29 January 2009


Exactly a week from today, am no more going to be a part of this organisation.
Change is inevitable and this is the very fact that disturbs human mind. I face the same situation, as Feb05 will be my last working day. Man's feelings are always purest and most glowing in the hour of meeting and of farewell ( as told by Jean Paul); its going to be emotional for me!!!! I was just out of college, when I stepped into this wonderful campus and next week, will be bidding adieu…

Just got this mail...nice one

One day all the employees reached the office and they saw a big advice on the door on which it was written: "Yesterday the person who has been hindering your growth in this company passed away. We invite you to join the funeral in the room that has been prepared in the gym".
In the beginning, they all got sad for the death of one of their colleagues, but after a while they started getting curious to know who was that man who hindered the growth of his colleagues and the company itself.
The excitement in the gym was such that security agents were ordered to control the crowd within the room. The more people reached the coffin, the more the excitement heated up. Everyone thought: "Who is this guy who was hindering my progress? Well, at least he died!".
One by one the thrilled employees got closer to the coffin, and when they looked inside it they suddenly became speechless. They stood nearby the coffin, shocked and in silence, as if someone had touched the deepest part of their soul.
There was a mirror inside the coffin: everyone who looked inside it could see himself.
There was also a sign next to the mirror that said: "There is only one person who is capable to set limits to your growth: it is YOU.
You are the only person who can revolutionize your life. You are the only person who can influence your happiness, your realization and your success. You are the only person who can help yourself.
Your life does not change when your boss changes, when your friends change, when your parents change, when your partner changes, when your company changes. Your life changes when YOU change, when you go beyond your limiting beliefs, when you realize that you are the only one responsible for your life.
"The most important relationship you can have, is the one you have with yourself"
Examine yourself, watch yourself. Don't be afraid of difficulties, impossibilities and losses: be a winner, build yourself and your reality.
The world is like a mirror: it gives back to anyone the reflection of the thoughts in which one has strongly believed.
The world and your reality are like mirrors laying in a coffin, which show to any individual the death of his divine capability to imagine and create his happiness and his success.
It's the way you face Life that makes the difference.

DeAr diary

I started writing 'DAIRY' from my 7th standard. I was able to continue till 10th Standard. The inspiration was Betty's characTER FROM MY FAV comic "ARCHIE'S"! I still remember, sis and myself fighting to read ArChIeS, especially while having our dinner. We always have a book / news paper beside us, while eating.
When I entered college, those dairies took a backseat and almost forgot about it with my new life in NMKRV college.
Studying in all girls college and very less frens, I did not even have much to write. I was a sober girl, no expectations from anything, quite unusual of girls of same age now!!
I remember only one close fren of mine, who used to daily travel with me to College in our Lady bird cycle's. She also shares my name and is a doctor in Bangalore today.
Now, in these two years of pre-university I never read Archies nor did I write any diary. It was only when I was in Jain college; during my second yr Graduation, I decided to clean my book shelf ( this time we had strict instruction from mom to throw away all old books); I decided that day to keep the diaries aside and to read every page of it that coming Sunday. Sad part is, me and swetu had to give away all our Tinkle, Chandamama, Hardy boys, Richie rick, Champaka, Gokul, nancy drew collection; since we had no space to keep them. By mistake I even gave away few books, for which I had written short stories and were published ( had won rs.20 each for stories:)) I still have one of the 20re note!
Sunday, I got to re-look into the pages which re-told my school days. Few moments were fun; regretting; emotional…completely NoStAlGiC!
By the time I completed it, was almost in tears…..
Few of them to recall here……..
>> I was this very 'thin' girl in school, plaited my hair with mom helping me tie it up as per school rules and in my diary it read ' why amma troubles in plaiting my hair, she just does'nt understand me at all. Am sad and I don't like this". Today, its same me, who is feeling soo bad to have troubled my mom, who in the midst of her cooking, preparing breakfast for dad and looking at swetu, had to deal with my rantling and made her re-do it many times till I was satisfied. Sorry ma, I love u the most~
>> I played Sports like Kho-Kho and throw ball. I was over - excited when I received couple of certificates for Kho-Kho, but I was never the captain " Dear Dairy, am so sad today, am not the captain. I don't like anyone. No one likes me also"
Hahahaaaaaaa ( how silly na), today am happy I played the game, which never continued in college. Am sure I would have been good!
In future, if I have a girl child, she is going to be in SPORTZZZ!!!!!
>> My history teacher's name was Sandhya and she always started her class by asking questions of previous day's lesson.
" ….. I got hit on my knucles today, it pains. I hate her. I can't remember anything in History. I want to also have a room of my own"…
I always wanted to have my own room and later, it was soo much fun sharing room with my sister.. Love u too swetu;)
>> I always copied my science teacher and acted like her at home while studying. Offcourse the wall were my students and I had a stick too!!
Few more…...
>> I was happy, when I played sports and was selected in dance for all my school days. Later I had no strength to continue Kho Kho.
>> I have also mentioned about every summer holidays, where I used to travel to Shimoga to granny's place
>> I always fought with my sister. Dad once could not tolerate anymore and poured cold water on both of us. I did not speak to him for days and was scared of him ( offcourse he is my best buddy today)
>> We travelled in BTS bus to veena aunty's house
>> I never went out to movies, until 10th. My first movie out with frens was Dil to pagal hai.
>> I once visited Kavitha's house and felt very embarassed to invite her to my place ( since her place was a bunglow).
>> Played with my jayanagar frens in the road, fav being abhishek and Lagori ;) Well, Abhishek was 4 yrs younger to me and was a marwari guy, he was my crush ;)
>> Dolly and myself always met for combined studies. I used to look up to her, very brilliant and simple girl I have ever met. She is now in Singapore and had great fun meeting her there, after years!

