14 July 2017

Working closer to Home!

It’s the biggest Bliss when your workplace is closer to Home and I got to experience this for last 1 month. I was travelling to this place for one month of the Analyze phase of a project without having to battle the Bangalore traffic. It made so much transformation to my daily routine. I could eat breakfast along with reading newspaper as against rushing to work and eating in midst of chaos. The best was reaching home “without” the bizarre feeling to having travelling more than 60 minutes amidst the traffic, noise and pollution, not to forget the claustrophobic feeling at times to sitting in dirty Uber /Olas and directing each time.

No matter how many meetings you have attended or sat in front of the excel all day analyzing stuff and getting out of arguments and discussions on what seems like endless issues with limited timelines, I could still manage to reach home feeling good to start my evening with same energy as Morning. Usually its about getting my son back from his day center and rushing to his music classes ( which I enjoy listening), then making his fruit bowl, homework, bath, cooking, planning for next day cooking and the list is endless till I hit the bed. I love this phase and have enjoyed the most. Back to travelling from next Monday and hope not to lose hope…I need to stay inspired, excited and back home with same breeze!

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