14 January 2009

Early morning - Jan 14th

Its Sankranti!!!! am wearing a saree ( one gifted by MIL during marriage)!!!!
Am working today too :)))

well....currently am done with reading all the books, need to load my shelf with couple of them more, maybe this evening its one of the agenda!

Regret, havent sent any details to DNA somehow words do not float from my mind these days. I have some topic in mind, but unable to think the creative side of it....NEED HELP!

Goodness, My IPOD is taking its own time to charge, am running out of time and need to walk til the bus stand; alongside managing the saree and the footwear...

This is something I have notices, when I wake up early morning ( say 4:40; as per my alaram), I have loads of time to catch up on things before I leave to work @ 6:45. Today I found time to write too before I start my day officially!!

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