30 June 2009

a letter to my hubby....

A piece from Suchitra krishnamurthy’s Blog…which I loved and re-read….
“ I knew the old Shekhar was back-the same man who gave the world Masoom and Mr India and Bandit Queen and Elizabeth. The man i met and loved as a young college girl and knew in one glance that he was my destiny”
“And this time i am provoked. By what i saw on televison On “India’s got talent” that night. Provoked and moved by the honesty, the warmth, the sensitivity and the sense of humour that i had lost touch with. Forgotten all about. The kindness and humaneness of the man i once loved more than anything in the world.. I cried when Shekhar cried, and laughed when he did”
“The man i couldnt wait to talk to over the phone(this was in the days before mobile phones when i used to call him from the public phone in college or wait till my parents were asleep to use the home phone. ). The man i longed to meet hold and touch. The man i loved with my whole heart and soul and subsequently married a couple of years down the line”

Its all about how the wife ( No matter how big a celebrity you are or how rich you are) is nostalgic about her love and then hubby, watching him in a television show and recalling her days with him……Isnt it beautiful…
Back to my day today….I knew when I said bye to harsh this morning, when he was leaving to work that next I would catch a glimpse of him only tomorrow morning before I go to bed, while he will be ready to leave to work….missed him the entire day, while I was lazying at home and before I left to work, I left a small hand written letter inside his short’s pocket he would be wearing after he is back home…I was very sure he will find that and I just loved imagining his face on this unexpected ( small) mania…He messaged me back late evening, saying it was very beautiful,lovely letter and he liked the unexpected wave and I blushedJ
He messaged again after sometime… he has left a reply for my letter inside my wadrobe, for me to read after I wake up tomorrow……Am already excited about it…Isnt it a small and silly thing, but the thrill its given me is just cool…This is the tiny difference I would love to go through and experience the stimulation even after being with him for 7 long yrs…..Its all about the feel, the small things u do for each other unexpectedly at times...am In LoVe…

Another update, he finally took me out for dinner last Saturday…we had Chinese and I know how much he hates Garlic in his food and do not relish Chinese..But it was for me, we went there and enjoyed our dinner....Am In lOvE again….( wink wink)


Solilo said...

Awww..Bless you guys!

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Anonymous said...

LOVE - always the best to happen.
Enjoy ! Enjoy ! Enjoy !
I wish & pray love existing for each & everyone for always forever.
Amen !

Anonymous said...

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- Henry