16 November 2009

Springled thought on a Monday evening....

TV9 is ON, hearing the "Kadlekai parashe" affair WHICH IS HAPPENING RIGHT NEXT ROAD FROM MY HOUSE....I can hear the crowd, noise, unlimited honking; its a phenomenon "Jaatre" in Bull temple road; with all assortment of kadalekai in front of you, with rest of goodies from villages which is a rare sight in Bengalooru.
No pictures to post, since am cozying at home...

Last yr, hubby dear went out to check the jaatre early morning and herez the link, if anyone is interested to know the fun and history of this fest….
It’s a 2 day jaatre and anyone interested still have time to plan and be a part of the crowd tomorrow!


Hubby is very busy these days. Miss those evening walks with him during weekdays and the inane shopping of books, eatables in Gandhi Bazaar…Its going to be like this for months to go and my notebook is my companion until then! Our discussion on the happenings from morning have reduced and miss that so badly…He was my one side gossip partner, where he is only at receiving end and making weird and wonderful faces, hearing to the claptrap I talk.

But it’s so much FUN, which I miss now! Lets walk the Talk GU...
I wish to stay entrapped forever, With you for all eternity.
Our hearts, always as one.

Weekend was good….Saturday was all about lazing in front of TV and attending a small birthday party in the evening. The unsurpassed part of the party; apart from food was the “Thank you gift”. Though this is a new concept for me, I loved this special return gift and the thoughtfulness of little niece of Hubby….check the Pic…It is a small plant presented to all families and children who sang Happy birthday to the little one! Loved it... CHEERS to the belief!
This is the second return gift am getting this month…The other one was from a “Baby shower” I attended and got this little baby cart 
Gifts are always welcome!!!!!

Met my colleagues after months today at work, since they have been travelling all around the
world…Its nice to have people to work with, than work in Solitude. We had great Lunch to
celebrate our team meet (V 4) at Civet and what an Amazing food…..I just need a basis to dash to a fine place, for good food!!! The finest was hot hot carrot halwa….YUM YUM….YUMMMMMMM….Try the Halwa with Vanilla Ice-cream, am sure you will mislaid to HeaVeN! What a way to start my week….

Have a great week ahead all of you…..


Mohan said...

We were planning to go for parishe this evening directly from cab! Isn't that a co-incidence? Somehow we missed it today, will plan for it tomorrow evening.

That is so sweet!! Gifting back sounds to be a great idea... that too the plants. Awesomeness!

Anonymous said...

Award e.mailed?

Manjunath said...

Gosh!!! i missed kadlekai parish this year :( no time to make it there though its hardly 3km from home

Swaram said...

I so miss the parashe after hvng moved out of Blr :( Hope we cn visit Blr during the next one!

That ws a nice, thoughtful gift :)

Carrot halwa with vanilla ice-cream - drooool :P

Rachana Shakyawar said...

@ Shruti
...let us together CelebrateLife!
Celebrate friendship amid in blogger's

Kindly Accept and Collect your Award and Honour me!

vishal jindal said...

hi Shruti
its great pleasure to find u at my blog. i am sorry, m not the one u have confused me for..
i have nvr been to Bnglr so far..and i have been residing here in chandigarh..
but i think thats not a very gud reason to not have any pleasantries further...i wud like to have blogger bond that surely holds all blogger buddies in a butiful way..
hope to see u around :)

Anonymous said...

Check previous post. It is within the comment.

Renu said...

What is kadlekai? and parishe?
Plants are the most beautiful gift one can give or take.