30 November 2009

From Perception ...to Performance....Best buddy post

You came to be a part of my team, cast off from the other since you were not good at “this and that”…I was apprehensive, due to the perception formed; talking to you over the phone for that first time; overseas, asking those usual questions on the subject and blah blah…..see, it’s the perception, which still made the usual me think you were an “

I came back offsite; You were there along with so called professionals graduates and good performers...The usual process of training and accreditations did go on and I was least looking at you and expectations were just so LOW. Me in my usual self-skill sets fashioned in handling people, did those fake stunts to treat you alike.

First disclosure, yet unable to believe was those brilliant marks scored in those test papers. It was just a simple test, I know him, am the lead here! See I said, it’s the Perception; which was dominant! Now I remember you said hello at the pathway and I least looked at you to acknowledge….

Your language issue was rather; I could take it as my strength to prove my point…as your weakness…

The best performance improvement is the transition from the non-working state to the working state.

It was then a series of “this and that” slowly and effectively, which made me sit back and think …

Hell, Its my PERCEPTION….Can those marks be wrong, can that honesty be wrong? Those client appreciations for handling that critical account at that crux of the moment are wrong? Can that consistency be wrong? You were the first to raise your hand in agreement, to work late….

“HELL, you proved me wrong”….

Oh yes, you were the one who spoke to the team saying this is what she meant and that she is our boss….do I thank you for supporting me or Thank you for being so much the BEST performer in uniformity….Was it me who scribbled those lovely words recommending you for those awards? AGAIN, it was you who handled those calls in my absence and you who taught new kids on floor…You had the patience and the Belief. You hardly cribbed for work or for wages…

It was “YOU”, who was the REJECTED!

“You changed it, the PERCEPTION”!

"People believe I am what they see Me as, rather than what they do not see. But I am the Great Unseen, not what I cause Myself to be in any particular moment. In a sense, I am what I am not. It is from the Am-notness that I come, and to it I always return.”..Neal Donald

You were the one, who proved me wrong in the “right” way….You knew exactly how to communicate with your actions and not by words or cry…this was my lessons, which challenged my over-confident skills-sets I carried so long…. I moved on, stuck to my memories; the effect you had shaped…I still carry those lessons, not written anywhere, but an experience worth…Today, you are one of my good buddies..

““It is an immutable law in business that words are words, explanations are explanations, promises are promises but only performance is reality.

You called me last week….its your last few days in the city. you are quitting but for a better place to go, to follow your dreams…You made this place wonderful and taught me lessons which will be cherished in our growing yrs in profession….This is to say how best you were at, even at those challenging times… I know your chosen path now; is a road “very less travelled”, but you will be a winner!

This post dedicated to you buddy!!!! All the best……Shrutzz

( you are in those pics....;))

27 November 2009

Wandering mind....Back to those days

____Its a long post, just wrote with the flow..No edits___

At that time…

It was Evening; Back from school. The options were to “3” - Play-Homework- sleep! This was all known back in 90s, dare not comparing wit this GEN school student!

Confused mind, fresh crushes stirring the psyche, watching the 20 something women walk in those umbrellas’, erudition new things naively, exploring hobbies and combine studies with then only best fren….The new lady bird cycle bought cheerfulness, which even a SUV might not get it today, loafed around every road known unless mom shouted for homework or dinner…

Lagori was the most sought out game, but the reason behind participating was this Marwari guy, much younger and so cute. It was talks on beauty (silly!), clothes and the fights with girls… Being a part of BAND-SET in school was only inspirational, not considering studies. Thought THIN, managed as head-band set girl on all occasions and learnt Flute; imagining to be an actress and troubled mom, for not plaiting that hair properly with red ribbon before going to school. It was all about “DEMAND”…and “DEMAND”….Loved the teacher who had her mode of coaching and mocking the same back home, which was the spring of studies and passing the exams....Numbers never interesting, but loved the languages and History, making some mark to get noticed…

Sitting next to a boy in school was incongruous and mind never accepted, struggling to even share an eraser…while the contrary yrs from then, trying to sit in the front row to see the same boy dance in the final yr school. Thoughts another crush; action of all kinds to get noticed unless there was a true proposal for Love on the last day. This was the most unholy moment, scared, tears rolling and running away scared to be in sight…This was Love then; owing never to think so “BAD”…(Laughing!)