**** I tore all pages that day and burnt it, since I did not want to keep it anymore. I was content, knew my life - couple of yrs back. I have learnt - Grown - experienced - Played - cried - fought - danced - hated - Loved - studies as any other normal-middleclass girl; with a additional pinch of sensitivity !!! I will never get back those days; life had changed. Today, I wish I had that diary, to read it again…now, I write in blogspot, so I can always recall instances of my life! Its always a beautiful feeling to look back to your youngher yrs and smile :)

28 January 2009

Republic Day and Chinese new year!!!

'Chinese New year' means less work for my team; inturn less responsibilities in 'Run The Bank' for me and no lined up conference calls.
Started the day with greetings from my client which reads 'Kung Hei Fat Choi' (in chinese means earn more money). Now coming from Danica Lun was a surprise, since she is a Lady of few words all that matters to her is W-O-R-K! This was the first time she was in good - Light mood; trying to talk about the chinese new yr .My team was all pro; showcasing interest on the occasion and also explaining her on our Republic day history . She was expressing her interests and asking questions with her usual " oh la" :)
It's a Public holiday in both countries; but here we were at work and trying to make most of it to ensure we do not rant about all those ppl holidaying / lazying at home! We all decided to have some fun on floor and make it up for being in office.
All the girls/Ladies in the team took coffee break together and topic of discussion was shopping and beauty tips. Somehow, this is a fav topic for all of us and never get enough of it.
Couple of them to share:-
A) Apply a mix of lemon-honey-milk on your face three times a week and guarenteed a nice complexion
B) Milk cream to be mixed with sandalwood powder and apply on hands and face to get rid of dry skin
C) Mix Camphor with water and store it for few days. Apply the liquid in cotton, pimples vanish
D) Run for 3 to 4 kms a day, no need to worry about your every growing tummy
E) Eat loads of greens ( I simply love leafy - green vegetables)
F) Mix Vit E tablet with a face pack and see the change youself!
G) take tulsi leaves and turmeric and apply on face for fair and clear skin
H) Mix Honey and kesar in your daily dose of milk
I) Laugh and Laugh ( even if you have no reason)
J)Apply colgate toothpast on your pimples and see them vanish
K) Mix Papaya pulk with honey and apply on face for 15 mins, which acts as a good facial.
Humm…can't recollect anymore. Well, I used to try most of these a yr back, but these days its just a face wash and nothing more for the skin! I somehow can't drink lots of water, not sure if there is any substitute.
Well, Back from Coffee break, we get to know people onshore are getting packed to leave for the day. There is a celebration in office late evening in Hong Kong; where they will attend with their families. Not to forget, its going to be a treat for people who love food.
My team is discussing on various topics; since the bus in only 1 hr away from now . I have 2 meetings to catch up with management, until then am all alone, writing what's on my mind! liking the feel of being along and doing what I want to!
Am also checking some information unknown to me about Republic day….
Straight from WIKIPEDIA
The Republic Day of India is a national holiday of India to mark the adoption of the Constitution of India and the transition of India from a British Dominion to a republic on January 26, 1950
What Sir Anthony Eden, the Prime Minister of Britain, said at the time of the emergence of Indian Republic is relevant in this context. He said, ‘Of all the experiments in government, which have been attempted since the beginning of time, I believe that the Indian venture into parliamentary government is the most exciting
Even more meaningful was the opinion expressed by an American Constitutional authority, Granville Austin, who wrote that what the Indian Constituent Assembly began was ‘perhaps the greatest political venture since that originated in Philadelphia in 1787.’
Jai Hind!

