25 January 2009


My Happiness knew no limits, when we decided to spend the weekend at mysore; which we dearly name it as our second home!
Mysore is a beautiful-calm tier2 city, which is just 2 hrs away from Bangalore, which makes it very easy for us to plan and spend time over weekend. Our fav is the 'to and fro' drive on the Bangalore-Mysore road. H loves the long drive, without having to change gears every now & then, also catching up with the speeding cars ahead of us..( Not to miss, also the girls!!)
We left quite late 08:30AM, sun had already started showering the heat on us, H turn'd the A/C knob to maximum ( goodness, am allergic to AC honey!)

@ 9:15; we Stopped at our fav joint for Breakfast " LOKA RUCHI" waited for almost 35 mins before we tasted yummy idly- Akki rotti - hot filter coffee, which was just worth the wait! This place is well known for north karnataka eateries; which pulls most of the travelers from Bangalore on their way to Mysore /OOTY/ Coorg. Now, given that it was just the beginning of our weekend and a lovely drive ahead with our stomach full with yummy eateries just made me keyed up.
Till our throat dried up; we nattered from issues to home-office-frens-eateries-movies-clothes-women-gadgets-opinions-hot news-outing....our talks always starts from our college days to how we have grown up from there. Well, this is such a repetative topic b/w me and H, but never lacklustre sharing Aforesaid topics!
@11:40; We Stopped at our usual tender-coconut fellow; pleased our throat with cold sweet water; all refreshed to continue our journey. Its already 11:40; we still need to travel 60 kms more (there is no urgency, since we have no plans to freak in Mysore but to spend loads to time to catch up on things and relax!)

@12.30; Reached GINGER; where we will be spending our next 24 hrs. Its a quite-cosy-simple orange room, which is Spot-less clean; given that H is a cleanfreak, he S-I-M-P-L-Y loves this place. We were just in time for Lunch; so quickly got freshened up for a Big-spread
Its a buffet next to hotel reception with varities in south Indian and North Indian cuisine. Given that I love food, I managed to taste everything, except for the meat stuff. H is a very choosy eater, who just selected the veggie stuff without any garlic ( hard to find thee days!) and relished it :)
Post Lunch; We had our regular walk around the hotel ( pained, it is not drizlling) and back to our room to swtiching channels and continue with our never ending talks....few are still repetative; few are argumentive but nice to get all H's time for myself without office calls or the Laptop in front of us. Never released when I slept, but had a good sleep till evening. I must confess, though I hardly get to sleep during noon, its one of the best feel. The fresh look is something you can never get with any number of make up (or) facewash ( remembering my MIL)

Got dressed for our evening drive. Drove till Palace, just to spend time, watching the mix of localites-firangs and travellers! It was a very warm-peaceful evening for me, blessed to have travelled here after a long time without having to go through my routine!
Went in search of Ghajini DVD, now I did not understand why on earth did H wanted to listen to that particular song;). We never managed to find one decent street, which has a music store which ended up in convincing him that he can always do this exercise in B'lore.

@9:00PM, we were driving to "WINDFLOWER", A LOVELY place for drink and dine!
Given that Mysore is a HOT SPOT for many ; we were asked to wait for the table for 40 mins, opps!!! am HuNgRyYY...
we decided to finish our drink and spend time, till we get our place for food. Bacardi reserva - peanut masala - baby corn was simply YUMM as we conversed-fought-laughed from one topic to another ( I always have more to talk and crib, as compared to H)
By the time we ordered for dinner, we were almost full; so had very light dinner and back to GINGER!

This always happens to me - AM LOW. My day is almost over. I slept like LOG, only to release in morning when H was waking me up at 7:00AM.
Gosh, am supposed to be getting up early since i have booked for 'Head and Feet' massage! haha, let me experience the hot oil massage (expecting to walk out stress free and relaxed, as advertised by the spa)

At 9:00AM, when I walked out, I felt no difference just that I had spent 1K from my pocket ( opps, H's pocket). I better ACT - feel good, else H will go on ;)

Hot shower - good breakfast - wow again!! Now, its a not to be missed place for break-fast if you are in Mysore " Hotel MYLARI". Myself and H got introduced to this small- VINTAGED hotel for yummmmm dosa's by his friend who usually do not miss this place when he in Mysore.
The hot-soft dosa's with a topping of butter on it just goes down your throat effortlessly! Hmmm, calories unlimited; but its worth stuffing your tummy!

Now, by the time we lazily walked back to Ginger, it was 11, which means we have just one hour to be check out! I wonder why time flies, when you are enjoying it the most...we did not want to stay back, instead decided to drive through the town and head back to bangalore early.

this time, our thoughts and talks were about what was good - bad - moments to be cherished from last 26 hrs and plans of going on long vacation next time, so we never head back, without getting bored of each-other!!! R u listening Mr. H!

**** If you want to Quality spent timewith your spouse -have good food- MySoRe is the place!!!!****

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