Comics were every craze and made growing yrs so much meaningful, with those imaginations; forming a chuck of education…Reading the magazines secretly with her was so much fun…all kinds of questions in mind and a distressed for answers…Assuming and concluding it was the best fun in that age…

Sister existed for fighting and sharing those clothes and books. It was always transitory text books, games and clothes.. Comparing marks card and knowing each other frens were a part. The one big birthday bash was the only celebration for years to remember. It was for sis and shopping for it in City Style was the biggest thing that had ever happened…friends from same lane coming over and cutting the cake and that one picture of standing next to her. Simple snacks and go back to the road for our usual “CROCODILE” play. This was all the memories of a big bash then….sounds cool! Character was Extremes. Could cry for all silly things and very easily, contrary could get so excited as if world was mine.

Never had dreams of being independent, making wealth, no future plans on education, No mind of own nor judgment; just nothing to look ahead. It was a life, which was lead as it was told and for the day. It was all about subsequent….NEXT…

Turning back, not much memories of the person she was is a great Regret. Growing yrs was always a debate on one thing, is it DIPLOMACY or STRAIGHT FORWARD? Wish could take time back and see myself and analyze. Where could I have possibly acted better, corrected it or pat my back for being it that way….

My then best friend in school also studied pre-university with me in same college. We were 17 yrs, carrying the same deportment, same fun, same cycle, same assumption…It was English class with my fav teacher, making my imaginary cells grow more and brining some light to what I want to do, pleasure listening to those stories from text books…She sits next to me, adding more drama to the knowledge and those soft chuckles…That day, her uncle suddenly emerges and talks to the teacher. The first thought that scares my sensitive mind is some sad news in the family…She is taken away and do not see her in college again…Sunday, walked up to her house to meet her. she is all in tears, in sarees, in bangles, her hair full of flowers….some 20 plus family members around her…talking what not…They have themselves decided to get her married, now that she is a WOMAN!

At that age, No words to explain the fear it had implanted in me to go away with a man, whom you have never known and what not? Does she know what a marriage is? She went through all the troubles of dressing up, getting married; definitely her mind nowhere or elsewhere…what was it? Never spoke about her marriage at home, with the fear of the sight and talk that had captured me…with the fear, if I will be given away to someone, without me knowing what was going through…It was illegal, it was killing someone mentally and physically, but not death…

It was so confusing and weakening to this mind here, troubled till the date I was a confident woman again!!! Till I completed the process of education, Till I fell In love, Till I met people, Till I knew what was I doing and where was I…Such a breather; I lived Life only after that..

I know last week, she Lives in a small town in Andhra Pradesh and has a “boy” baby (Thank god for her and Family) who goes to school….

23 November 2009

Me and my Thoughts.....sister-Lambhoghini-crime-Mba!!!

Am at Mom’s place today and tomorrow…Dad’s second eye surgery early morning tomorrow and am all set to be THERE until I get him back home J

I demanded my sis to come home and later go to work, since I wanted to spend time with her…while she was here, all I was doing is “WORK and WORK”…Preparing a ppt, which is quite challenging to ME.

Anyways, back to the POINT…She cribbed, while I attended my office calls, back to my notebook and back to those calls…suddenly at one point of time, I could hear her whimper and I just went and HUGGED her, saying how nice its to see her sitting there, while I did something here under the same roof….Its just like those days from school or college…the FEEL, the milieu was so nostalgic, which resulted in the embrace….I did not want to miss the moment of my grand feel and clicked a pic from my famous phone cam….( H, u still think I don’t deserve a iphone?)

Weekend was quite boring for me. YES-I made my point to hubby that we start planning something exciting from next week, else am better off at home. Even coffee day is getting bored of us….I did get to watch a Lamborghini, few BMW’s and Lexus on road, which is a new urbanized awareness; to gang my hubby…Its such a refresh to the eyes and definitely my new found curiosity / Interest…

I realized how technically challenged I am, when I was not able to change a simple template in my Blog. Thanks to my school fren Manju, who is helping me in such things….The concept of BLOG, has kept me bonded to this old school fren of mine, while I don’t even remember how he looks and what kinda person he is now. Its all about chatting and know him through his posts. I like it this way now, just bits and pieces of memories from 10 to12 yrs back. I do have few frens now, where I only have a Imaginary faces to relate and are good frens of mine. Somehow I will leave it that way, my mind's eye the flow to such exceptional friendship.

