26 June 2009

Thoughts....for the moment

Is it me who's stupid or are people really that tough to figure out?

anyways, was listening to these lines...and though of H....Love u

who's gonna pick you up
when you fall
who's gonna hang it up
when you call
who's gonna pay attention
to your dreams
who's gonna plug their ears
when you scream
you can't go on
thinking nothing's wrong
who's gonna drive you home tonight
who's gonna hold you down
when you shake
who's gonna come around
when you break......

One more line making me close my eyes at the moment and keep listening to........"Har pal yahan ji bhar jiyo... jo hai sama.. kal ho na ho.."


Anonymous said...

Love always exists And few are lucky to have the same existing.
Enjoy ! Enjoy ! Enjoy !

P said...

Hey Shru,
Nice pic and nice lines.