12 July 2009

fun time with mom-dad-sis

Its weekend again…. *****
Had a nice week (except for few things about my work life, which am still debating with myself)
Read this lovely quote and re-read it, sent it to my X-Team...smiled; thing’s not that bad as of now…..
“Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still”

My sister’s marriage is soon approaching. With know-how, I see my parents much relaxed as compared to their order during my marriage homework. Had a long tête-à-tête with mom and dad. While mom grumbled about my sis, dad (with Love); I had a nice time watching her talk and laughing about all the things she said. Was J seeing them argue like kids in front of me…I realized that what was irritating to me and was a reason to fight with them before is no more the same after marriage.. Every thing is just “BEAUTIFUL” .
Had great time deciding on the gifts for our relatives and reconciling the sarees to them based on how much we like our auntie’s. We gossiped for sometime and dozed off hugging my bed (miss the smell of the room and the my bed).
I have a very beautiful gift in mind to present for sis…Finger’s crossed!!!

Spent time with dad, talking the financial bits and pieces about my sis’s marriage and rest of stuff. It’s nice; he still likes to discuss things with me, and take decisions. I feel very self-assured when I speak to him. It was a re-charge for me to a great degree.

We also bough some plants home and have arranged it in the front Balcony. Its looking lovely. We have plans of brining in more in next 6 months and make the place just look “GREEN”.

Haven’t bought a new books from ages. Have too many in wishlist. Might start with the biography of Rajnikanth written by Gayatri Srikanth since H also mentioned about it.

MIL prepared onion chutney last evening for dinner and it was the most amazing thing I tasted in the last few days. I went with no sign of stopping; relishing it and telling her how good it was….SlUrRrP…!!!!

Listening to Nadia Ali's ....Is it LOVE...Just taking me to a different world..wow!!! amazing voice, out of world lyrics...a must listen..
"Am always on spell…even when am sleeping…
U r always on my mind…."


Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

Those who dream most, do the most.

AnjuGandhi said...

thanx or dropping by my blog and leaving your valuable comments.
do visit again

Sriharsha bantalpad said...

I am no where in the picture/discussion! Mmmm

Solilo said...

Awww bliss! I miss being home.

Arunima said...

nice last lines err lyrics. :-)

Enjoy your sis's wedding.

Swaram said...

Ohhhhhhh! How sweet :)
Nice rt when sis is getting married n u get to hv fun :) I hv been pulling my sis legs to get married so that I can njoy ;)

May u always have such gr8 moments in life! *Touchwood*