and deadline to be completed, when 100% of the team were CRICKET CRAZY lovers, while it was just “ME” wondering what’s in this game???? It was a huge challenge, to work out a plan to divide the team of 15 into four groups and plan their breaks so they get to watch the match in the TV screen in office Pantry (we were not allowed to browse net / listen to radio then), with only a TV avalable during breaks to be switched on in low volume/muted. The motivation level and team bonding was at its highest then, with such adjustments.
It was fun, since it worked out very well and all of us KHHUSSHHHH......I felt neurotic at times, since the only language spoken on floor was CrKcIkEt...

I plan to write a book (sarcasm); on the different inventive ways to find the “Right job”. I shall pen down my experience and never know, my known circle and friends might find it useful. I have some pointers ready, which needs to be polished and submitted artistically. This is more to define my state of mind at this moment...
Few people rightly said, not to run behind anything or somehting like that...just keep trying and you will get it...is there a proverb like this????
BUT;Something life has taught me so beautifully in recent times...which I have been experiencing in multiple ways...so presently with no expectations for anything, only hoping the right times strikes...for now, it’s just the breathing exercise for my Peace.

"I am still determined to be cheerful and happy, in whatever situation I may be; for I have also learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions, and not upon our circumstances." Martha Washington

Plan to watch PHOONK2 soon in Theatre. Hubby for sure will never join me for this crazy idea, but am roping in on my niece who is so just 10yrs but doule excited to be watching her first horror movie in theatre. It might be fun-never know!

"KANE & ABEL" from Jeffery archer is amazing read. The flow just takes you to that world, attitude so strong and just contrary to our existence. Recommend!

I have clearly checked and planned some space in the existing garden in out apt. Now, since its taken care by one lady, I will have to make my way slowly. I have selected a small place, where I shall plant "Chanduhuvvu" ( Kannada) which has been my first fav since childhood. The spread is amazing and the flower is yellowish-orange, which I want to be my view in the morning from my window! Sounds nice? Soon, I shall be planting them and posting pictures.

12 April 2010

Am full of EnErGy today!!!

Great vacation at mom's house, did series of things with three of them that am yet to be mentally back here at home!
Watched "Aptarakshaka" ( Kannada movie)on friday and surprisingly loved it!
I made it a point to walk my mom through the full mall, since she never really wants to explore it. Its was great to watch her shocking amusement at how people just keep shopping and filling their bags..
Went shopping, YES for groceries and vegetables and gifts for my neice...
I spoke for hours including some heathy gossip and watched the RCB match with appa, which can never get better than this... wow!!!!

and..the most important part of the vacation was breakfast @ MTR. This is like a tradition I used follow with my dad during weekends ( before my marriage) and we re-created it this friday. Loved-loved the masala dosa-jamoon-idly-sambar....Coffee...yumm

Back with full of energy this monday.....Its not normal routine today, going to face one of the challenges AGAIN! So it's gonna be full of tension and the day will fly away before I even realise it. I need some good wishes.

One more reality show from today!!!!!! so Keep the Drama ON!!

05 April 2010

School Nostalgia (or) is it a worry?

I memorize a painting competition I attended when I was in 5th grade and won the First place (shocking me) and loved the attention I got until I received the prize. I played Kho-Kho like crazy in high school and take part in some inter-school competitions and part of throw ball in spite of being sick thin and learnt it hard way, I learnt flute and was a part of the school music group enjoying every spot of it for long time and did some nursery kids school day anchoring…..It might sound very usual and simple now; but feels like high flier for me.
“BUT” I never bothered to take up painting nor did anything relate to arts and creative work or sports post schooling, forcing me to think of a REASON for discontinuation.
It was always academics and a rule book life; landing me here!

Being a Piscean, I should have thought of an unconventional career or a serious hobby, which would earn me more “content and peace”; increasing the percentage of zeal; rather than my job at a corporate world. I tried taking a satisfactory quotient on what I have been around for 7.5 Years and not sure if am doing the precise thing. Is it too late to even find out what's right for me now? Do people go through this phase? Is this a 7yr itch? R u feeling the same?
Subject encircling me, cos of the situation? or more out of just Thoughts?
well, at least I day dream so much about such things; be it nostalgia from all these years or just imaginations, proving am a right Piscean somewhere at any case!!!
I preferred an artistic and more creative life to rule me, proving my zodiac sign rather than rest of the things which I rather let go off it.
WELL, This goes nowhere, not concluding anything, nor justifying anything..Just my thoughts on Monday morning…

The certificates in front of me, which I have bothered to dust it off and tidy them today is the reason behind this post…..better not to clean up things ahh???
Maybe a cup of tea will do wonders to me now.....


The sun is back, really cruel.....RCB lost the match last night....*My fren's who were in love and court from a yr and helf now finally got the approval from family for marriage last evening; Hubby was so zapped at this shocking news, had to be reminded to HUG his fren’s on their happy moment and a small celebration followed( best part)....My interview went well, but will not work out finally....Dinner at Royal Orchid was amazing, brocilli n mushrooms being my favourite.....Met my nephew for the first time; after 5 yrs he was born and felt li'll odd at the way we conversed and try to bond with his AM Accent.....Mangoes have started flooding my house being everyone's fav here, season yet to start....that's my weekend!

01 April 2010

RAIN...WOMEN stories

Something MAGICAL about the FIRST RAIN! Isn’t it?
The Feel, The aroma when it just touches the soil; enjoyed it, with the heavy downpour on tuesday evening here...It’s my first sense for the year and for sure so Magical!
I did not miss the chance to run out, almost slipped to get slightly drenched!
Whoaaawwwww, am not overstating but I was truly overjoyed, relaxed!
This is Bangalore, at its BEST...

I dare say I love 2 serials in TV currently and a reason behind it...NO, No not the saas-Bahu saga!
Its all about the GIRL CHILD and the struggle, to go against the society formed by the upper caste and the myth on GIRL’s education and untouchability. Its too very touching, and lovely subject picked to bring light (that’s what aimed at) on the ever rolling of mental-rational abuse by restricting some class/caste of people from their basic rights. They have done right selection of ACTORS, inclusive of the girl child character which pains you to the core on the never ending harrasement, also states are true incidents which still EXIST.

One particular episode, this little girl is enrolled in school with great great difficulty by the father pleading and almost falling to the feet of big people since he is a untouchable and not supposed to be sending his "DAUGHTER" to school.
But the Father's mind/heart aches seeing her jump at the sight of cildren taking the slate and wearing uniform and walking to school. For her, its such a beautiful world.
It becomes the talk of village, when the news spread of this "LOW CASTE" AND a "GIRL" going to school and the father is questioned from all sides on such a decision. The girl is further subjected to mental abuse and things which will make her only weak and cry for her decision...

For a change, it’s not very pleasing or entertaining; but true to what been shown, something which I have never been exposed to.

So...here its me, with no intention to pop my eyes on those reality shows and high profile drama aired to woo us with the amazing clothes , accesories, gadgets and cars and the women who look so dressed up even while cooking in the kitchen!!!
Am not tired of this, but just a li'll break from the high-society picture and check out the Women in PAIN!

Done with reading NAMESAKE and RAINMAKER...Both good read!