30 June 2009

a letter to my hubby....

A piece from Suchitra krishnamurthy’s Blog…which I loved and re-read….
“ I knew the old Shekhar was back-the same man who gave the world Masoom and Mr India and Bandit Queen and Elizabeth. The man i met and loved as a young college girl and knew in one glance that he was my destiny”
“And this time i am provoked. By what i saw on televison On “India’s got talent” that night. Provoked and moved by the honesty, the warmth, the sensitivity and the sense of humour that i had lost touch with. Forgotten all about. The kindness and humaneness of the man i once loved more than anything in the world.. I cried when Shekhar cried, and laughed when he did”
“The man i couldnt wait to talk to over the phone(this was in the days before mobile phones when i used to call him from the public phone in college or wait till my parents were asleep to use the home phone. ). The man i longed to meet hold and touch. The man i loved with my whole heart and soul and subsequently married a couple of years down the line”

Its all about how the wife ( No matter how big a celebrity you are or how rich you are) is nostalgic about her love and then hubby, watching him in a television show and recalling her days with him……Isnt it beautiful…
Back to my day today….I knew when I said bye to harsh this morning, when he was leaving to work that next I would catch a glimpse of him only tomorrow morning before I go to bed, while he will be ready to leave to work….missed him the entire day, while I was lazying at home and before I left to work, I left a small hand written letter inside his short’s pocket he would be wearing after he is back home…I was very sure he will find that and I just loved imagining his face on this unexpected ( small) mania…He messaged me back late evening, saying it was very beautiful,lovely letter and he liked the unexpected wave and I blushedJ
He messaged again after sometime… he has left a reply for my letter inside my wadrobe, for me to read after I wake up tomorrow……Am already excited about it…Isnt it a small and silly thing, but the thrill its given me is just cool…This is the tiny difference I would love to go through and experience the stimulation even after being with him for 7 long yrs…..Its all about the feel, the small things u do for each other unexpectedly at times...am In LoVe…

Another update, he finally took me out for dinner last Saturday…we had Chinese and I know how much he hates Garlic in his food and do not relish Chinese..But it was for me, we went there and enjoyed our dinner....Am In lOvE again….( wink wink)

26 June 2009

Thoughts....for the moment

Is it me who's stupid or are people really that tough to figure out?

anyways, was listening to these lines...and though of H....Love u

who's gonna pick you up
when you fall
who's gonna hang it up
when you call
who's gonna pay attention
to your dreams
who's gonna plug their ears
when you scream
you can't go on
thinking nothing's wrong
who's gonna drive you home tonight
who's gonna hold you down
when you shake
who's gonna come around
when you break......

One more line making me close my eyes at the moment and keep listening to........"Har pal yahan ji bhar jiyo... jo hai sama.. kal ho na ho.."

25 June 2009

Live like it's heaven on Earth

I will be back to night shift for next 2 weeks and heading one of the big projects going Live from Transitions. Sounds good? (or) zzzzzzz……

When I informed folks at home, their only question was – will you be able to manage night shift? How will you be able to manage sleep? Do you have to work the entire night?......well, its natural anyone at home asks such questions if you are working at odd hours. This is not my first post on the topic and shall continue to write about it, whenever I think (or) have views to share…
Well, I have worked for continuous 4 yrs in the past and never questioned if I really wanted this or what I wanted to do….But after almost 6 yrs of working experience, currently would look/sound silly and false if I say I don’t want to do what am doing today... So I have routed all the questions on working night to air and decided strongly to get mentally geared to alter my sleeping and all other activities to anti-clock wise and not a word of crib ( Mind me – not to rant) about my shift which might effect my work which I have taken up with so much importance.
Like this I want to do lot many things in life, which is not a easy path but lets see how will I face people around me and go ahead with what I want.....

Currently reading – “Go kiss the world” from Subroto , cos of whom Mindtree exist today. It’s a very good read, making me re-read few lines again and again. will give a complete review once am completely done, but after reading 62 pages all I know is – There is definitely no short cut to success than Hard work. Struggle and have passion to gain what you want to achieve and most important am asking myself – do I know what I want in life? What is it I need to achieve through Hard work? Am yet to fill the blank in my mind before its too late.

Other things happening in my life….
My little sister got engaged on 12th June and it was a simple yet very joyful memorable day for me….
Mom and dad shifted home…They are 11 kms away from me, as compared to 6.5 kms before….
I have worked from home most of the time this week and conclude that working in office is much better and effective…..
H won some award money at work and he in turn gifted me…..so shopping list is being primed….
Learnt a lesson this week that don’t get too friendly and have good intentions with relatives, rather spend time in an orphanage or poor people and help them. At the end of the day, they will anyways bitch about you….
Second lesson learnt this week that, stay away from women who bitch a lot and crib a lot. They are very dangerous…..

"Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening. Love like you've never been hurt and live like it's heaven on Earth." — Mark Twain

17 June 2009


Good thing >> Driving has been a great experience and am testing Bangalore roads - parking and also (rebuke auto fellas at times) like never before....
Bad Thing>> Work is lashing me crazy to a no man world of view’s and anxiety...Never experienced this kind of mental trouble in Infy.....
Good thing>>Stayed with my parents for 4 days (first time after my marriage for this long) and made up for last 10 months with them....wonderland it was. It's always so beautiful to be with parents and talk endless about our childhood days...
Bad thing>>Last one month, I wake up with a sense of sprint; as if the sky has fallen on my head, check my office mails and can sense my blood rushing from my toes to brains.....( Is this a symptom for ...)
Good thing>> I cooked for the FiRsT time in my In laws-house....and everything still seem to be normal in kitchen...Phew...
Bad Thing>>My team in Infy is disintegrated and everyone have moved to different teams and shifts. This was the team I formed with lot of passion.
Good thing>>I have stopped watching Hindi serials from last many months and somehow don't feel the urge to watch anymore. Surprising, I don’t miss those never ending accessories and drama..
Bad Thing>>H’ has not taken me out for dinner from ages and he still continues to act everything is Normal
Good thing>>My hair seems to be growing and I continue to be optimistic about it
Bad thing>>I have only few frens and hardly socialize with any
Good thing>> I still want to continue to work
Bad thing>> How I wish I was a son to my Parents; but Unfortunately not.
Good thing>>
I still dream about buying my own house and keep calculating….
Bad thing>> Am expected to be packing my bags soon and off to some unknown place-country on my work
Good thing>> Am going to stop writing for now and just post this witout an edit…..am jobless and these were my thoughts……This is me...

07 June 2009

839 - NuMbEr CRunCH

WELCOME the new entrant in our life, Maruti Suzuki RITZ fully loaded! J
To get her into our custody on the 5th we had to exercise our efforts so much, I know the amount of pressure and running around we had to do~~ ufff! Worth the pain b’cos this date is very special to H & self! The much awaited beauty joined our family on 05th June evening after seeking blessing from Vanaha Ganapati, she will now be accompanying me most of the time, being a part of my happiness and otherwise….I used to drive my dad’s Maruti Omni before marriage and loved it like crazy. I did try my hands on the Red Babe [Palio] initially loved it to the core, but this is “MY” first car and I am euphoric about her. I am reminded of the OLD European beauty which resembles Ritz [Gigee] after Gugee!
Its time for us to plan r trip to my fav. Place which I never get vexed up going N number of times.
The other story of “839”……
H’ is crazy and sentiment about this number “839”, though nothing is fancy about this 3 digit. His first bike (which is preserved from last 12 yrs & an integral part of us) came with this particular number and hence his first car palio followed with same 3 digits and now the new entrant Ritz…..phew( corruption exist right here, since it required lot of influence & shedding some money)! Whatever maybe, I am thrilled, have been driving crazy, and freaking out in the city, without bothering the traffic nor the rain / shine…

06 June 2009

YuMmY HOT idly's

It's slothful saturday morning, relaxing with TIMES and hot cuppa next to me. H's fren is on Page3 and he is jumping to show me his snap ( feel everyone and anyone comes in P3 these days)....checked orkut, and saw the snap of my school fren ( who is now a very famous wildlife photographer) who looks cool DUDE now! Left a scrap, visualizing his school boy looks~

and..nothing to beat the YUMMY Hot IdLy'S FROM brahmin's which bring to a close perfect saturday morning!!!!

02 June 2009

In the process of becoming a PeRfEcTiOnIsT~

What is the definition of a perfectionist? This post has got nothing to do with “Professional milieu” (or) workplace; but generally in our routine since its never ending debate and perception in case of workplace!
I checked in WIKI and got different answers. My mind is troubling me with this theme a lot today. I live around people, who doesn’t slip-up (or portray to me like that); and this in turn puts me (who is immobilized in this category) a wretched state; most of the time (or) all time with tag of ppl……In the process of attaining the perfection act (following one’s said), I fail to even do the normal things- right; placing me in a shoddier state….**why am I making it obligatory, has its own reasons**; but the regret is my mind is getting tuned to “FOLLOW” such things irrespective of what I EXACTLY want and How I WANT and the process leading to the aftersaid.

An Indivisual is content & find glory in what he/she does something in a particular fashion should not mean its considered as a “PERFECT” way of doing it and imparted on any indivisual and not all time can it be shooed off in a diplomatic way in case you are in obligatory situations. I discovered this as the new found challenge to me in recent times.
I have also made mental notes, as to where I did “THINGS” which was not fine with me but had to follow it unsure of the end result “being content”. I wasn’t too uptight; until I have started noticing the reflections in professional milieu. Tomorrow everything I do; my mind should not pop up a question saying – Is this what I wanted (or) how I wanted to be?
Shouldn’t it be more Of Motivational drive rather than self-deprecation? I know there is no right or wrong way for anything; it all about how you want to find your way and do things which are right.

Not to see a tomorrow like that, I need to find solutions which will showcase a well again alter ego of me…should I get into solitude? Should I just shoo away all obligations and lead? Am I over committing? Where do I draw a line? How much space do I need to be happy? This is more for me as a brain teaser and to find solutions.

Not to deep dive into this, took today’s TIMES and found few interesting articles, news while others were very aching seeing helpless innocent ppl being thrashed to death or die for no mistake of their’s. Will they ever get justice ( hahaha, they are not even alive by the time am thinking of justice)!!! World is definitely getting masked into unstoppable-unimaginable miseries, death where people have starting accepting as just NEWS and as long as its not happening to them and are safe, including me who thinks for a day and moves on. Am not an expert to say where should this stop or what’s the solution but am a defunct who has no idea what to do, except to turn pages of news paper.

Read a very nice article on how student of TODAY, still have the same attitude of getting enrolled into “ENGINEERING” or MEDICAL profession rather than exploring other areas which are In today;s time available as a better profession and give way to bring your creative best than studying the same C programming or the How to cure Cancer; which ia definetly important but for those who have the ITCH for it; rather than just considering those as the only available options or maybe because your mom wanted you to go for it.