01 April 2010

RAIN...WOMEN stories

Something MAGICAL about the FIRST RAIN! Isn’t it?
The Feel, The aroma when it just touches the soil; enjoyed it, with the heavy downpour on tuesday evening here...It’s my first sense for the year and for sure so Magical!
I did not miss the chance to run out, almost slipped to get slightly drenched!
Whoaaawwwww, am not overstating but I was truly overjoyed, relaxed!
This is Bangalore, at its BEST...

I dare say I love 2 serials in TV currently and a reason behind it...NO, No not the saas-Bahu saga!
Its all about the GIRL CHILD and the struggle, to go against the society formed by the upper caste and the myth on GIRL’s education and untouchability. Its too very touching, and lovely subject picked to bring light (that’s what aimed at) on the ever rolling of mental-rational abuse by restricting some class/caste of people from their basic rights. They have done right selection of ACTORS, inclusive of the girl child character which pains you to the core on the never ending harrasement, also states are true incidents which still EXIST.

One particular episode, this little girl is enrolled in school with great great difficulty by the father pleading and almost falling to the feet of big people since he is a untouchable and not supposed to be sending his "DAUGHTER" to school.
But the Father's mind/heart aches seeing her jump at the sight of cildren taking the slate and wearing uniform and walking to school. For her, its such a beautiful world.
It becomes the talk of village, when the news spread of this "LOW CASTE" AND a "GIRL" going to school and the father is questioned from all sides on such a decision. The girl is further subjected to mental abuse and things which will make her only weak and cry for her decision...

For a change, it’s not very pleasing or entertaining; but true to what been shown, something which I have never been exposed to.

So...here its me, with no intention to pop my eyes on those reality shows and high profile drama aired to woo us with the amazing clothes , accesories, gadgets and cars and the women who look so dressed up even while cooking in the kitchen!!!
Am not tired of this, but just a li'll break from the high-society picture and check out the Women in PAIN!

Done with reading NAMESAKE and RAINMAKER...Both good read!


Anonymous said...

Waiting anxiously for raindrops...

Rachana Shakyawar said...

Very true..even i enjoyed the cool breeze on my face standing on the window and so pure pour down of raindrops..!

It was awesome moment after so much of heat!

Nice post to remind the Rain:)
Enjoy in rain and sip more coffee:)

Luv yeah!

Swaram said...

Ahh the rains .. bliss indeed :)

Cud figure out one of them is Kashi .. innondu yavdu :P

Mingled Minds said...

Lovely post.. :))

Sakala Appachu Debrass said...

hey thanks for visiting my blog.

Manjunath said...

Summer rains and sweet smell of earth takes me back to my childhood!

Mohan said...

Short lived the happiness! summer heat is back :(