28 January 2009

Republic Day and Chinese new year!!!

'Chinese New year' means less work for my team; inturn less responsibilities in 'Run The Bank' for me and no lined up conference calls.
Started the day with greetings from my client which reads 'Kung Hei Fat Choi' (in chinese means earn more money). Now coming from Danica Lun was a surprise, since she is a Lady of few words all that matters to her is W-O-R-K! This was the first time she was in good - Light mood; trying to talk about the chinese new yr .My team was all pro; showcasing interest on the occasion and also explaining her on our Republic day history . She was expressing her interests and asking questions with her usual " oh la" :)
It's a Public holiday in both countries; but here we were at work and trying to make most of it to ensure we do not rant about all those ppl holidaying / lazying at home! We all decided to have some fun on floor and make it up for being in office.
All the girls/Ladies in the team took coffee break together and topic of discussion was shopping and beauty tips. Somehow, this is a fav topic for all of us and never get enough of it.
Couple of them to share:-
A) Apply a mix of lemon-honey-milk on your face three times a week and guarenteed a nice complexion
B) Milk cream to be mixed with sandalwood powder and apply on hands and face to get rid of dry skin
C) Mix Camphor with water and store it for few days. Apply the liquid in cotton, pimples vanish
D) Run for 3 to 4 kms a day, no need to worry about your every growing tummy
E) Eat loads of greens ( I simply love leafy - green vegetables)
F) Mix Vit E tablet with a face pack and see the change youself!
G) take tulsi leaves and turmeric and apply on face for fair and clear skin
H) Mix Honey and kesar in your daily dose of milk
I) Laugh and Laugh ( even if you have no reason)
J)Apply colgate toothpast on your pimples and see them vanish
K) Mix Papaya pulk with honey and apply on face for 15 mins, which acts as a good facial.
Humm…can't recollect anymore. Well, I used to try most of these a yr back, but these days its just a face wash and nothing more for the skin! I somehow can't drink lots of water, not sure if there is any substitute.
Well, Back from Coffee break, we get to know people onshore are getting packed to leave for the day. There is a celebration in office late evening in Hong Kong; where they will attend with their families. Not to forget, its going to be a treat for people who love food.
My team is discussing on various topics; since the bus in only 1 hr away from now . I have 2 meetings to catch up with management, until then am all alone, writing what's on my mind! liking the feel of being along and doing what I want to!
Am also checking some information unknown to me about Republic day….
Straight from WIKIPEDIA
The Republic Day of India is a national holiday of India to mark the adoption of the Constitution of India and the transition of India from a British Dominion to a republic on January 26, 1950
What Sir Anthony Eden, the Prime Minister of Britain, said at the time of the emergence of Indian Republic is relevant in this context. He said, ‘Of all the experiments in government, which have been attempted since the beginning of time, I believe that the Indian venture into parliamentary government is the most exciting
Even more meaningful was the opinion expressed by an American Constitutional authority, Granville Austin, who wrote that what the Indian Constituent Assembly began was ‘perhaps the greatest political venture since that originated in Philadelphia in 1787.’
Jai Hind!

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