25 January 2009


My Happiness knew no limits, when we decided to spend the weekend at mysore; which we dearly name it as our second home!
Mysore is a beautiful-calm tier2 city, which is just 2 hrs away from Bangalore, which makes it very easy for us to plan and spend time over weekend. Our fav is the 'to and fro' drive on the Bangalore-Mysore road. H loves the long drive, without having to change gears every now & then, also catching up with the speeding cars ahead of us..( Not to miss, also the girls!!)
We left quite late 08:30AM, sun had already started showering the heat on us, H turn'd the A/C knob to maximum ( goodness, am allergic to AC honey!)

@ 9:15; we Stopped at our fav joint for Breakfast " LOKA RUCHI" waited for almost 35 mins before we tasted yummy idly- Akki rotti - hot filter coffee, which was just worth the wait! This place is well known for north karnataka eateries; which pulls most of the travelers from Bangalore on their way to Mysore /OOTY/ Coorg. Now, given that it was just the beginning of our weekend and a lovely drive ahead with our stomach full with yummy eateries just made me keyed up.
Till our throat dried up; we nattered from issues to home-office-frens-eateries-movies-clothes-women-gadgets-opinions-hot news-outing....our talks always starts from our college days to how we have grown up from there. Well, this is such a repetative topic b/w me and H, but never lacklustre sharing Aforesaid topics!
@11:40; We Stopped at our usual tender-coconut fellow; pleased our throat with cold sweet water; all refreshed to continue our journey. Its already 11:40; we still need to travel 60 kms more (there is no urgency, since we have no plans to freak in Mysore but to spend loads to time to catch up on things and relax!)

@12.30; Reached GINGER; where we will be spending our next 24 hrs. Its a quite-cosy-simple orange room, which is Spot-less clean; given that H is a cleanfreak, he S-I-M-P-L-Y loves this place. We were just in time for Lunch; so quickly got freshened up for a Big-spread
Its a buffet next to hotel reception with varities in south Indian and North Indian cuisine. Given that I love food, I managed to taste everything, except for the meat stuff. H is a very choosy eater, who just selected the veggie stuff without any garlic ( hard to find thee days!) and relished it :)
Post Lunch; We had our regular walk around the hotel ( pained, it is not drizlling) and back to our room to swtiching channels and continue with our never ending talks....few are still repetative; few are argumentive but nice to get all H's time for myself without office calls or the Laptop in front of us. Never released when I slept, but had a good sleep till evening. I must confess, though I hardly get to sleep during noon, its one of the best feel. The fresh look is something you can never get with any number of make up (or) facewash ( remembering my MIL)

Got dressed for our evening drive. Drove till Palace, just to spend time, watching the mix of localites-firangs and travellers! It was a very warm-peaceful evening for me, blessed to have travelled here after a long time without having to go through my routine!
Went in search of Ghajini DVD, now I did not understand why on earth did H wanted to listen to that particular song;). We never managed to find one decent street, which has a music store which ended up in convincing him that he can always do this exercise in B'lore.

