26 August 2011

Update on 26th Aug

> Strongly feel like Having yummy dessert, now that I just finished good Lunch at home. Am imagining a bowl of rich cream, chocolate sauce and some mix of ice cream flavors with jelly and so on........Maybe this should be covered this weekend.

> Hubby is not keeping well from past 2 days and its kinda increased today, so he is at home. It pains to see him so SICK, am just unable to even sit near him and hold his hands...

> Working and office and related sounds so alien to me, now that am on a long break. Its kinda weird am going through this "AT HOME" types, trying to see what interests me.

> Am "ANGRY" with few things around and its not mood swings. But can't voice it out and its running within my veins which needs to be calmed down. Its sad that you have to keep quite, smile and show off the DIPLOMACY, just feel like shouting things out...OUTBURSTS needs some real preparation....

> There is a small function at amma's place this Sunday and it will be an evening with difference and devotion,with cousins and concluding with some yummy dishes for dinner. Hope my 'To be born' enjoys it, since its for its sake!

> ShoPPING is something which excites me Morning-Noon and Night, Anytime and Anywhere! This is the only topic which I keep talking to hubby about and he is slowing getting mad at me these days...I mean, whats the HARM if you enjoy speaking and not even end up spending like that?????? Like, I did not buy iPhone inspite of he insisting me.....

> Vegetable Garden is on my mind for quite sometime......

20 August 2011

Happy Anniversary Hubby dear

Three years of marriage and one of my friends over phone while wishing me for the anniversary said “you both still behave as if you are dating in college”…..I agree- since I still show off in public display that am so crazy about my hubby….It’s one of the bestest things to have happened in Life and every moment is cherished.

I strongly wish to keep track of every single day of the journey with hubby and keep recalling and even share them with my ‘to be born’ at a later stage. Isn’t it fun!!!!

Now, back to this day and our plans..We did discuss on lot of shopping stuff and but have decided to keep things on hold. Doesn’t sound very much like us since we love to spend on each other and Hubby’s surprises are always a killer….but this yr doesn’t seem to be the typical. But dining out together – YES- Just me and Hubby (Its quite shocking since we never do that without our gang of frens) is something which deserves a special mention today. The place to dine is still under planning but am sure I will love it.

Lifez moving with my books around me, those cooking shows in all channels, some funny soaps in Star world to star plus, reading and adhoc assignments, walking and usual phone calls, questioning myself why my parents fast so much to feasting on sweets every day, managing BP fluctuations to those leg cramps and enjoying movements and talking with my to be born…..

And..Happy anniversary Hubby!!!

13 August 2011

Long weekend...

Its long weekend for the working class couples and most of my frens are heading out of Bangalore as per the FB update...

Now, if I had a chance to get away like this; I would be planning to Dubai with hubby (or) Maybe some Island for 5 days. Would have spent last few days shopping for the trip and packing ( wooowww!!!!) and would be browsing net to check on all the places would like to Visit...would be talking on and on with hubby in the Flight while relishing new cuisines and drink...would be trying out my new outfits and shopping non-stop...to experience a new place is a BEAUTY in itself and a new place never fails to refresh me. I have a list of places mentally typed which covers most places in the WORLD which needs to be covered yet....Including almost Entire INDIA...

WELL-WELL-WELL, being a PISCEAN I spend my time day dreaming and imagining things which takes me places and gives me the new HIGH...Am happy to be dreaming and having so much to look forward to in life, even if its not a reality FOR NOW.

FOR NOW, its just back to imagining hows my baby doing, content with those kicks inside, worry when it's not, try to feel it and talk, dreaming of how its gonna be when its born andso many other things depending....
Have stepped into my 9TH MONTH officially! Its GREAT to have reached here and just Prayers ON for a healthy baby. This is a Phase which I had never dreamt or Imagined before, but its so BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Most of my talks with hubby just revolves around her (since hubby wants a daughter) and there's just nothing else which seems like a priority now...

Also, the scary quotient is more that the count down has begun....

Happy Long Weekend to all....

11 August 2011

Old FreN

Last Saturday met with an old fren…A complete day of nostalgia, with both of us revising on the past grandeur when we were all working together, taking tea breaks to doing Lunch together, the silly incidents with our colleagues, those onsite and shopping and going over the old photographs was simply pleasant. It was much needed dose for me since need the content of who I was!

