17 March 2010

My FiRT TrAvEl - (FinAl vErSiOn)

Enter the Last month of our stay, so full of buzzing actvities and it was our first long weekend for Good Friday. Our transition manager delighted us, by taking us to the beautiful-breath taking – “Niagara Falls”!!! It was my first long drive, amazed at the roads and every place we passed, wondering curiously how this place would be, visualizing all through my way. I never knew it was world famous then and just treated it as any of the waterfalls; I have always visited during my vacation with parents back home. I enjoyed every edge of the place, the gaze, the voluminous water, the ferocious noise it makes when it trips down, craziness of people when water sprinkled getting soaked with those jackets ON, hopping and shivering with chillness it brings mentally and physically, astounding sight, the energy it produces and sight of all the foreigners enjoying it with famly & friends, oh-YES it was the most striking marvel I have been to until then!!! I heard it’s more beautiful from the Canadian side, but I thank my stars I got to visit it, from whichever part it is. I loved the first short trip and way back; sadly to mention the first time ever to be mistakenly ordered a Veg burger, stuffed with beef (By default), only to know after my first bite that it is "VEG" with platter of Beef /pork stuffed. Am embarrassed to write the kind of fuss and cry I made at McD, loudly screaming in tears and blaming the counter guy; as if the person had done his biggest blunder / crime in life. It took me AGES to forget that incident, not sure how many people laughed at me or sympathized me.... BUT I learnt my lesson on VEGGIE stuff in foreign land and to do my homework on whatever- whenever I visit places outside my homeland (This incident later made me survive so beautifully in places like hong-kong for month's together, without any regret)......Thankfully and do your homework!!!
Hubby still teases me, I have had my portion of non-veg in life and I just laugh it off, which has fashioned some nice memory for me!!!!

We finished our certifications and our parties continued everyday in our apartment, be it preparing our tea, taking turns to wash vessels, doing our Laundry while we talk nonsense and play games while we relish special wine’s and shop endlessly, frequent visits to temple for food; still staring people in Malls; relishing Pizza’s and carefully ordering food; vists to the pittsburg and Ohio universities, a play by Indians and now that it was almost time to Pack, it was more out of the ordinary to know this land.

Meanwhile we got close to Cathy at work; who was one of the trainer’s, 68 yrs old; used to get those lovely hot doughnuts in the morning; while we slogged those new bank terms and introduced to some custom American mode of food and her stories; post working hours. We bonded grand way, since she was our only means to feel better and ask questions in that unknown land. I liked her for many reasons, few being she treated us no different unlike others, she took us out everyday selflessly, she tried Indian food with us, she was old and caring and of all she gave me a different outlook about Americans, otherwise Myths surrounding my head, she lived with her husband who was old and taking care of him, her children left her ages back only to meet occasionally for Sunday Brunch and she was a confident woman working with so much keenness, doing other social work to keep healthy…all this gave me a different viewpoint, something NEW and positive and so much diverse from the Life I have known!
(Cathy died of Cancer few months back in 2009)

With all such memories and starting to like this new land, it was time for our “send off party” from our clients, who thanked us for our work and tiny ideas to improve the existing project. I shall call this my first official party, so tried some different clothes, which I picked at Macey’s, and light make-up for the party (I was SICK-THIN though) and loved the evening with the clients and our group! More than all, I was content I could face my managers back home. I did get a small award in the party (I still preserve it) for scoring highest in Private wealth management certification and that’s when my love for this subject started.

It was time for us to leave, but had the same sick feeling when I left home the 2 months back. I cried secretly since I liked it here now and realized how thin-skinned I can get. I left with heavy heart, packing all the shopped stuff for the ENTIRE FAMILY (never to do that mistake again) and Cathy was there for us at the airport to see off her Indian fren’s. Hugged her, with emotions; my first firang fren and said our Good bye’s. Long flight, but with six of us together, how FUN!!!!

MY FIRST TRAVEL WILL ALWAYS REMAIN SPECIAL TO ME- for all small & silly reasons.......
Ø It was 2.5 months in Pittsburgh, working for a bank.
Ø I still keep in touch with 4 of them and great frens till date.
Ø My first travel still remains special to me, No reasons.
Ø It was sad to know about Cathy’s death, I still keep those snaps with me occasionally turning the pages.
Ø The venkateshwara temple in Pittsburgh was great for its FOOD and the boys especially never missed the Brunch there.
Ø I learnt women carry toothbrush to the office bathroom, to brush their teeth and do their second round of makeup. The awareness of cleanliness was more after I visited the place JØ I was first introduced to Wine in this place and love them like Crazy.
Ø It was this visit, which made V very special in my life, my closest fren till date. She came to see me off, which was a surprise and she continues to be there for me always.
Ø I got introduced to GAP and GUCCI, GUESS and VL, My love for Brands started here.
Ø I got my driving license back, since I loved driving post those long drives in Pittsburgh.
This place made me love long Jackets, since I learnt to Shiver with chillness, the cold unbearable shocking to me.
Ø Am still crazy of owning Multiple Footwear and handbag, after my client carried them; matching her clothes everyday to work and I always waited to see her-everyday.
Ø I love being casual and love travel, Love cooking post this place…

* This trip, made me see those tears in hubby's eyes and those lovely precious phone calls I always waited at the end of day; is for what am married to him today!!!!!

Isnt this enough to make it special???
Happy Ugadi – Happy new yr to all!!!!


Sriharsha bantalpad said...

U r Very Special...Tanks a TON!

Zabi said...

Ur narration made america seem so spl. Good post.

Kavya said...

LOVE the post shru!! its just too so heart warming!! hugs hugs hugs!

Ashwini said...

hey u know what i also had same experience MCD when i was in Amsterdam! but luckily realized by the smell it self that its not veg he he :0 but it was HAM

Ashwini said...

and it reminds me so much of my first travel shru..... its always special :)

Renu said...

very beautiful description..I saw falls from canada side, but still your memory is more beautiful.

why...(never to do that mistake again) ..?

You are special..really.
A very happy Ugadi to you !

Anonymous said...

loved it thoroughly...
you are lucky you get a chance to visit phoren shores so early in ur life:)0 me still dreaming abt it;)
loved the narration..but you finished the 3 months so soon..could have made it more lengthy..me want o read more:)

Arunima said...

happy belated Ugadi. may you ahve a great year ahead! the line with the small * was the best part of this post. :-)