Off late, am reading-seeing-listening to a lot of NEWS to do with murder, suicide and cheating. Is it the MEDIA, which has gone more aware on such matters and recording this to increase the same to Public (or) is it that the crime rate has increased to this scope? I definitely did not feel it this way few yrs back, but from last 3yrs this is such a hype, and everywhere it’s about the same heart pricking news …. It’s definitely disturbing, soon wishing to avoid such news be it Newspaper or television.

Wishing all a good week ahead….Hope my presentation goes well…Back home tomorrow….Its been 2 yrs, am planning to do my Masters and not strong-willed on it! CHEERS!

20 November 2009

Happy Me Today....Just Like THAT....

I have JUST nothing to WRITE today, but in a mood to squiggle a bit and not sure “WHAT”…..Here it goes, just erratically…No origin

Am 27 yr old….Working for a Hollywood Picture Company in India…I landed in a profile, which I dreamt post my first transition in Infy(2004)….Am married to a person, whom I dated for 5 yrs, before I said “I DO” and think he is the best thing that happened to me in Life….I have always dreamt of taking care of my parents, and am content with the Bond we share and the fact that am THERE, when they need me or think of me…I keep in touch with people who matter the most to me…..I know my priorities…I have travelled around a bit, which I never even dreamt of….Am a strength to my little sis...

More...I picked up loads of DVD today to spend my weekend watching movies of my like in my big screen….I shopped alone this morning and loved it ( Jumping with Joy!)…..I have unbolted the windowpane in my bedroom, feels so beautiful to have so much of freshness and greenery shimmering inside….Had fantastic hot Lunch cooked by MIL …I was looking at myself in the mirror and thought my skin looks better and smiled like thousand times….I feel Confident, a new feel; exactly in contrary to what it used to be when I was in "College" and YES, am having the “LAST LAUGH” ( Me Cruel Woman now)….I have all the “civil liberties” to feel good about myself TODAY, otherwise am always petrified of and not sure the reason behind it….. I have got used to (or) love to feel BAD / insecure / whatever about myself…. When I thought I have almost got used to my life this way, I feel different and it’s NICE…

It’s a different day “TODAY”…No Fear-No unhappiness-No regrets…I love my life….Am what I AM and Happy about it!!!! All SmILEs ...

16 November 2009

Springled thought on a Monday evening....

TV9 is ON, hearing the "Kadlekai parashe" affair WHICH IS HAPPENING RIGHT NEXT ROAD FROM MY HOUSE....I can hear the crowd, noise, unlimited honking; its a phenomenon "Jaatre" in Bull temple road; with all assortment of kadalekai in front of you, with rest of goodies from villages which is a rare sight in Bengalooru.
No pictures to post, since am cozying at home...

Last yr, hubby dear went out to check the jaatre early morning and herez the link, if anyone is interested to know the fun and history of this fest….
It’s a 2 day jaatre and anyone interested still have time to plan and be a part of the crowd tomorrow!


Hubby is very busy these days. Miss those evening walks with him during weekdays and the inane shopping of books, eatables in Gandhi Bazaar…Its going to be like this for months to go and my notebook is my companion until then! Our discussion on the happenings from morning have reduced and miss that so badly…He was my one side gossip partner, where he is only at receiving end and making weird and wonderful faces, hearing to the claptrap I talk.

But it’s so much FUN, which I miss now! Lets walk the Talk GU...
I wish to stay entrapped forever, With you for all eternity.
Our hearts, always as one.

Weekend was good….Saturday was all about lazing in front of TV and attending a small birthday party in the evening. The unsurpassed part of the party; apart from food was the “Thank you gift”. Though this is a new concept for me, I loved this special return gift and the thoughtfulness of little niece of Hubby….check the Pic…It is a small plant presented to all families and children who sang Happy birthday to the little one! Loved it... CHEERS to the belief!
This is the second return gift am getting this month…The other one was from a “Baby shower” I attended and got this little baby cart 
Gifts are always welcome!!!!!

Met my colleagues after months today at work, since they have been travelling all around the
world…Its nice to have people to work with, than work in Solitude. We had great Lunch to
celebrate our team meet (V 4) at Civet and what an Amazing food…..I just need a basis to dash to a fine place, for good food!!! The finest was hot hot carrot halwa….YUM YUM….YUMMMMMMM….Try the Halwa with Vanilla Ice-cream, am sure you will mislaid to HeaVeN! What a way to start my week….

