25 March 2010

The WEEK so far....

whatzz happening at my end?
This week has been pretty peaceful for me, otherwise not so cos of the hurdles am facing currently...Mentally am at ease and so the reason for me to pen down the activities for the week :)

> Visited amma appa, spoke all useless things for hours on sunday which is the reason for the better start. Lunch was superberly delicious and relished it like never before
> I drove after long time and toned my stress.
> Met Vini !!!! As ususal we could only think of visiting shops endlessly and blindly shop. By the time it was time to get back home, realised we have hardly spoken.
> Took Dad and FIL for coffee and while they made faces at Cappucinno, I relished it advising them to freak out at 61. It was fun-trust me.
> Met Kavs, unexpectedly for coffee. My eyes on her Burberry bodylotion.
> Watching 3 new serial in TV, which I had stopped after my college. Am back for it after 7 long yrs and yes lazily enjoying it.
> I watch my MIL cook and can prepare some exotic Andhra dishes, if allowed to try it! Avakai is in the preparation today ( Andhra style Avakai is something not to be missed for anything in the WoRlD).
>My evening walk and the sweat is really doing good to my lazy bones. I watch this group os friends ( women) who come for walk and have some good time away from home...they chant slokas, exercise together which has surprised me BiG TIME.
>Appa is gifting me a "RADIO" and am so so so greatful to his small gestures.
>Am writing some bank Exams next month and something to look forward to.
> LAST update : RCB!!!!!!! Not to miss the match....It's a TREAT watching the team play!!!


Swaram said...

Awww glad to know u hd a fun week :)
Ammana kai adige is the best alva .. I so enjoyed it when she ws here last week :)

Avakai ... sniff! Me wants too :(

I am all for RCB too ... hi5!

Swaram said...

Btw, 7 varshagalhinda naditidya serial ?

Passionate Goof said...

The small pleasures of life are what really make the life worth living. And i so want to have coffee with a friend, have not done it in AGES!

Arunima said...

aha, so it's been fun for someone. :-)

Kavya said...

Shru!!! u were eyeing my burberry lotion!! yummy ain't it... too bad its getting over!!

was good catching up with u too.. hugs hugs!

Anonymous said...

Yep. IPL matches specially KKR ;-)

Rachana Shakyawar said...

@ Shruttz

hi chweety! SO so happy and glad that your last week was so awesome and so colorful with varied activities:)

May you enjoy more delights of daily life!

~ Keep the Spark Alive..

Bwt: you have been Tagged in my lattes post on RAINBOW7shades! Do join in:)

Anil P said...

They chant shlokas as they walk? That's some dedication to both pursuits - as in religiously walking each day :-)