06 June 2009

YuMmY HOT idly's

It's slothful saturday morning, relaxing with TIMES and hot cuppa next to me. H's fren is on Page3 and he is jumping to show me his snap ( feel everyone and anyone comes in P3 these days)....checked orkut, and saw the snap of my school fren ( who is now a very famous wildlife photographer) who looks cool DUDE now! Left a scrap, visualizing his school boy looks~

and..nothing to beat the YUMMY Hot IdLy'S FROM brahmin's which bring to a close perfect saturday morning!!!!


Solilo said...

Pictures of hot idlis please. Craving for it now. Yummmm

Sriharsha bantalpad said...

Geee! U forgot about the Chutney with Vogarnee.