02 July 2009

Three ladies & Delicious cheesy dinner!!

Had Dinner with three ladies today, whom I currently working with for a Project handover. Lemme write a little bit about the ladies, before I go to the Dinner part….
Christina and Terry are from my LA WB office who are here in Bangalore for 2 weeks and the other lady Nisha is the boss from CapG. All three are the career focused, extremely strong headed, Ultra responsible and focused, confident women whom I met 4 days back for the project Go Live and started to observe ….I had 9 hrs / 4 days to get to know them and pick up my lessons ( am looking at only affirmative side here)….

I watch them work, run around, handle calls, handle escalation, solve issues, manage people, hold meetings, check, action, converse, take decisions, assert to things and situation……without even a glance at their watch, ensuring it’s a smooth Go Live. There is not a sec of rant or tiredness I have watched or heard from them in last 4 days and am all Gaga over their passion towards work, attitude and it’s a kind of freshness they have bought in me undoubtedly. I must say its their ACT, during the pressure and when issues arise which made me sit up and observe each one do their part. Its been a great time & erudition for me, having worked for such a short time with them……

These things, bought in me more curiosity as to what these women were otherwise in their personal life. This was the time, I used to converse informally at our dinner table. Last 4 days, we ordered different spread – Thai, Chinese, Indian and today It was Italian.
Loved the different cuisines and also this gave way to talk more about how we are all in our personal front. The work life balance is something so challenging yet these ladies have managed to handle it and talk with so much love about their Family. Women off target are connoisseur in Multitasking and seize the strain to the knife point and still manage to smile at end of day….so cool !!

Back to my fav topic-FOOD!
Dinner today was the best; I had yummy hot cheesy garlic bread with Tomato soup as a starter. Then ordered Spaghetti Pasta with Capsicum and lot of Mushrooms, hot and cheesy, smelled awesome and tasted just yummy and right. Dressing with chilly flakes made it so beautifully hot and spicy. I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner…Yes, lot of cheese in my tummy but can manage it now….;)

Am gonna go back to sleep in the morning, recalling my unique experience at work this week and about the ladies in deed!


Anonymous said...

May be someday will visit bangalore.

Solilo said...

Nice to read about the food and female bonding. :)