01 January 2009

My first night out on 31ST DEC....

Welcome 2009!!!
> Got up @ 7:46AM, hurridely took off the eye liner, kohl and mascara with help of the cleanser and rushed to the bathroom to take a quick shower.
> On the way; wished In-Laws a very happy new year ;)…need to call pa, ma and jenu too
> Mentally am calculating the time I need to get ready and get going to work. Yes!!!!! AM working on JAN 01ST 2009.
> Wore jeans and a tee…opps, remembered its not a corporate holiday and quickly changed to a salwar ( Not sure if H likes this colour)..meanwhile woke H up and wished him again ( opps)
> Had hot cup of Bournvita ( Prep by MIL)
> Said bye to H and MIL…Am working from the BTM office today and the only one from the team ( My manager loves doing this to me; But H says am going to have a day, where I can give back every inch of pain I have mentally going through)
> to pep up my mood on the first day of the year, dialled J's number and wished everyone at home. They are all off to a place called "ABBHUR" ( miss them a lot :))

Gosh, workplace looks deserted. But I have tuned my mind, not to feel bad and just do something better at workplace today..Like..hmmm…preparing the taining plan for the new joniners…writing….preparing for the upcoming appraisals for my team…maybe even visiting shopper's stop which is next to my office;) wow!! Sounds interesting.

My first ever 31st night outing....
Last night…
H was supposed to come home early; but got home only by 8:00 cos of some meeting. I was getting dressed for our so-called-new year's-PARTY. We left home by 9, picked Padmini and Neha on the way and off to Sashi's place.
What I loved the most:-
> Yummy cheese-pineapple-cheery dish, Home made Avarekai huli and curd rice
> Red wine
> Talking to Sashi ( One person who has loads of patience).
> Listening to the teenage talks ( Can't remember if I was like this couple of yrs back…bad memory)
> watching the kids play...nice pass time..kids r soo intelligent these days
> Ravi's jokes offcouse and H's too..( a different profession would have better bought out his hidden skills like a stand-up comedian, PR head, bollywood actor, model if he was couple of inchesmore;) But, I do not mind, in couple of yrs he is a VP of SALES too.

@11PM, we left to Chancery to catch up with his frens. @12, myself and H wished each other, sitting in the hotel lobby; still wiating for his frens. We then left to Fuga, since we got a call saying the entire crowd was there partying. Streets of residency rd, MG rd looked something like never before. There were groups of men scatterred everywhere, shouting new year to all and trying to disturb the passerbys and the vehicles( My thoughts were, a) why are these ppl soo excited? b) what do they gain by harming others on road? c) will they come up in groups in similar way, when something wrong happens to the common man? d) r they doing this, just for the heck of being out ))). Police really had to control the never ending groups. where few of them ( groups) even tried to scream, abuse the policemen. Traffic started to build by that hour, since ppl were forced to get out of pubs/discs all in drunken state welcoming the yr. I highly regard the police force, who were doing their duty in the chill wee hours of 31st night, without having to be with their family or frens - enjoying in their cosy homes / partying.
I was shivering sitting inside our car, looking amazed at the streets and the crowd. We stayed in Fuga for less than 30 mins, since there was a compulsion to be out of the place by the duty men. Back to the Chancery, 8th floor( one of H's fren owns the hotel) and the entire group opf frens in the room drinking all kinds of drink I ever knew - coke bottels all around - Selection of chicken starters…etcccc to keep them going till morning. I was sitting in a quite corner place, as I did not know many of them, but enjoying couple of jokes and light talks. No drink for me, but H had his share of Chevas!
@ 2:50, we started to drive back home ( If H was alone, he would have end the party only by 5 AM) with my mind calculating the hours of sleep I need to get, before I start my day!

Wishing ALL a very happy - Fun filled - peaceful New Year….
Today, am also making my resolution list ( first time ever, but much needed to plan and implement)

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