16 December 2014

December 2014

I have been having pretty good month.....I have been active ( socially), with friends and dinner meets....I have been trying my hands on Instant cooking ( I mean decide at fag end and just chop and saute) ; keeping my son engaged in outings and games, fighting the challenges thrown by his mood changes and demands ( Yes, am prepared most of the time and I win!); Trading ( Loser most of the time); blog reading, planned get together with my parents and sis fly, making Christmas plans for Sammy boy, Shopping ( Big time with all those clothes waiting for labels to be removed); still checking online for sales( i fear); bank work, clearing policy bills, learning shapes and colours with lil one.......uff, Isnt this a big thing!!!!!

With H travelling most of the month, am just left with planning options so we dont miss him much....I missed the 'soul sante', which was so badly in my wish list ; sammy was unwell and dint wat to put him thro torture tagging him along. We skipped and played at home.

Making it up with 2 Lunch dates this week and I want Sam to try some different cuisines. Hopefully I can manage along with keeping up with my never ending wish to be out and try them all !!!!

2 Salwar suites for stitching pending but never dare to step out for that since its never turned out well...

I have done the biggest and most awaited thing all year..I chopped my hair by few inches and I feel so light!!!! Its not great but am loving the feeling....CHOP CHOP CHOP