02 June 2009

In the process of becoming a PeRfEcTiOnIsT~

What is the definition of a perfectionist? This post has got nothing to do with “Professional milieu” (or) workplace; but generally in our routine since its never ending debate and perception in case of workplace!
I checked in WIKI and got different answers. My mind is troubling me with this theme a lot today. I live around people, who doesn’t slip-up (or portray to me like that); and this in turn puts me (who is immobilized in this category) a wretched state; most of the time (or) all time with tag of ppl……In the process of attaining the perfection act (following one’s said), I fail to even do the normal things- right; placing me in a shoddier state….**why am I making it obligatory, has its own reasons**; but the regret is my mind is getting tuned to “FOLLOW” such things irrespective of what I EXACTLY want and How I WANT and the process leading to the aftersaid.

An Indivisual is content & find glory in what he/she does something in a particular fashion should not mean its considered as a “PERFECT” way of doing it and imparted on any indivisual and not all time can it be shooed off in a diplomatic way in case you are in obligatory situations. I discovered this as the new found challenge to me in recent times.
I have also made mental notes, as to where I did “THINGS” which was not fine with me but had to follow it unsure of the end result “being content”. I wasn’t too uptight; until I have started noticing the reflections in professional milieu. Tomorrow everything I do; my mind should not pop up a question saying – Is this what I wanted (or) how I wanted to be?
Shouldn’t it be more Of Motivational drive rather than self-deprecation? I know there is no right or wrong way for anything; it all about how you want to find your way and do things which are right.

Not to see a tomorrow like that, I need to find solutions which will showcase a well again alter ego of me…should I get into solitude? Should I just shoo away all obligations and lead? Am I over committing? Where do I draw a line? How much space do I need to be happy? This is more for me as a brain teaser and to find solutions.

Not to deep dive into this, took today’s TIMES and found few interesting articles, news while others were very aching seeing helpless innocent ppl being thrashed to death or die for no mistake of their’s. Will they ever get justice ( hahaha, they are not even alive by the time am thinking of justice)!!! World is definitely getting masked into unstoppable-unimaginable miseries, death where people have starting accepting as just NEWS and as long as its not happening to them and are safe, including me who thinks for a day and moves on. Am not an expert to say where should this stop or what’s the solution but am a defunct who has no idea what to do, except to turn pages of news paper.

Read a very nice article on how student of TODAY, still have the same attitude of getting enrolled into “ENGINEERING” or MEDICAL profession rather than exploring other areas which are In today;s time available as a better profession and give way to bring your creative best than studying the same C programming or the How to cure Cancer; which ia definetly important but for those who have the ITCH for it; rather than just considering those as the only available options or maybe because your mom wanted you to go for it.


Renu said...

Still parents in India are insecure enough not to encourage their children to new pastures.
My personal belief is that perfection is not required everywhere, rather sometimes too much importance to this defeats the purpose even.
only artists need to do everything with perfection.

shwetha said...

"A man would do nothing if he waited until he could do it so well that no one could find fault."

Hey shru, stop reading newspaper.. (like me :))that simply dampens u... so chill baby :):)

And only who knows wat to do will do it.. but who don't have goals will follow the same routine as others... so that wont depend much on parents... its the way u convince them... (not wen financial probs come into pic) only few (may be 5 percent) will force their children to do wat they like...