29 January 2009

DeAr diary

I started writing 'DAIRY' from my 7th standard. I was able to continue till 10th Standard. The inspiration was Betty's characTER FROM MY FAV comic "ARCHIE'S"! I still remember, sis and myself fighting to read ArChIeS, especially while having our dinner. We always have a book / news paper beside us, while eating.
When I entered college, those dairies took a backseat and almost forgot about it with my new life in NMKRV college.
Studying in all girls college and very less frens, I did not even have much to write. I was a sober girl, no expectations from anything, quite unusual of girls of same age now!!
I remember only one close fren of mine, who used to daily travel with me to College in our Lady bird cycle's. She also shares my name and is a doctor in Bangalore today.
Now, in these two years of pre-university I never read Archies nor did I write any diary. It was only when I was in Jain college; during my second yr Graduation, I decided to clean my book shelf ( this time we had strict instruction from mom to throw away all old books); I decided that day to keep the diaries aside and to read every page of it that coming Sunday. Sad part is, me and swetu had to give away all our Tinkle, Chandamama, Hardy boys, Richie rick, Champaka, Gokul, nancy drew collection; since we had no space to keep them. By mistake I even gave away few books, for which I had written short stories and were published ( had won rs.20 each for stories:)) I still have one of the 20re note!
Sunday, I got to re-look into the pages which re-told my school days. Few moments were fun; regretting; emotional…completely NoStAlGiC!
By the time I completed it, was almost in tears…..
Few of them to recall here……..
>> I was this very 'thin' girl in school, plaited my hair with mom helping me tie it up as per school rules and in my diary it read ' why amma troubles in plaiting my hair, she just does'nt understand me at all. Am sad and I don't like this". Today, its same me, who is feeling soo bad to have troubled my mom, who in the midst of her cooking, preparing breakfast for dad and looking at swetu, had to deal with my rantling and made her re-do it many times till I was satisfied. Sorry ma, I love u the most~
>> I played Sports like Kho-Kho and throw ball. I was over - excited when I received couple of certificates for Kho-Kho, but I was never the captain " Dear Dairy, am so sad today, am not the captain. I don't like anyone. No one likes me also"
Hahahaaaaaaa ( how silly na), today am happy I played the game, which never continued in college. Am sure I would have been good!
In future, if I have a girl child, she is going to be in SPORTZZZ!!!!!
>> My history teacher's name was Sandhya and she always started her class by asking questions of previous day's lesson.
" ….. I got hit on my knucles today, it pains. I hate her. I can't remember anything in History. I want to also have a room of my own"…
I always wanted to have my own room and later, it was soo much fun sharing room with my sister.. Love u too swetu;)
>> I always copied my science teacher and acted like her at home while studying. Offcourse the wall were my students and I had a stick too!!
Few more…...
>> I was happy, when I played sports and was selected in dance for all my school days. Later I had no strength to continue Kho Kho.
>> I have also mentioned about every summer holidays, where I used to travel to Shimoga to granny's place
>> I always fought with my sister. Dad once could not tolerate anymore and poured cold water on both of us. I did not speak to him for days and was scared of him ( offcourse he is my best buddy today)
>> We travelled in BTS bus to veena aunty's house
>> I never went out to movies, until 10th. My first movie out with frens was Dil to pagal hai.
>> I once visited Kavitha's house and felt very embarassed to invite her to my place ( since her place was a bunglow).
>> Played with my jayanagar frens in the road, fav being abhishek and Lagori ;) Well, Abhishek was 4 yrs younger to me and was a marwari guy, he was my crush ;)
>> Dolly and myself always met for combined studies. I used to look up to her, very brilliant and simple girl I have ever met. She is now in Singapore and had great fun meeting her there, after years!

**** I tore all pages that day and burnt it, since I did not want to keep it anymore. I was content, knew my life - couple of yrs back. I have learnt - Grown - experienced - Played - cried - fought - danced - hated - Loved - studies as any other normal-middleclass girl; with a additional pinch of sensitivity !!! I will never get back those days; life had changed. Today, I wish I had that diary, to read it again…now, I write in blogspot, so I can always recall instances of my life! Its always a beautiful feeling to look back to your youngher yrs and smile :)

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Prasad said...

Just Awsome..... well done hope you will keep this continuing wats so ever....