25 July 2009

Tirupati and rest of things...

Visiting Tirupati was a hail revolutionize…lovely tiny trip it was with good Darshana of Lord Venkateshwara (My fav); Good food which we all happened to sit on road side steps in front of our hotel and relish it ( when u hungry, the place and taste doesn’t matter; Hygiene completed forgotten;)) …I like anything, which is away from the routine often and hence the trip will be a cherished one…Loved it, full of fun…but for the end..

It was the first time, our new car was travelling long distance and it behaved very well, quite comfy. I kept adoring it, while rest of them rolled their eyes each time I Mudhufy my pet….The trip was concluded with little adventure ( It was heart breaking for me and H though)….While on our way back to Bengalooru, due to temp difference or Temp fluctuation; the rear end of car glass just shattered to pieces in matter of a sec ( Pic below)…Sitting behind, I was too shaken to see it like that, with first thoughts “ Did someone hit the glass with a stone?”. Later we inspected, it was no damaged caused by human, it was due to not having a sun fortification…While V, N and G were clearing the glass pieces, I just hugged H , staring at what had happened, UNBELIEVABLE!!! The only topic we spoke on our way was about the incident. We decided not to rant; admit what had happened and get it fixed once we reach the city….( Its not easy, I kept asking WHY…WHY)..It might look very small for rest of the world, it still hurts na…
Have 3 books with me currently, pending for my reading….Back to being all excited cos of thisJ
1) Started with “If tomorrow COMES”, by Sidney Sheldon …This is the third time am reading this book. With exception, I don’t mind reading books again and again. Miss u Sidney…Wish you have written few more…U r simply amazing, just take me to a different world!
2) Brida from Paula was a disappointment for me. Now, I want to check “ The winner Stands ALONE”...Thanks V for lending me this book..
3) The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand ( any feedback?)

August will be a HECTIC month in terms of work; one of the big IT projects goLive happening and concurrently in diverse Geographies. It’s become a challenge in terms of planning the availability and rest of work related stuff….. And off course planning for my one week vacation… ;)

16 July 2009


The Title reads "Trepidation"; which was the sense during the day today; but at this hour its just contrary...am calm, relaxed and watching a very funny amusing show in NDTV Imagine...well Its Rakhi ki swayamwar...LOL.
If anyone over there wants to have undemanding fun, let the tresses down and loosen up with nothing solemn, then this is the show for you...Total Masala and Natak ( WINK)
Most of the time, I forget what’s the show all about and love the way Rakhi embellish herself...Lovely accessories and clothes....my eyes are all over her ( In the right sense;))
I have always dreamt of wearing different kind of attire, experiment..blah…blahh...but have never been possible. Living life my class and environment, upbringing, its not easy to become manifest of the salwar-saree-jeans kinda attire.

But I love to wear those dresses, skirts,..hmm…can’t recal all those names, but just love them…I always imagine myself in them and …….continue to imagine..
(H pls don’t amplify your eyes, I know u have always given me the liberty..so not blaming u buddy)

Off late my latest craze is to go to a cold place/country and buy those long boots. Match them with skirt or skin fit jeans and wear long coats…Isnt it nice?
Enough of this..but don’t forget to watch… Rakhi ki swayamwar

Rest of the stories:
Ø Soon its going to be a yr am MaRRiEd….i KEEP thinking of this over and over again and consistently think REALLY%^&%^?? Wow!!! Not bad me…ee…
Ø I want to watch NEWYORK ( movie)
Ø Most importantly, we are visiting Tirupathi this weekend…Love the place.


15 July 2009


Something si weird .... is it with me? Is it about the con call am just listening to ppl talk? Is it my boss? IS IT WORK? What's the problem.....

15 JULY 2002

Exactly 7 yrs back, 15th July; in the yr 2002 I stepped into the beautiful planet called “work life”/ Corporate world…During my final yr Graduation, in 2002; I got to attend Interview with Infosys BPO; through my old school friend; the selection astray a shocker to me; with much excitement, equally petrified went ahead to accept the offer and entered into this then unknown course.

