11 August 2011

Old FreN

Last Saturday met with an old fren…A complete day of nostalgia, with both of us revising on the past grandeur when we were all working together, taking tea breaks to doing Lunch together, the silly incidents with our colleagues, those onsite and shopping and going over the old photographs was simply pleasant. It was much needed dose for me since need the content of who I was!

Well, after the Nostalgia ride it was Lunch at NANDINI and more catching up of things about our present lives and then we headed to the SPA! A nice pedicure while it poured outside just added to the rejuvenation.

On the contrary was angry with hubby since he spent less time with us on Sunday. I miss holding his hand and talking…just talking without aim or reason, demanding things; which is missing now….It sounds silly but can’t help that I just can’t do without him….

While am posting this, am into another mess which is troubling me....so let me sign off and THINK of the possible ways to come out of this...


Renu said...

meeting old friends is real pleasure..hope you have sorted out the mess:)

Swaram said...

Wow! What fun being with friends that way :)

Hope u r out of the mess! Hugs :)