Have a great week ahead all of you…..

12 November 2009


***My state of mind today is so anomalous…This is just NOT ME? (Or) is this me?

Am I so perplexed? Is it WORK (or) is it PERSONAL?

Dad’s cataract surgery yesterday was for about 40 mins. I had to rush (got late) in the morning, before he was taken to OT. This was a very simple surgery ( In medical and doc’s terms); but for ME, it was still a surgery, where Dad was made to wear the hospital surgery dress; taken into the room which was full of unknown instruments with staff walking here and there. Didn’t realize, I was praying naively, trying to calm my dad as to how effortless this course of action was and after an hour, he will be back to Normal!!!!

I was sitting out with mom, waiting for the surgery to be over. I strolled across some departments, which made me feel SICKER from within than anything else. How do all the staff- be it docs, nurses, attendants, rest of employees manage to be here every day IN and OUT, seeing so many patients walk in with diverse complexities…How is all this managed? There are departments for every inch in this hospital and you are made to run around multiple times, for the simplest of things. There were people waiting near admission counter, only to book beds for getting admitted…..I met this couple over a coffee, who told the husband needs to be admitted immediately as per the doc, while they have been running around for the admission form and bed availability for hours today…I had enough of the Hospital aroma, where I didn’t want to talk to anyone nor meet anyone. I just wanted to be there for dad, get him out and back home! This is how I felt. Cheers to the entire staff, who can manage all this professionally.

The Nurse attending my dad was astounding (my perception was totally vice-versa) and VERY helpful. She even took time to listen to his stories on politics and Mantralaya trip for which am sure she didn’t have much trace about. She tried her best to be at hand, so he could forget his pain and irritation while I was managing to get the clearance slip! Hope we meet the same lady next week for his left eye surgery….Am planning this much better, now I know how many times I need to run to ground floor and rest, with not all lifts going to all floors. I know need to wait atleast 20 mins to get the token and wait for the medicines….this time will work out better in terms of planning, except for I will not be able to arrange the STRONG COFFEE he craves for every now and then L

***Now back to my abnormal feeling, am still confused…..WHY?

I need some Gyaan stories about people travelling alone on business trips. Is there anyone out there who has travelled on business trip for more than 3 weeks ALONE and managed it fine and managed to enjoy too; in an unknown country? Please contact me to answer my questions or leave your contact!

***The truth I will always vouch for in an Indian Family….

Till the girl gets married, she is always pestered to agree to a guy of the same Caste and Sub- Sub- caste and get married…else it’s the issue of facing the "RELATIVES", than worrying about the Daughter or her needs and space…..Poor girl needs to get married, before the age limit…How old is your daughter? 25? not married? areeeeeeeeeee uffff......what are you waiting for????

Once married, she is questioned by everyone around (this time two times the people) as to why is there no news on Pregnancy…..why? why?why?

Is this all? Heheheeeeeeee…….Hmmm…Not my story though, but for sure most of the women in this land!!!!

***Here’s a piece from Chetan Bhagat’s speech….which I keep reading for my contentment!!!!

don't take life seriously. Life is not to be taken seriously, as we are really temporary here. We are like a pre-paid card with limited validity. If we are lucky, we may last another 50 years. And 50 years is just 2,500 weekends. Do we really need to get so worked up?

It's ok, bunk a few classes, goof up a few interviews, take leave from work, fall in love.

We are people, not programmed devices.....

"Don't be serious, be sincere."


Message to Hobo - You travel all over India and write so beautifully about the details. I love travelling too, but never got to visit the nook and corner you have in your blogs! Apart from South India, others have always been more on Imaginery terms from my read and pics, than a personal experience. But I do want you to visit the southern part and Bangalore. I assure you the feel is so unique!

This is your award from my side buddy!!!

06 November 2009

One-word TaG

A veggie Burger and coke did not do justice to my tummy this noon...
Am restless and hence took a short break to do this SELF-one word tag...

Sometimes..small things, does great impact to your mind....Going to pick tea now....

