03 November 2009

Adventure in the midst of TeNtS - "KABINI"

We were off to KABINI for the weekend! If there is anything exhilarating, exploratory, Adventurous and a weekend with a distinction, then you need to be in KABINI for the “Jungle Safari”! Does it sound exciting already?

Well, Kabini is a perfect getaway for nature and wildlife lovers. The breathtaking locale with the soothing backwaters of the river Kabini is such an ideal setting. With our tent next to the backwater was just so so - so PERFECT !

It was a 5 hr drive from Bangalore including the small coffee and breakfast stop. Once you reach the Jungle lodge, we get an itenary for the day planned. Amazing lunch spread awaits you, after your journey. A good south India-Veg food was just a perfect start of our trip. With a very short break, we were all set for our first Jungle Safari. V4, along with the canon 40D + 400mm f5.6 L & canon 40D + 400mm f5.6 L set with our Guide and driver for the most awaiting 3 hr journey, all hoping to spot the wild cat and the rest of the exquisiteness that comes with the Jungle!

The Bumpy roads and the only sound of our jeep did no mischief to our excitement. Our guide was so immaculate, indulgent our fervor and frantic to spot the cat and capture it. First one hour was a treat of exotic birds (Have mentioned the names of the citing below this Post).
Serpent eagle,Emerald pigeon,Imperial pigeon,malbara horn bill,Painted stork,Calls of Changeable hawk eagle,Warbler, wagtail, paddy field pipit....
Not bad 1st attempt I could pick so many names…I need to PaT ma BaCk!

Next one hour conceded with silence; our eyes focusing every far-flung corner and tree tops, checking if we can spot the feral. At one junction, near the river bank we smelled of carcass ( I assume the word is right), which meant there was a KILL, with the growing chances of us spotting either the TIGER or LEOPARD. The stimulation grew, as we absorbed the smell and went in search, heart beat faster now, only to spot the Beauty. The jeep took turns every nook and corner, the patience taking an ordeal on us. Unfortunately, we did not spot anything and we continued with our safari. We were a bunch of Bramins – yet could get a flavor of the kill.

In few moments, we got a call !!!! We all rushed to the spot!!!! There was the Beauty resting so peacefully on the tree top. The cute wild leopard was looking at all of us, who were so delighted to spot to the beauty and capturing continuously every moment of it…
While we did not want to waste a sec, taking those hasty breaths; the cat was so silent, peaceful, in its own world, stand-in like a sovereign….It was definitely not bothered the rush we were all creating, the Noise and there were few people breaking the rules resulting in the disturbance to the wild. The beauty remained there, calm and unruffled!!!! It was a trip worth, only for this MOMENT!

Day 2 – was another round of Safari, but not much of LuCk! We did get to see a lot of Tuskers and Stripped Mongoose…Oh yeah, when it was time to hit back the Tent we did notice the PUG MARKS!!! It’s truly HOLY!

I must add that the couple [GOMZI], whom we accompany our trips are so just so passionate about the WILD! Any bird they spot, they can name it and go crazy spotting the cats!
Its always a pleasure going with them, with our bond more tauten; learning on tap and pleasure just the worth!

It was a very short trip to Kabini, but Experience cherished forever! We drove back; with complete nostalgia, having some light moments discussing our life, work and with a pledge to come back next month for more WILD! Yes we did discuss and sign-off that every month we will try and make such adventure trips!

One other thing I could infer – Gugee for sure is a Budding Photographer – With help of Gomzi he did take some excellent shots! Waiting to get some into my personal album.

Gugee – U sure will get a good CAM from me J


Sriharsha bantalpad said...

Good One Gugee...Thnx!

Mohan said...

Time in the jungle amidst the wildlife is anytime a welcome break! I am glad you visited Kabini and had a great time out there.

Though I have visited this place already, my inner soul wants me to visit again and again. Lucky folks.. not many can spot the leopard!

Looks like you have missed the boat ride in the kabini river. I have written more about that boat ride in my blog :) Good one..!

Nithya Sriram said...

hey, i just banged into ur blog accidently... i like the write up... am going on a trip to wayanad... haven' decided where to stay yet..but i want it to be an adventurous trip... can you suggest me a place ??

Renu said...

You really need to pat your back:), I cpouldnt remember half the names...looks so exciting, I am dying to go there sometime..you are in open jeap, isnt it scary?

Anonymous said...

The muddy path And the sunlight within the woods.
Miles to go before I sleep.
Miles to go before I sleep.