@9:00PM, we were driving to "WINDFLOWER", A LOVELY place for drink and dine!
Given that Mysore is a HOT SPOT for many ; we were asked to wait for the table for 40 mins, opps!!! am HuNgRyYY...
we decided to finish our drink and spend time, till we get our place for food. Bacardi reserva - peanut masala - baby corn was simply YUMM as we conversed-fought-laughed from one topic to another ( I always have more to talk and crib, as compared to H)
By the time we ordered for dinner, we were almost full; so had very light dinner and back to GINGER!

This always happens to me - AM LOW. My day is almost over. I slept like LOG, only to release in morning when H was waking me up at 7:00AM.
Gosh, am supposed to be getting up early since i have booked for 'Head and Feet' massage! haha, let me experience the hot oil massage (expecting to walk out stress free and relaxed, as advertised by the spa)

At 9:00AM, when I walked out, I felt no difference just that I had spent 1K from my pocket ( opps, H's pocket). I better ACT - feel good, else H will go on ;)

Hot shower - good breakfast - wow again!! Now, its a not to be missed place for break-fast if you are in Mysore " Hotel MYLARI". Myself and H got introduced to this small- VINTAGED hotel for yummmmm dosa's by his friend who usually do not miss this place when he in Mysore.
The hot-soft dosa's with a topping of butter on it just goes down your throat effortlessly! Hmmm, calories unlimited; but its worth stuffing your tummy!

Now, by the time we lazily walked back to Ginger, it was 11, which means we have just one hour to be check out! I wonder why time flies, when you are enjoying it the most...we did not want to stay back, instead decided to drive through the town and head back to bangalore early.

this time, our thoughts and talks were about what was good - bad - moments to be cherished from last 26 hrs and plans of going on long vacation next time, so we never head back, without getting bored of each-other!!! R u listening Mr. H!

**** If you want to Quality spent timewith your spouse -have good food- MySoRe is the place!!!!****

21 January 2009


I feel helpless for most of the happenings in my life these days! Now have two options for this a) Consult a counseller or a doc to overcome this, since its spreading and its not too late before I start drowing into this and stop having a opinion b) Feel; this is a temp phase and things will be fine, looking back one day will just laugh at this state!
am not in a good mood...am really helpless..unable to fight for what I feel is right...I know am not going or doing anything wrong, but still am in pain!
Hopefully to overcome this soon......Shru

14 January 2009

Early morning - Jan 14th

Its Sankranti!!!! am wearing a saree ( one gifted by MIL during marriage)!!!!
Am working today too :)))

well....currently am done with reading all the books, need to load my shelf with couple of them more, maybe this evening its one of the agenda!

Regret, havent sent any details to DNA somehow words do not float from my mind these days. I have some topic in mind, but unable to think the creative side of it....NEED HELP!

Goodness, My IPOD is taking its own time to charge, am running out of time and need to walk til the bus stand; alongside managing the saree and the footwear...

This is something I have notices, when I wake up early morning ( say 4:40; as per my alaram), I have loads of time to catch up on things before I leave to work @ 6:45. Today I found time to write too before I start my day officially!!

04 January 2009

2008-Nostalgc ; 2009- resolutions!

yr2008 was a ride of up's and down's.
Happy to be in a day shift - engaged to my H
sad since am not able to manage team
Happy days were, getting all the goodies and shopping for the marriage;
Sad phase is I miss my home, parents and the routne I enjoyed before.
Happy again, that am with Harsha and getting groomed to a new lifestyle and routine; while the bad phase is its not at all good at work front.
Now, its difficult to cope up with such mixed phases in life only to realise IT-HAPPENS-WITH-ALL-HUMAN RACE!!!!
Today, am going to pen down my resolutions for the year!!! I want more PEACE & HAPPINESS.

01 January 2009

BoOkS - My LoVe!