Initial yrs were hard-hitting to recognize how “Things worked” here. The whole lot; from a Boss, to team, to clients - everything about the “corporate world” was a new –Unexplored hostilities to me. To deal with them every inch was a huge dispute. But every issue, every “change”, every rejection, every acceptance, every client, work piece, every award, be it boss and friends have made me stride and make my way; for 6.5 yrs and what a transformation it has bought into me. To look back and think is a beautiful melancholy!

Am so very nostalgic about the Initial days in Cisco ( first client), which I thrash about the most. I used to be very blocked to long working hours, lacked self-reliance, took things personal, and never looked at managers as Humans…many supplementary things to it….. With time; slowly realized my mistakes or call it the modus operandi to survive…hence its close to my heart; experience since It gave way to re-create things in my formative years, which was into Investment banking.

During my rough patch, I made great frens, whom I still catch up, talk endlessly and cherish the memories….Those few ( Vini, Bharu, Niri, Prasanna, Deepa, anand, Jaya and few more who were never frens, but I learnt just by watching them) will always be prized…A exceptional THANKS goes to them for their lovely; unconditional friendship along with bringing a positive change in me!!!!

It was yet another exquisite experience, as I walked out of Cisco to the new world - Mellon and UBS bank. I can go on and on about the trauma I have gone through to the never ending child like fun to the leadership know-how to the progressions to just learning about banking….I have had some great travel experience during last 4 yrs, peek to different world, culture, food, learning, professionalism, etiquette and of all refining me, make feel a lot closer to the corporate world.

The last team I worked ( before I quite Infy) has been more of baby like to me and I still miss the world “we team” created. If there is something I wish to “experience the past”, it would indisputably be my last worked team (PD for my memories). It’s simply closer to my heart, a bonding more than a workplace. This experience is what I call a second home. It was a complete MASALA team. My special THANKS to those guys over there!!!! You rock!!!!

Last 6 months with WB has been quite different, yet an experience am living…. I need lot of good wishes to take the journey forward…..
Am still thirsty for good work, recognition and still learning..

Now the NEXT part of the pack is about my Hubby; then my boy friend (how weird it sounds) for 6 yrs. He was always there guiding me, pass judgment on and most importantly bringing in those little change in the right time, tuning my attitude….I watched him being so SELFLESS, working towards me more than anything. The beauty of having someone next to you always, so unconditional, so loving, so caring no matter how crappy you can get is the most beautiful thing.
So in short, without him next to me would have been just IMPOSSIBLE! Wish I could write a poem, but in vainL
So my next special THANKS goes to My chwweetttt, cuuteee, ever charming, very handsome, dimpled sweetheart!

Again to the most imp piece– My parents and sis.
Like everyone, I can go on and on but will never be able to do Justice….
My very special Thanks to amma and appa for being there ( I recall the difficulties) and supporting me….Thanks for not questioning me, whenever I had to work late nights, do night shifts, go out on team outings and spoke about guys AND taking all the pain I gave about my marriage; with a smile! Hugsss and lemme tell that both of you r my BeStEsT frens….Thanks again for not treating me different cos I was a girl, still moving ahead working my way (I knew how relatives speak) and u guys RoCk!!! No matter WHAT, dad has always been proud of me.

I remember….

Ø The day I received my offer letter, dad was travelling to Bhopal on work. He just didn’t want to leave that day, since he wanted to make me feel special about the moment. Since he could not cancel his trip, we both made it together till the train station. He spoke to me all through the way…He was happy for me…There was something…..I liked it…
Ø We bought our first sofa set, from my second salary. We four jumped at it, since it was a Dream then to have one at home. We managed with 4 cane chairs until 2003 at home.
Ø My first abroad travel, bought tears to my parents, swe and H. It was a big THING for us then! Though I was dead scared to be going away, I managed to smile. All it mattered to me was, they were happy as I was hiding my fear.

