14 July 2017

Working closer to Home!

It’s the biggest Bliss when your workplace is closer to Home and I got to experience this for last 1 month. I was travelling to this place for one month of the Analyze phase of a project without having to battle the Bangalore traffic. It made so much transformation to my daily routine. I could eat breakfast along with reading newspaper as against rushing to work and eating in midst of chaos. The best was reaching home “without” the bizarre feeling to having travelling more than 60 minutes amidst the traffic, noise and pollution, not to forget the claustrophobic feeling at times to sitting in dirty Uber /Olas and directing each time.

No matter how many meetings you have attended or sat in front of the excel all day analyzing stuff and getting out of arguments and discussions on what seems like endless issues with limited timelines, I could still manage to reach home feeling good to start my evening with same energy as Morning. Usually its about getting my son back from his day center and rushing to his music classes ( which I enjoy listening), then making his fruit bowl, homework, bath, cooking, planning for next day cooking and the list is endless till I hit the bed. I love this phase and have enjoyed the most. Back to travelling from next Monday and hope not to lose hope…I need to stay inspired, excited and back home with same breeze!

21 June 2017

My second project!

Am back almost after a year and really miss penning down  memories, my feelings and what am upto!

After a real battle of how am I going to start work and how to manage my little boy's routine, finally looks like things have fallen in place for me ! Its been quite a traumatic phase (  stress levels were really HIGH) to agree to work full time along with working on all kinds of permutation and combination to make this work for my little one and me. Its been Almost a year now and I have successfully completed a big project, enjoy the corporate life, got back that confidence and have got rid of the early morning butterflies !

My last post was all about what should I do next and now am already into my second big project !
Very eager, excited and all ready to prove myself again!!!


21 July 2016

when is the right time?

Its been a mix of this and that for last few months, revolving my routine , a bit of stepping out for fresh air with friends, a bit of relishing some good food outside, a bit of meeting with H's cousins, a bit of catching with my sister ranting about the kids, a bit of daily dose of coffee with the gang......and At end of day wonder where is all this leading to? Am I happy with just this? 

Am i ready for something more, to broaden the horizon and explore the unknown territory which has been an alien to me for past few years. Its the same question ticking my mind, whether I have jumped into a comfort zone which in reality just want to come out of it....Its just my mind fighting that I need to pull myself out of this and get going.....Its my son who is always my reason to convince that I can enjoy all this, yet seeing a working mother run around; ticks my gulit level higher....

So what is right? When is it the right time?
Can I go on like this? Is this all the Big 2 M's are about???? Marriage and Motherhood?
Where are my ambition to Travel, To earn and To find myself getting into adventurous zone every other day?

 Hope to find all this soon....

03 March 2016

Coffee dates and Elephants!!!!

Coffee dates and Elephants!!!!

Well, the subjects talks of two different things which I have enjoyed (or) look forward to  the most in past 2 month!

First one is “Coffee date”, WITH MY HUSBAND.

2015 was all about ranting on how he just doesn’t grant enough time,  how he acts as an nonentity with me and it goes on and on like this and my rant has flown to deaf ears!!!……slowly have realized we have passed that stage of holding hands and making weekend plans…It just not him / us!

But something which has come as a refresher in past few days is our frequent trip to SLV hotel, for a cup of coffee and our small talks. It’s a 10 min walk from our place, which we plan adhoc and share a hot cup of strong coffee; talking for 10 to 15 mins and head back home…It’s the best time spent with H in recent times, energizing to be standing in a shade; in midst of crowd and enjoying our freetime together….I definitely love south Bangalore and this just adds to my happiness!

Next comes my love to read books, which has been my savior from being too drawn into household stuff / Sammy….have read many in last 2 months but the BEST has been this book by Lawrence “Elephant Whisperer”, absolutely engaging and every page is a learning along with  love for the life in bush and for elephants and for wildlife …… 
Its about Lawrence adopting a herd of Elephants and winning their trust and love which is the beginning of their remarkable relationship b/w man and beast!!! Simply loving it to every detail!!! Thanks to my friend SM who shared this book….Just pick this

Celebrating Feb 28th !!!

Just done with my Birthday celebration!!! I call it a celebration for couple of reasons!!!

>    I usually go out of Bangalore, away from my routine during this time but this time we stayed back at home and wishes showered from In-laws and Parents.

b)      My big boy made it special by getting a small cake and demanding a candle to be lit and cut it with me…what more can I ask for…

c)       Visited my parents, my Dad was sooper excited to have us at home.

d)      And finally we went out for dinner and I relished my fav Aglio-Olio!

18 February 2016


February is my favorite month of the year and what a better start to re-ignite this space. Its been a mix of stuff happening from January, with lot of ideas not really taking shape like planned, but the resolutions are etched hard this time in head! 

I will not spare myself and get lost in family drama ( not that they are not important) but refuse to use my busy family schedule as reason. I have not been able to even eat out a decent meal in peace outside, which is just on top of my list “ TO RELISH DIFFERENT CUISINE in multiple places” this year!

 I might not weight more than 60 Kg, but my love to eat out and try diverse tang just doesn’t abscond. I sense and dream of it at times, I watch cooking channels as if am watching a james bond movie….nah, make that a DDLJ movie!
I will make it a point to write every detail of the food am eating out , which might give me some peace J

First stop – MTR with my dad tomorrow….

and more resolutions coming up...