After "THE ALCHEMIST", Its the second book of Paulo Coelho am reading; its called "BRIDA".
I have also exchanged my Chetan Bhagat's book with Sweta and got one in return called " IF GOD WAS A BANKER" or something like that...so, 2 books to go :)

My first night out on 31ST DEC....

Welcome 2009!!!
> Got up @ 7:46AM, hurridely took off the eye liner, kohl and mascara with help of the cleanser and rushed to the bathroom to take a quick shower.
> On the way; wished In-Laws a very happy new year ;)…need to call pa, ma and jenu too
> Mentally am calculating the time I need to get ready and get going to work. Yes!!!!! AM working on JAN 01ST 2009.
> Wore jeans and a tee…opps, remembered its not a corporate holiday and quickly changed to a salwar ( Not sure if H likes this colour)..meanwhile woke H up and wished him again ( opps)
> Had hot cup of Bournvita ( Prep by MIL)
> Said bye to H and MIL…Am working from the BTM office today and the only one from the team ( My manager loves doing this to me; But H says am going to have a day, where I can give back every inch of pain I have mentally going through)
> to pep up my mood on the first day of the year, dialled J's number and wished everyone at home. They are all off to a place called "ABBHUR" ( miss them a lot :))

Gosh, workplace looks deserted. But I have tuned my mind, not to feel bad and just do something better at workplace today..Like..hmmm…preparing the taining plan for the new joniners…writing….preparing for the upcoming appraisals for my team…maybe even visiting shopper's stop which is next to my office;) wow!! Sounds interesting.

My first ever 31st night outing....
Last night…
H was supposed to come home early; but got home only by 8:00 cos of some meeting. I was getting dressed for our so-called-new year's-PARTY. We left home by 9, picked Padmini and Neha on the way and off to Sashi's place.
What I loved the most:-
> Yummy cheese-pineapple-cheery dish, Home made Avarekai huli and curd rice
> Red wine
> Talking to Sashi ( One person who has loads of patience).
> Listening to the teenage talks ( Can't remember if I was like this couple of yrs back…bad memory)
> watching the kids play...nice pass time..kids r soo intelligent these days
> Ravi's jokes offcouse and H's too..( a different profession would have better bought out his hidden skills like a stand-up comedian, PR head, bollywood actor, model if he was couple of inchesmore;) But, I do not mind, in couple of yrs he is a VP of SALES too.

@11PM, we left to Chancery to catch up with his frens. @12, myself and H wished each other, sitting in the hotel lobby; still wiating for his frens. We then left to Fuga, since we got a call saying the entire crowd was there partying. Streets of residency rd, MG rd looked something like never before. There were groups of men scatterred everywhere, shouting new year to all and trying to disturb the passerbys and the vehicles( My thoughts were, a) why are these ppl soo excited? b) what do they gain by harming others on road? c) will they come up in groups in similar way, when something wrong happens to the common man? d) r they doing this, just for the heck of being out ))). Police really had to control the never ending groups. where few of them ( groups) even tried to scream, abuse the policemen. Traffic started to build by that hour, since ppl were forced to get out of pubs/discs all in drunken state welcoming the yr. I highly regard the police force, who were doing their duty in the chill wee hours of 31st night, without having to be with their family or frens - enjoying in their cosy homes / partying.
I was shivering sitting inside our car, looking amazed at the streets and the crowd. We stayed in Fuga for less than 30 mins, since there was a compulsion to be out of the place by the duty men. Back to the Chancery, 8th floor( one of H's fren owns the hotel) and the entire group opf frens in the room drinking all kinds of drink I ever knew - coke bottels all around - Selection of chicken starters…etcccc to keep them going till morning. I was sitting in a quite corner place, as I did not know many of them, but enjoying couple of jokes and light talks. No drink for me, but H had his share of Chevas!
@ 2:50, we started to drive back home ( If H was alone, he would have end the party only by 5 AM) with my mind calculating the hours of sleep I need to get, before I start my day!

Wishing ALL a very happy - Fun filled - peaceful New Year….
Today, am also making my resolution list ( first time ever, but much needed to plan and implement)