Before the Nostalgia kills me…..lemme just sit back, take a deep breath and smileJ
Goodness, Maybe I will ask my kid (when I have one and in future) to read this ;)

12 July 2009

fun time with mom-dad-sis

Its weekend again…. *****
Had a nice week (except for few things about my work life, which am still debating with myself)
Read this lovely quote and re-read it, sent it to my X-Team...smiled; thing’s not that bad as of now…..
“Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still”

My sister’s marriage is soon approaching. With know-how, I see my parents much relaxed as compared to their order during my marriage homework. Had a long tête-à-tête with mom and dad. While mom grumbled about my sis, dad (with Love); I had a nice time watching her talk and laughing about all the things she said. Was J seeing them argue like kids in front of me…I realized that what was irritating to me and was a reason to fight with them before is no more the same after marriage.. Every thing is just “BEAUTIFUL” .
Had great time deciding on the gifts for our relatives and reconciling the sarees to them based on how much we like our auntie’s. We gossiped for sometime and dozed off hugging my bed (miss the smell of the room and the my bed).
I have a very beautiful gift in mind to present for sis…Finger’s crossed!!!

Spent time with dad, talking the financial bits and pieces about my sis’s marriage and rest of stuff. It’s nice; he still likes to discuss things with me, and take decisions. I feel very self-assured when I speak to him. It was a re-charge for me to a great degree.

We also bough some plants home and have arranged it in the front Balcony. Its looking lovely. We have plans of brining in more in next 6 months and make the place just look “GREEN”.

Haven’t bought a new books from ages. Have too many in wishlist. Might start with the biography of Rajnikanth written by Gayatri Srikanth since H also mentioned about it.

MIL prepared onion chutney last evening for dinner and it was the most amazing thing I tasted in the last few days. I went with no sign of stopping; relishing it and telling her how good it was….SlUrRrP…!!!!

Listening to Nadia Ali's ....Is it LOVE...Just taking me to a different world..wow!!! amazing voice, out of world lyrics...a must listen..
"Am always on spell…even when am sleeping…
U r always on my mind…."

08 July 2009

WeeEND Fun and Its Food AGAin

Weekend was soOper fun and I call this MY TYPES!
Friday was a holiday cos of Independence day in states and since am handling a project handover for a US project, I got to take off. Christina wanted to celebrated, so she invited us to join her at Leela for dinner.
It turned out to be a very pleasant evening, with all of us shedding away the professional tag and dined as friends. We spoke from India-Delhi-Taj-Indians-food-culture-sports– Just the whole lot a propos our country and values and turned to be a very engaging event. By the time we had “paan”, we had almost decided to pack our bags and head to Taj the next day ( post all the hot debate and discussions on the history, which was just a treat to my ears). We didn’t implement the plan since Christina did not want to take a chance by cancelling her already planned outing to Mysore.
Saturday; yearning a Lazy one, but didn’t go as planned. Morning was catching up with some weekend chores. The afternoon nap was the most looked-for one, especially when it’s drizzling outside. It was just me and Harsh the entire evening, endlessly roving in Jayanagar (Last was 6 yrs back) and shopping stuff which our eyes fell on ( Picked up RayBan, Swarozki Crystal ear rings). This is my Fav distraction and just enjoyed it, concluding with Pizza for our dinner. I was too pooped and sleepy when Harsha did not want to end our day by going home. We decided to just have a drink in Fuga and relax with the lovely music they play at that place. We jammed up in FUGA, met his frens, enjoyed the Drink and music and were back home only past mid-night. I just coulnt sleep, cos of the drink but it was simply the best evening I had in ages!
Sunday was exclusive of plans, but as the clock ticked we had planned our entire day. After our usual temple and breakfast, we headed to N and G’s house...it was a pleasant change to meet them and have our usual never ending plans on our upcoming trips over a hot cup of coffee.
With NG Couple

Dinner was planned out with the couple, but with a difference this time; theme being "Road Side JuNK". No hotel/ good restuarant/hot joint – just eat out at your fav hangout. Starting from Bhel puri’s to Corn masala, masala drinks to all junks from one vendor to another, concluded with road side hot yummy dosas and Idly’s with Bisleri water bottle to churn the eateries inside……uff…The best part was the hot Idlies and dosas's of all varities, which you just can't stop at 1 or 2. It just keeps flowing down the throat, treating your tummy until you just want to force yourself a STOP.....

