16 July 2009


The Title reads "Trepidation"; which was the sense during the day today; but at this hour its just contrary...am calm, relaxed and watching a very funny amusing show in NDTV Imagine...well Its Rakhi ki swayamwar...LOL.
If anyone over there wants to have undemanding fun, let the tresses down and loosen up with nothing solemn, then this is the show for you...Total Masala and Natak ( WINK)
Most of the time, I forget what’s the show all about and love the way Rakhi embellish herself...Lovely accessories and clothes....my eyes are all over her ( In the right sense;))
I have always dreamt of wearing different kind of attire, experiment..blah…blahh...but have never been possible. Living life my class and environment, upbringing, its not easy to become manifest of the salwar-saree-jeans kinda attire.

But I love to wear those dresses, skirts,..hmm…can’t recal all those names, but just love them…I always imagine myself in them and …….continue to imagine..
(H pls don’t amplify your eyes, I know u have always given me the liberty..so not blaming u buddy)

Off late my latest craze is to go to a cold place/country and buy those long boots. Match them with skirt or skin fit jeans and wear long coats…Isnt it nice?
Enough of this..but don’t forget to watch… Rakhi ki swayamwar

Rest of the stories:
Ø Soon its going to be a yr am MaRRiEd….i KEEP thinking of this over and over again and consistently think REALLY%^&%^?? Wow!!! Not bad me…ee…
Ø I want to watch NEWYORK ( movie)
Ø Most importantly, we are visiting Tirupathi this weekend…Love the place.



Passionate Goof said...

I am enjoying the show like no other. Too much fun. And most of her clothes are lovely! Have a great weekend Shruti!

Anonymous said...

Nautanki at its best.

Renu said...

I havent seen this show, but otherwise she is always over the board:)

when is your first anniversary? congrats in advance!!

Newyork is being liked by everyoisnt it?ne

Swaram said...

LOL! Thatz the best comedy show arnd ;) Y do they need to walk on fire or bend those iron rods to get married :P R they trying to show thatz what its gng to be when they marry her ;)

N that cold place n attire - sounds really nice!

Happy Anniversary in advance .. hope u will do a post on that day so that we get to know n wish u then .. this is just in advance :)

N yeah Happy Journey .. Have gr8 darshan :)

sumalatha said...

Happy Journey Shru....

Ms. Neha Gandhi said...

heyyy u should come to boston for the booties :)

when i was in India all set to leave for my higher-education...this was one thing i would dream about ..wearing a long jacket...and boots :)

Anonymous said...

I have not sen the show but I have heard it is very popular :) Rakhi is a smart girl, she knows how to get solid publicity, for that I admire her! Also she can get away with anything :)