Well, after the Nostalgia ride it was Lunch at NANDINI and more catching up of things about our present lives and then we headed to the SPA! A nice pedicure while it poured outside just added to the rejuvenation.

On the contrary was angry with hubby since he spent less time with us on Sunday. I miss holding his hand and talking…just talking without aim or reason, demanding things; which is missing now….It sounds silly but can’t help that I just can’t do without him….

While am posting this, am into another mess which is troubling me....so let me sign off and THINK of the possible ways to come out of this...

05 August 2011

story of south Indian - Orthodox - Brahmin Family :)

It’s a succession of festivals at mom’s place and what a alter life am getting to experience living here…

Day starts with listening to mom and dad prepare for pooja and recite, with some devotional songs playing at the backdrop and seeing those Diya’s lit and flowers arranged all over ‘Devara mane’ and amma running around to prepare for Navidya ( Offering to God). I don’t follow too many things except that I know what day is it and what festival is being performed along with a rule that I will get my breakfast only after I take bath and take theertha ( That’s holy water in English, though not completely true!). So I listen to them sing and Pray; while holding my cup of tea and newspaper in my room, enjoying the soft cold breeze , all thanks to Bangalore early morning weather. This is the time I try catch up on all the news for the day and plan for next 15 hrs ahead of me, which looks so uniform….

My Meditation plan doesn’t fit at that time since my tummy starts knocking and time for me to freshen up and demand for Breakfast. Their pooja continues until half my day, while I browse the net and try to fill my head with some information and knowledge before I go blank about the where abouts near me. It’s a constant effort am putting not to use this break like a Literal break, but to keep myself engaged with everything around so I do not miss the other side of the coin. My offline projects for this company has slowed down but maybe that’s how it is when you want to work from home. In between dad advises me to be little God fearing and listen to some music which is good for the kid, for which I nod my head and there it stops. I don’t want to hurt him but I want to do things which I enjoy.Its so easy to tell them what I want and dislike....

He also finds some DVDs in my drawer which reads Ragini MMS, Shaitan and Murder 2 and gets his shock of life. There is a long advise on how I should avoid such movies at this time,health of the to be born, without giving me a chance to explain its just stored there and haven’t watched nor have the intention.
Ufff, that’s when I just question their lifestyle and boommmm...blahhhhh……we are all silent…doing our own work for next few hrs….I try helping mom for cooking and thats when they have their first meal for the day…I serve with lot of advises from my side on their age and health and blah blah ….. Watching them eat after a long gap!
I silently pray for their health...

A walk with mom in the evening, catching up on all the gossips while watching those lovely bungalows nearby is such a treat...I go on and on about my dreams and passion in Life and surprisingly she listens, No advises and No judgements and am Happy.
Back home, Dad has his own story to share with all of us getting into arguments with different opinions from each of us...It just goes on....\
BTW, I need the remote before he takes charge!

Alter life isnt it…..but love them….

02 August 2011

Third Trimester

I had listed few things in my mind as an action tracker during my idle moments/days; at those instances when I was so busy at work, then back home to the daily chores on preparing dinner or rest of help and left with those few minutes to catch up on one daily soap in TV, a very few minutes to chat with hubby and never knew when I used to drown into deep sleep until the Alarm rang. No Complaints and absolutely love the life where u have no time for being IDLE!

Now when am at a stage of being IDLE for time being, I have gone blank. I try to recall that list of things I always wanted to do, but seem devoid of interest. This is not good feel since I had kept few things aside for this stage say like reading those books, catching up with old frens, trying out new food joints and cuisines, experiment some handmade bags, Join Painting class, Meditate and Yoga, cooking and so on….I wonder where did the interest or the want vanish, not to blame but few of them are restricted due to my last trimester am at.

The third trimester has its own beauty, since you feel and bond more with the 'to be born' which comes as a pleasant surprise package.
so most of the time its about my baby kicks, taking care of my sleep patterns, those medicines, those advices and all the package that comes to you when you are preggy. I enjoy talking to my 'to be born' and watch the excitement my hubby goes through when he sees those kicks; which keeps me alive mentally for the entire day.