Pics taken at that time, with my phone camera. Not great, but good for me to check back and have a good laugh:)Check the 3some enjoying it, while I click
No Monday blue’s plssssss…

02 July 2009

Three ladies & Delicious cheesy dinner!!

Had Dinner with three ladies today, whom I currently working with for a Project handover. Lemme write a little bit about the ladies, before I go to the Dinner part….
Christina and Terry are from my LA WB office who are here in Bangalore for 2 weeks and the other lady Nisha is the boss from CapG. All three are the career focused, extremely strong headed, Ultra responsible and focused, confident women whom I met 4 days back for the project Go Live and started to observe ….I had 9 hrs / 4 days to get to know them and pick up my lessons ( am looking at only affirmative side here)….

I watch them work, run around, handle calls, handle escalation, solve issues, manage people, hold meetings, check, action, converse, take decisions, assert to things and situation……without even a glance at their watch, ensuring it’s a smooth Go Live. There is not a sec of rant or tiredness I have watched or heard from them in last 4 days and am all Gaga over their passion towards work, attitude and it’s a kind of freshness they have bought in me undoubtedly. I must say its their ACT, during the pressure and when issues arise which made me sit up and observe each one do their part. Its been a great time & erudition for me, having worked for such a short time with them……

These things, bought in me more curiosity as to what these women were otherwise in their personal life. This was the time, I used to converse informally at our dinner table. Last 4 days, we ordered different spread – Thai, Chinese, Indian and today It was Italian.
Loved the different cuisines and also this gave way to talk more about how we are all in our personal front. The work life balance is something so challenging yet these ladies have managed to handle it and talk with so much love about their Family. Women off target are connoisseur in Multitasking and seize the strain to the knife point and still manage to smile at end of day….so cool !!

Back to my fav topic-FOOD!
Dinner today was the best; I had yummy hot cheesy garlic bread with Tomato soup as a starter. Then ordered Spaghetti Pasta with Capsicum and lot of Mushrooms, hot and cheesy, smelled awesome and tasted just yummy and right. Dressing with chilly flakes made it so beautifully hot and spicy. I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner…Yes, lot of cheese in my tummy but can manage it now….;)

Am gonna go back to sleep in the morning, recalling my unique experience at work this week and about the ladies in deed!

01 July 2009

Coffee MaNiA & Rest of the things....

Date: 01 JuLy 2009
tIME: 00:31 am
wHAT AM i DOING AT THIS hour: aM wOrKiNg....Am chATTINg with MY X coworKER...AM listening to "Tum se hi" from Jab v met....am talking to CHRistina about out FRI plan...am MuLtItAsking...

I need coffee badly...Hot - strong-filled with froth- CoffEE....In a Big MuG.....JUST SIT back and sip it slowly.....take the caffine in and enjoy my very early morning work...

Few updates....

From last 2 days, am loving my skin..It looks good...Mayb its the Olive oil..

From last 2 days, I have just said HI and BYE to harsh and rest spoken only over phone...

From last 2 days, I have blog hopped the most and read hazars of Blogs, making me THINK and worry about many issues...

From last 2 days, am drinking more water ( reason unknown).......and started to meditate ( in my own terms and half acquired knowledge) for 5 mins. In that 5 mins, my mind would have touched atleast 5 different subjects...

I always wanted to go to these big, famous, rich, five / seven star hotels for Luncheon and dinner....I have been visiting them so much, That am done with it and want to cook and eat....

Am more emotional and care for relationships ( family and Frens) much much more than I have ever.....Atleast I make a point to call one fren and say Hello in a day....

2 cousins of mine, whom I kinda ignored and loathed the most during our early childhood days are my current favs and mean a lot to me as compared to rest of them. Somehow This is the case with most of them in my life, whom I like / love.....

Pics of us in coffee day last week.....