03 March 2016

Coffee dates and Elephants!!!!

Coffee dates and Elephants!!!!

Well, the subjects talks of two different things which I have enjoyed (or) look forward to  the most in past 2 month!

First one is “Coffee date”, WITH MY HUSBAND.

2015 was all about ranting on how he just doesn’t grant enough time,  how he acts as an nonentity with me and it goes on and on like this and my rant has flown to deaf ears!!!……slowly have realized we have passed that stage of holding hands and making weekend plans…It just not him / us!

But something which has come as a refresher in past few days is our frequent trip to SLV hotel, for a cup of coffee and our small talks. It’s a 10 min walk from our place, which we plan adhoc and share a hot cup of strong coffee; talking for 10 to 15 mins and head back home…It’s the best time spent with H in recent times, energizing to be standing in a shade; in midst of crowd and enjoying our freetime together….I definitely love south Bangalore and this just adds to my happiness!

Next comes my love to read books, which has been my savior from being too drawn into household stuff / Sammy….have read many in last 2 months but the BEST has been this book by Lawrence “Elephant Whisperer”, absolutely engaging and every page is a learning along with  love for the life in bush and for elephants and for wildlife …… 
Its about Lawrence adopting a herd of Elephants and winning their trust and love which is the beginning of their remarkable relationship b/w man and beast!!! Simply loving it to every detail!!! Thanks to my friend SM who shared this book….Just pick this

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