• Where is your cell phone? – Table
• Your hair? – plaited
• Your mother? – Fantastic
• Your father? – Cool
• Your favorite food? – rice
• Your dream last night? – jungle
• Your favorite drink? – tendercoconut
• Your dream/goal? – contentment
• What room are you in? – Office
• Your hobby? – Reading
• Your fear? – Loneliness
• Where do you want to be in 6 years? – Bengaluru
• Where were you last night? – Home
• Something that you aren’t? – inventive
• Muffins? – chips
• Wish list item? – travel
• Where did you grow up? – Bengaluru
• Last thing you did? – call
• What are you wearing? – Salwar
• Your TV? – TV9
• Your pets? – None
• Friends? – COOL
• Your life? – good
• Your mood? – drained
• Missing someone? – no
• Vehicle? – ritz
• Something you’re not wearing? – bindhi
• Your favorite store? – levis
• Your favorite color? – black
• When was the last time you laughed? – Yesterday
• Last time you cried? – 02nov
• Your best friend? – hubby
• One place that you go to over and over? – Mysore
• One person who emails me regularly? – naukri
• Favorite place to eat? – home

03 November 2009

Adventure in the midst of TeNtS - "KABINI"

We were off to KABINI for the weekend! If there is anything exhilarating, exploratory, Adventurous and a weekend with a distinction, then you need to be in KABINI for the “Jungle Safari”! Does it sound exciting already?

Well, Kabini is a perfect getaway for nature and wildlife lovers. The breathtaking locale with the soothing backwaters of the river Kabini is such an ideal setting. With our tent next to the backwater was just so so - so PERFECT !

It was a 5 hr drive from Bangalore including the small coffee and breakfast stop. Once you reach the Jungle lodge, we get an itenary for the day planned. Amazing lunch spread awaits you, after your journey. A good south India-Veg food was just a perfect start of our trip. With a very short break, we were all set for our first Jungle Safari. V4, along with the canon 40D + 400mm f5.6 L & canon 40D + 400mm f5.6 L set with our Guide and driver for the most awaiting 3 hr journey, all hoping to spot the wild cat and the rest of the exquisiteness that comes with the Jungle!

The Bumpy roads and the only sound of our jeep did no mischief to our excitement. Our guide was so immaculate, indulgent our fervor and frantic to spot the cat and capture it. First one hour was a treat of exotic birds (Have mentioned the names of the citing below this Post).
Serpent eagle,Emerald pigeon,Imperial pigeon,malbara horn bill,Painted stork,Calls of Changeable hawk eagle,Warbler, wagtail, paddy field pipit....
Not bad 1st attempt I could pick so many names…I need to PaT ma BaCk!

Next one hour conceded with silence; our eyes focusing every far-flung corner and tree tops, checking if we can spot the feral. At one junction, near the river bank we smelled of carcass ( I assume the word is right), which meant there was a KILL, with the growing chances of us spotting either the TIGER or LEOPARD. The stimulation grew, as we absorbed the smell and went in search, heart beat faster now, only to spot the Beauty. The jeep took turns every nook and corner, the patience taking an ordeal on us. Unfortunately, we did not spot anything and we continued with our safari. We were a bunch of Bramins – yet could get a flavor of the kill.

In few moments, we got a call !!!! We all rushed to the spot!!!! There was the Beauty resting so peacefully on the tree top. The cute wild leopard was looking at all of us, who were so delighted to spot to the beauty and capturing continuously every moment of it…
While we did not want to waste a sec, taking those hasty breaths; the cat was so silent, peaceful, in its own world, stand-in like a sovereign….It was definitely not bothered the rush we were all creating, the Noise and there were few people breaking the rules resulting in the disturbance to the wild. The beauty remained there, calm and unruffled!!!! It was a trip worth, only for this MOMENT!

Day 2 – was another round of Safari, but not much of LuCk! We did get to see a lot of Tuskers and Stripped Mongoose…Oh yeah, when it was time to hit back the Tent we did notice the PUG MARKS!!! It’s truly HOLY!

I must add that the couple [GOMZI], whom we accompany our trips are so just so passionate about the WILD! Any bird they spot, they can name it and go crazy spotting the cats!
Its always a pleasure going with them, with our bond more tauten; learning on tap and pleasure just the worth!

It was a very short trip to Kabini, but Experience cherished forever! We drove back; with complete nostalgia, having some light moments discussing our life, work and with a pledge to come back next month for more WILD! Yes we did discuss and sign-off that every month we will try and make such adventure trips!

One other thing I could infer – Gugee for sure is a Budding Photographer – With help of Gomzi he did take some excellent shots! Waiting to get some into my personal album.

Gugee – U sure will get a good CAM from me J