20 August 2011

Happy Anniversary Hubby dear

Three years of marriage and one of my friends over phone while wishing me for the anniversary said “you both still behave as if you are dating in college”…..I agree- since I still show off in public display that am so crazy about my hubby….It’s one of the bestest things to have happened in Life and every moment is cherished.

I strongly wish to keep track of every single day of the journey with hubby and keep recalling and even share them with my ‘to be born’ at a later stage. Isn’t it fun!!!!

Now, back to this day and our plans..We did discuss on lot of shopping stuff and but have decided to keep things on hold. Doesn’t sound very much like us since we love to spend on each other and Hubby’s surprises are always a killer….but this yr doesn’t seem to be the typical. But dining out together – YES- Just me and Hubby (Its quite shocking since we never do that without our gang of frens) is something which deserves a special mention today. The place to dine is still under planning but am sure I will love it.

Lifez moving with my books around me, those cooking shows in all channels, some funny soaps in Star world to star plus, reading and adhoc assignments, walking and usual phone calls, questioning myself why my parents fast so much to feasting on sweets every day, managing BP fluctuations to those leg cramps and enjoying movements and talking with my to be born…..

And..Happy anniversary Hubby!!!


Swaram said...

Happy anniversary! Hope u hd a nice dinner :)

Mingled Minds said...

its a really beautiful post....a cute , a sweet one ... smthng is definitely special aboutit...

hop u had a gr8 day :D


manju said...

hello shru

congrajulations and best wishes to you